30 Before 30

A few years ago, on a different blog, in a different life, I jumped on the popular "30 Before 30" list. Being a total list person, I am surprised I actually didn't do this sooner!

I had forgotten about it and thought about making a new list, especially since life has changed so much since I made this one that I didn't even know if I would still want to do the things on the old list. I was surprised to look at it and realize that I have unknowingly crossed a few things off, and that many of my goals are still the same!

I decided to go through and see what I could check off, and make some revisions (*denotes a goal different from the original list) now that I am about 3 years closer to 30 than I was when I originally made this list. For the record, I'm actually not afraid of getting older at all, nor do I think my life is going to end at 30. I'm excited for what the next few years will bring and once I turn 30? I've already decided that the party will just be getting started!

To be completed by October 2, 2017:

1. Read 100 books.
Progress: Definitely nowhere close! I'm at 15-20 maybe. Being a teacher and then a full-time student isn't exactly conducive to reading for pleasure.

2. Take a photography class.

Progress: completed April ??, 2011. A photo-obsessed friend and I did this for his birthday that year. 

3. *Live in a big city, preferably in the Northeastern U.S.
Progress: nope, but this is my dream, MY DREAM!!! 

4. Get another tattoo.

Progress: completed September 22, 2013

5. Get to a place in life where I would feel okay having another dog.
Progress: completed August 6, 2012. Started fostering our first (and last) dog.

6. Adopt a puppy.

Progress: completed August 10, 2012. Became "foster failures" and adopted our sweet boy, Bane!

7. *Have professional pictures taken.
Progress: our last pro pictures were on our 1-year wedding anniversary (July 2011). We need an update sometime in the next couple years.

8. *
Travel to Europe again.

Progress: not even close...and, considering I had a panic attack the last time I flew, it's gonna take a lot therapy and/or Xanax this time. But I really want to go!!!

9. Go on a road-trip down the west coast of the US

Progress: not yet, but Ben and I have discussed it on many occasions and can't wait! This will probably be our next big vacation.

10. Be able to run for 3 miles without stopping.
Progress: completed August 25, 2011

11. Run a 5k. 

Progress: completed October 8, 2011

12. Run a 10k. 
Progress: completed October 29, 2011

13. *Run a marathon.

Progress: first marathon planned for January 18, 2014.

14. *Complete a half Ironman triathlon.

Progress: hoping to complete on June 15, 2014.

15. Find and do something that makes me proud of myself (I'm looking at you, #12 and #13!)

Progress: ongoing, but the first time I counted it as complete was March 18, 2012 (my first half marathon)

16. Go to my 100th concert.
Progress: SO CLOSE!!! #99 is planned for February 1, 2014. I have some contenders for #100 but feel like I should be really selective about which one is The One. I am 99% sure it will happen in 2014, though.

17. Grow my hair to a length that I deem "long." (this is a big deal considering I have never had hair much longer than right at my shoulders, and I have always wanted long hair).

Progress: getting there! 

18. *Go wine tasting at a vineyard.
Progress: nope!

19. Start following baseball again.
Progress: haven't made much attempt at this, although I did get into the World Series this year...and I may be switching teams from Braves to BoSox. Braves will always have my heart, but I really think I'm a Northerner deep down...

20. See a Braves game at Turner Field. 

Progress: completed June 19, 2011

21. Take my husband to his first Orioles game at Camden Yards 

Progress: completed July 13, 2012

22. *Visit 5 more ballparks (as part of our life goal to visit all MLB parks).
Progress: Currently sitting at 9/30 total. If #9 on this list happens, this will be easy to accomplish!

23. Buy a house. 
Progress: completed May 9, 2011

24. Learn German or French.
Progress: zip, zilch, nada.

25. Learn to garden and grow a mini garden on our balcony.

Progress: working on it, sort of...I've grown things on our balcony but manage to kill them fairly quickly. 

26. Attend a professional conference.

Progress: nope!

27. Print and organize digital photos into albums - I hate the fact that they are all digital!

Progress: last summer I really made an effort to at least digitally organize the photos, but haven't actually printed any of them. And of course now we have a zillion more unorganized photos!

28. Take a photo every day for a year.
Progress: started on my birthday in 2012 and made it about 5 days, whoops. I have started to take more photos in general so maybe I'll get there eventually.

29. *Graduate from college 
Progress: originally completed May 9, 2008 (Bachelors #1), but technically this is a new goal because I am currently working on Bachelors #2!

30. *Not have a baby (yes, you read that right)
Progress: so far, so good! :)

I've got a little less than 4 years left to go! I've added this as a page on my blog and will be updating as I cross things off the list!

Do you love lists as much as I do? Do you make lists of your goals or plans?

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