Weekly Workouts 12/2 - 12/8

I'm having a really hard time believing that it's already December and that the days are flying by so fast! This was a tough week for me. I had a lot going on and just didn't have the heart that I usually put into my workouts.

I was in some sort of funk on Monday. I think a big part of it was that my left ankle started bothering me after my 18-miler on Sunday and it still hurt to walk on Monday. Not a good sign! I wasn't sure if I should run as planned, or swap my days and cross train instead. When I got home from class it was gorgeous out, and I just couldn't resist the opportunity to run! Unfortunately, it didn't end up being rainbows and unicorns like I thought. My legs were tired, every part of my legs ached...in retrospect I probably should have taken a day off from running. Live, learn, and move on...

Tuesday was cross training. I spent about an hour on the indoor trainer doing a spin class on YouTube (and watching Scandal), and later in the evening I did some strength training. I think it was like 9pm by the time I got to the weights and I wasn't feel it at first, but I'm glad I did it. Easy doesn't get results, people!!!
My new obsession and arch nemesis...I'll let you decide which one you think is which!

Wednesday was a mid-distance run at 8 miles. I am SO glad that this was my last long-for-a-weekday run after school. I was exhausted, had 2 exams to study for, and just wasn't feeling it, to be honest! I was honestly shocked that I ended up with an average pace of 10:11 min/mi. The way I was feeling I might as well have been running 8 minute miles! I was almost in tears multiple times and I ended this run feeling completely defeated.

My run on Thursday was a tiny bit better...not much, but a little. I spent the first 20 minutes standing outside like an idiot trying to get my Nike+ Sportwatch to sync and tweeting NikeSupport about how to fix it. I finally got the GPS synced up (but not the shoe sensor) and was on my way. When I finished I was just happy to be done with running for the week. And later that night I was so fed up with Nike that I went and replaced my old watch with my shiny new Garmin Forerunner 220!

I had a much-needed rest day from working out and from school scheduled for Friday, and I took full advantage! I slept in and lounged around my house for a bit, both rare occurrences! I did have one class to go to at 2pm, but it ended early and then I went to have coffee with a friend before picking up my packet for the race on Saturday.

Saturday I woke up bright and early to run my 13 miles for the day - 3 miles of warmup before earning this baby at the Surf n Santa 10 miler in Virginia Beach. Race recap coming soon!

Sunday I again let myself sleep in. The only things on my workout schedule were strength training and yoga. Before my workouts I headed to the mall to pick up some new bras. The one awesome thing I have learned about marathon training? Losing weight despite treating my body like a garbage can. The not-so-awesome part? The fact that the weight is coming off of my (already-non-existent) boobs. Womp womp. I have a small ribcage which makes finding bras really hard in the first place, and it turns out I've now gone done to an almost-impossible-to-find size of 30DD. I didn't even know this was a thing before yesterday. Thankfully I was able to find a bra in that size that worked for me and promptly picked up almost every color it comes in. I procrastinated a little bit and finally got to my workout before dinner. I completed the last workout for this cycle of my strength training program, and later in the evening I did Yoga for Runners. I felt much better during it than I have the past several weeks. I even worked a little bit on my forearm stand, something I wanted to get down over the summer but didn't work on as much as I planned. I WILL get it someday!

Andddd that was my week! 

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