High Five For Friday

TGIF, amirite?! I'm so glad this awful week is coming to a close. Fridays are my rest days and today I was able to sleep in and lounge around my house before my only class at 2. It was glorious! I really needed a little bit of a break. I'm feeling better today mentally and physically, which I am hoping will translate into a good weekend and put me back on the path to positivity! The clouds have started to part...figuratively anyway. They are actually coming in as we speak, just in time for tomorrow's race...

Today I am linking up for High Five For Friday! Even though I had a crappy week, I still managed to find five things I was digging this week.

1. Scandal.

Have you seen this show?! Netflix suggested it to me a couple weeks ago and I started watching on a whim. Now I watch an embarrassing number of episodes on a nightly basis.

2. Our Christmas decorations

We don't have much up, but our house is looking more festive than usual! Last year my husband I were total Scrooges, but for some reason this year I am pumped for Christmas.

3. New running gear

A couple weeks ago I looked at my training plan (for the 345918345135709th time) and had a panic attack when I realized my current two pair of shoes weren't going to make it through the whole thing. I have two pair of shoes that I have been loving for about a year and a half - Nike Zoom Elite 5 for short distance and Nike Vomero+ 7 for mid-long distance. I am freakishly loyal to them and wouldn't dream of replacing them with anything else. Then I had another panic attack because they have both been discontinued/upgraded to new versions and the old versions are ridiculously hard to find. So, like any normal, sane, rational person, I scoured the internet and was able to find the Vomero in my size (yay!!!) but not the Elite (boo). I did find the new version of the Elite on sale (yay!!!) so I got them, and it turns out I actually like them better than the old version. Winning!

I don't know if I mentioned this, but my Nike+ Sportwatch has been giving me problems lately. Yesterday was my 4th run in a row where my watch didn't work like it should and I was ready to throw in the towel. Last night I was out and about and happened to be near my favorite running store, so I popped in to check out their selection. I thought I had my heart set on the Garmin 910xt, but I was hesitant to buy it (it's quite bulky and I won't really need all of its features until I start training for 70.3, which is still TBD). I ended up choosing the brand new Forerunner 220 and so far I love it! I plan to do a full review after I use it tomorrow but I took it for a short test walk last night and so far I am beyond impressed with its functionality and amazing features! And as if I really needed any more convincing to buy it...I mean come on, it's purple!

4. Starbucks
A gingerbread latte, wheat spinach square, and 2-hour chat with a good friend was the perfect way to end the insanity of this week.

5. Surf n Santa 10 Miler
I loved this race when I ran it last year, and am looking forward to it again (after I run 3 warm-up miles, of course!). Plus, let's be honest, the race tee is on point!

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