Check-in: Stay-in-Budget January

Only Tuesday? Really? I probably shouldn't complain, seeing as this is my last week of freedom before going back to school next week, but I'm gonna be honest...being at home alone while everyone else you know is at work gets pretty boring. Just sayin'.

As everyone and their mom is currently experiencing and talking about, it's really freaking cold out today! My weather app tells it's 17* and feels like 1*. Yowza. I wouldn't actually know, since I haven't been outside. But that sounds cold. I guess it's good that I don't have any running to do today. I do have to get on the trainer (my arch nemesis) some point...eventually. Remember that time I was like, "In 2014 I am totally gonna ride my bike a lot and love it!!!"? Nope? Me either. But 56/70.3 miles are not going to ride themselves. That wasn't meant to sound dirty, my bad.

We are now a week into January (when did that happen???), and today I want to talk about how this staying in budget thing is going. I wish I had a better report, but so far, it's...not going so great. Here's the rundown of the past week:

January 1
  • a race I registered for on the 31st actually processed today, meaning I had to count it for January...womp womp.
  • Ben's online subscription for his new Playstation 4 also processed
  • our microwave broke...BUT instead of buying a new one altogether for $300+, my super handy and amazingly smart husband was able to diagnose the problem and fix it for only $85!
January 2
  • we shipped some things we sold on eBay, which means we made money, yay!
January 3:
  • zero purchases, this is great!
January 4:
  • We had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day...I am definitely an emotional spender, but in this case I really think it was necessary. We needed some serious relationship 911 and had an emergency date night
January 5:
  • Bought gas, but I drive a Prius so it lasts a long time
  • Bought groceries 
January 6:
  • More groceries (we get our dairy products delivered to the house)
  • Our wifi has been having some issues, so we bought a wifi extender to help
January 7:
  • I have to pay my spring sad watching all that money disappear from our savings! But on the plus side, I would much rather see the money go now than seeing it disappear in little chunks for the rest of my life via loan payments. 
  • No other purchases

Total budgeted for: $259.68
Total spent (excluding tuition): $430.39
Verdict: Way over budget so far! :( 
Bright side: No clothing or makeup purchases (other than Chapstick), and no plans to. 

Hope this week will be better!

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  1. Last summer I finally started writing down everything I was spending and I think it definitely helped but didn't deter me from sticking to it. I'd go a week or two with being really good and then Loft would have a deal and I'd feel the need to buy stuff because they were "work clothes". Now that I've started paying my loans off, I'm going to get better about sticking to what I set!


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