It's The Final Countdown!

Getting there, anyway. As of today, there is exactly ONE MONTH left before my first marathon. I can't even believe it! I have been thinking about, planning for, and training for this for months. I can't believe that 30 days from now, I will be a marathoner!

Today I celebrated with a 9 mile run, and by creating a goal on Runkeeper of the miles I have left on my road to 26.2. I've already run an incredible 350.2 miles since starting my 18-week training plan, and 572.82 total if you also include my training since this summer when I decided to make Charleston my first marathon.

I have 143.2 miles left to go (well, minus 9 from today) and RK gave me a fun chart to track my progress!

The idea here is that hopefully having a visual of what's left will help me push through some of the mental barriers. When I get to race day, I want to see the finish line not just as the finish like of 26.2, but as the finish line of all the miles and all the hard work I've put in leading up to that day.  I know there's some saying or quote somewhere about how the race is the victory lap, and that's what I want my marathon to be. My victory lap, my celebration of all the miles that got me there.

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