Marathon Goals

I can't believe it's time for me to write my marathon goals. I don't even know how many of these I've read on countless other blogs, and now I am writing my own. Yeah, yeah, it's my first marathon, but it just wouldn't be a race without a goal (or two, or three, or whatever). I like to have a few different goals for big races/new distances, mostly because I don't know what to expect so I don't want to pin down one specific goal and totally blow it.

General goals:
1. Finish the damn thing! I made it up to 22.19 miles in training and honestly, I felt pretty beaten up by the end. I'm not sure what would have happened if I had had 4 more miles to go, but it could have been ugly. But, no matter what happens, I WILL cross that finish line on Saturday even if it takes me 6.5 hours (the course limit) and I have to crawl to get there!

2. Finish strong, and finish happy! I may be feeling a little optimistic, but I truly hope to be able to give a little kick at the very end. I totally expect to be in pain, and I understand that I may not be in the greatest of moods, but I do hope I can revel in my accomplishment. I sincerely hope to not feel like crawling up into a little ball and dying immediately after getting my medal. We'll see how that pans out.

Time goals (you knew they were coming...)
I know, time goals are bad for a first marathon, but luckily I have several so hopefully I make at least one of them.

1. Beat my first half marathon time, doubled - 5:23:49 (12:21 pace). This is the only time goal that I will really be very upset if I don't accomplish. My first half marathon was a rite of passage, but it was a disaster. I know doubling the distance in less than 2 years is an accomplishment on its own, but for some reason I want need to do this to feel like I have proven myself.

2. Finish under 5 hours (11:26 pace). I don't know why, but even before I started training, this seemed like a good time to me (based on my previous half marathon times), and one that I would be proud of accomplishing.

3. Finish in 4:45 or under (10:52 pace or better). This will depend on a lot of things going right on race day. I'm not comfortable banking on it, but I would be lying if I said I didn't want to try for it. I definitely think I am capable of it, based on my training runs. But really, the stars would pretty much have to perfectly align on race day.

I am not as nervous as I expected to be. If I let myself think about it too hard, I start to get really anxious, so I have come to the conclusion that making it out to be a big deal is counterproductive. I mean, it IS a big deal, but I'm trying to downplay it the best I can so I don't psych myself out too much (my biggest mistake during half marathon numero uno).

Today I am doing laundry and packing because tomorrow I have class bright and early and then we hit the road! It's almost time!!!

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  1. It seems we have similar mentality going into our marathons! I have these exact same goals! I was talking to my boss today about it and getting it excited and nervous just hearing from his experience haha.