I'm dreaming of a white...city?

Along with probably the rest of the south/southeast U.S., I'm currently hunkered down in my house awaiting the arrival of Winter Storm Leon, a.k.a. Snowpocalypse (wait didn't we just have this last week)?

I hurried home after my classes ended so I wouldn't get caught in the snow. I switched my workout days in anticipation of 5"-10" inches of snow on the ground tomorrow, and snuck in a run dressed like a mismatched ninja so I could beat the snow, which was supposed to start at 1pm.

And yet, at 5pm...all we have so far is extreme cold*.
*my definition of extreme cold may vary slightly from those who live above the Mason-Dixon line

Weather via my Garmin from yesterday's run at 3:40pm vs. today's run weather at 11:30am (featuring 17mph wind gusts) - 40 degree difference/56 degree RealFeel difference in 20 hours!
And no snow. Womp womp.

So what's a girl to do? Dream about places up north that actually do get snow, of course! 

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Honestly, the buildings, the snow! I die.

I'm from Charleston, SC, coastal VA is the farthest north I've ever lived and, full disclosure, 2 years ago I had never been farther north than Pennsylvania, but I've visited New England a few times the last couple of years and I have to say, it's where my heart is. Somehow I just know it's where I'm supposed to be. I always knew I was pretty bad at being a southerner, but once I went up north it all made sense! Lucky for me, I'm pretty persuasive and my husband is on board to move when I finish my engineering degree. Is it 2016 yet?!


  1. The neverending snow is less glamorous than it seems :) I so wish I could run outside right now, but yesterday's high of -6 (actual temperature) wasn't really conducive to such things!!

  2. I love snow too! I moved from Minnesota to Louisiana and never get to see snow and it makes me sad. I understand your desire to move to a place where there is snow!

  3. Girl you can have our snow!! I'm so done with winter. This has been one of the worst in a looong time! Where do you think you guys will move when you are done with school?


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