2013 Year in Review

Who doesn't love to reflect on a great year? This was a huge year for me personally, professionally, and most of all, athletically. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone more times than I can count, and really proved that I am capable of so much more than I think.

Some of my favorite moments from 2013:

Starting off 2013 with a new 5k PR - Bane's first snow - coming home after a snowy 10-miler during HM#2 training and deciding it would be a great idea to sign up for HM#3 and my first tri

Pushing myself harder than ever at the Virginia is for Lovers 14k - a day at the beach with Bane and Ben - accepted to ODU for my 2nd bachelors degree, in Civil Engineering

Hard work pays off at my 2nd half marathon, a 30-minute PR!

My first triathlon - 3rd half marathon (and I discover that I love runcations) - first "fun run"

Running comes to a halt mid-month due to injury...have to bail on a race for the first time BUT I pick it up in the biking department and bike this bad boy for the first time (on a 30-mile ride, no less, my first one over 17!). I also officially begin my 2nd college career this month by taking 2 summer classes.

My return to running at my 2nd triathlon - first 8k race - deciding to run the Charleston Marathon and beginning preliminary training - in New Jersey with my husband to see two of our friends get married - day trip to Colonial Williamsburg

Family beach day - Dave Matthews concert with my dad - my first tri bike - getting the hang of this triathlon thing at Tidewater Tri! Also (not pictured), we celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary and I finish my summer classes with A's in both.

First family trip to the Outer Banks - I somehow convince Ben to bike from Buxton to Hatteras and back (20 miles round trip) - seeing He Is Legend in Richmond, our 80something-th concert together - (with mixed feelings) I become an official ODU student - Bane becomes a water dog

PR at Patriots Sprint Triathlon (and worst race photo of all time) - finish my first tri season with my first Olympic at Outer Banks Tri - (not pictured) I commemorate my accomplishments and celebrate this transitional time in my life by getting a tattoo

I turn 26, Ben and Bane dress accordingly -  on my birthday I take the first step in making 26 my marathon year by actually registering - 4th half marathon - place 3rd in age group at super fun Jordan Bridge 5k - fastest race pace ever leads to a new 10k PR (and I wear my Boston shirt because the Sox are about to win the World Series!)

A distance PR and half marathon PR on a hilly course with a head cold = WINNING - conquering 13.1 with my 5th and final half marathon of 2013 (6th total) - we celebrate Thanksgiving with my family in the mountains of North Carolina - (not pictured) we spend a weekend in the Outer Banks, same weekend as the OBX marathon

I run a lot and take a lot of running selfies - new 10-mile race PR and unofficial half marathon PR - New York!!! - new distance PR's as marathon training ramps up and then taper begins - Christmas!!!! - (not pictured) I finish my first semester in engineering school with a 4.0

Bonus: All my training and races this year put me at over 1000 miles for the year! That's just over double my mileage from last year!

I am still having a hard time believing I managed to fit allll of that in this year. If someone had told me a year ago that that's what 2013 would hold, I don't think I would have believed them. 

I had 2 goals for 2013: conquer 13.1 and run a race every month. I think it's safe to say I blew both of them out of the water. I ran 5 half marathons this year, and PR'ed at 2 of them. What I most wanted was redemption for my first half marathon, and I got it in the form of a 30 minute PR at Shamrock this year. The half marathon distance no longer scares me - in fact, it might be my favorite!

As for my race goal, technically I didn't complete it because I missed May (injury) and August (no races worth running). However, I completed 18 races this year, so even though the timing wasn't exactly right, I think I can check this one off. 

I started 2013 with some ideas for what I might want to accomplish, but still with some reservations. I was afraid of actually committing to a lot of the goals I had, in fear of falling short. Over the course of the year, I worked hard both mentally and physically to actually complete those things. I learned so much this year, but I think the biggest lesson is that I can do anything as long as I put in the time, energy, and determination required. 

I'm starting 2014 with even bigger goals and dreams, and they really scare me, but I feel a little bit more confident knowing that I've worked and achieved goals before, and I can do it again. 

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