Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Friday, July 01, 2016

Friday Five: June Concerts

One of my very favorite things to do that I don't really talk about is go to concerts. That was actually one of the first things Ben and I bonded over when we first met a million years ago, and we made countless road trips from our little college town to bands all over the east coast. I hit #100 a couple years ago, and although we're slowing down a bit in our old age, we still love to go to shows together. That's actually one of the reasons we were excited about moving to DC, and we went to so many concerts in our first full month here! Five, to be exact. I think I went to five concerts total in the two prior, so that was a lot for one month. It was actually all within 2 weeks, which I think bumps my 2-week record up from 4 to 5 (my one-month record is still holding at 6).

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cap2Cap: My First Century

A few months ago, my IMNC group - me, my dad, my dad's friend who is like a second dad to me, and dad's friend's girlfriend - decided to sign up for Cap2Cap, a century (a.k.a. 100 mile) bike ride. Unfortunately, the name is a little misleading: it doesn't actually go from Williamsburg (colonial capital of Virginia) to Richmond (current capital), but instead makes a giant loop between them. So you never actually ride in either city, which was kind of a bummer. It was on May 14, the same day as my graduation ceremony, which I had never planned to attend anyway, so what better way to celebrate than to ride with some of my favorite people (and a few hundred? thousand?) others?! It seemed like a good idea at the time. 

After injuring my foot in March, I had no races or endurance events planned for the foreseeable future except for, oh, this 100-mile bike ride. I expressed more than once that despite my best attempts, I was seriously undertrained, and the only reason I wasn't absolutely flipping out and debating bailing on the whole thing was because it was a ride and not a race. I knew I'd be with a group that wouldn't leave me, there'd be pit stops along the way, and it wasn't timed. But still, with a projected ride time of 6-7 hours it was slated to be my longest endurance event ever (both in time and distance), and none of those previously mentioned facts made riding my bike ONE HUNDRED miles an easy task.