Weekly Workouts 12/9-12/15

Whoops...a few days late, but better late than never? Sure, let's go with that...

I started feeling like myself again last week, and my workouts were back on track. I felt like I had shaken whatever yucky funk feeling I got and was able to actually enjoy my workouts! I finished my last exam on Tuesday, so having the weight of school lifted off my shoulders definitely helped. I had a little reduction in mileage during the week due to my BIG run on Saturday! Overall I am quite pleased with my week.

I started out Monday with 5 miles after finishing my final calculus exam!!! The weather was still cold and dreary, but I got those miles done anyway!

Tuesday I took a break from studying for my chemistry exam to hop on the trainer for an hour. I did the same spin class I've been doing the past few weeks, while watching an episode of Scandal. I was supposed to do a core workout later but ended up pushing it back in my schedule so I could go out and celebrate being done with my first semester back in college!

Wednesday was my first day of winter break, and I took full advantage by getting in my run before it was even close to getting dark outside! Woohoo! It was nice to only have 5 easy miles on the schedule today (there's some marathon training perspective for ya). Later in the evening I did a 20-minute core workout, then about 15 minutes of random yoga - working on my forearm stand, and a few minutes of relaxing poses before bed.

Thursday I had a running buddy, yay - my dad! It's always nice to have unexpected company since I run alone ~99% of the time. He took off work a couple hours early and we ran my 5-mile route. He is recovering from a torn Achilles so I had to slow my pace a little bit for him. It was probably a good thing for me to dial back a little bit, though. We had another gorgeous day today, and I managed to take this selfie mid-run, so I'd say it was a pretty successful run!

Friday, my precious off day, oh how I love you!

Saturday I was up early...not even bright and early, more like dark and early...for the biggest day of my running life: my first 20-miler. I had previously run a 17 and an 18, but 20 still seemed like it might as well have been twice what I'd ever run before. Something about getting into a double-digit distance with a 2 on the front just seemed too hardcore for me. I (slowly, but successfully) ran every single one of my scheduled 20 miles! I was too exhausted afterward to really appreciate what I had just one, but it has really sunk in since, and I can't even believe it really happened!

Sunday I was supposed to do some strength training, but I knew that after the torture I put my quads through on Saturday, working out was probably going to do more harm than good. I still did Yoga for Runners <3 in the evening. I'm sure it was good for me, but my legs felt like lead!

This week I have a stepback in mileage, with "only" 14 miles on the schedule for my long run. However, tomorrow I'm leavin' on a jet plane (just kidding...I'm actually leaving in my Prius) to go to New York City for a long weekend with my husband. I can't wait to share all the fun things we do there, including something really cool that I've got planned for my long run on Sunday!

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