Happy Tuesday! Monday? Tuesday? What day is it again?

I am so, SO happy to report that I have proudly joined the ranks of people who plaster 26.2 stickers on their car. Because, you know, I'm a marathoner!

I have a full, in-depth recap coming, but for right now let's just say that, while it wasn't one of those days where the stars seem to align just perfectly, it was close enough for me. For the most part, it went as well as I could have planned or hoped for. To say I am on Cloud 9 is an understatement!

The part of me not on Cloud 9? My legs. Like, OUCH, for real. Stairs suddenly turned against me and became my sworn enemy until last night. Three days post-marathon, my quads are starting to feel only slightly on fire every time I walk. 

But don't let that fool you - this crazy girl already has plans for marathon #2, including a possibility of back-to-back races. Maybe I left my mind somewhere along the course in Charleston? My bad. There's no time like the present, people!

Speaking of my mind, that's another thing not feeling 100% yet. January 18th, 2014 has been starred, highlighted, circled, you name it on my calendar for so long that I really couldn't see past that date. So, imagine my surprise when I realized I still have classes to go to, homework to complete, tests to study for. College life is so glamorous. I'm struggling a little bit to get back into routine. My brain is also having a hard time coping with this "rest" thing, I mean who does this, honestly?! I'm basically in la-la land right now, but I'll get it together soon. If only my life planner were here already!

And just to get it out there...
Sorry I'm not sorry!

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  1. Congrats!!!! :) I can't wait to read the recap! I'm not looking forward to the post marathon but it seems totally worth it :) I watched the Spirit of the Marathon the other night and it totally had me itching for mine!