Taper Madness is a Real Thing

Happy Friday! As of Monday I have officially arrived in Taper Town, and I can't even believe it. All of my hard training and big mileage weeks are behind me. All I have to do for the next few weeks is not ruin the months of hard work that got me here. Easy peasy, right?


I have heard of taper madness, but leading up to it, I was actually naive enough to think that taper time would be a welcome break from all the running I've been doing. "I'm tired!" I thought. "My legs hurt!" I thought. "It will be so nice to not have to run as much!" I thought.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Five days in, and it's not exactly going well. Monday I was feeling fantastic, a little TOO fantastic, and busted out 5 miles at an 8:58 pace (and that was after I realized, about 4 miles in, that I needed to dial it back a little bit or I might not make it to the marathon). This run also included a 1-mile PR (8:24) and 5k PR (27:13). Clearly I must have gotten lost on the way to Taper Town and ended up in Crazy Town instead.

Tuesday was a cross-training day, and as I was making plans for my Wednesday run, I had a full on freakout when I realized I only had 4 miles coming up. Four measly miles! I am no expert, but I was sure there was no way this could be right. The last time my plan called for 4 miles on a Wednesday was...oh wait, NEVER. I thought about upping it to 5, 6, 10k, 8 miles...but ultimately decided to (hesitantly) trust my training plan.

Wednesday I went out for my piddly 4 miles, and my plan after my being possessed by a speed demon on Monday was to take these miles slowwwwly, 10:00min/mi at the fastest. Spoiler alert: didn't happen. I averaged 9:51min/mi even though I felt like I was running as slow as I could. I'm just so freaking excited!!! I wish I could bottle up all this energy and excitement and save it for race day.

Thursday's run was just okay. Tired legs, and I still somehow couldn't get my pace to slow down.

My taper schedule for the rest of January until the race (hold on for a sec while I FREAK OUT that this is all that's left):

3: Rest (yoga?)
4: 12 mile run + foam roll/yoga
5: Strength training + yoga
6: 4 mile run + foam roll/yoga
7: Bike (1 hour) + strength training
8: 3 mile run + foam roll/yoga
9: 4 mile run + foam roll/yoga
10: Rest (yoga?)
11: 8 mile run + foam roll/yoga
12: Core workout + yoga
13: 3 mile run + foam roll/yoga
14: Walk and/or yoga OR 2 mile run, haven't decided yet
15: 2 mile run + foam roll/yoga
16: 2 mile run before I get on the road to Charleston OR rest (will depend on what I decide for Tuesday)
17: Rest

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  1. I've been doing the same thing! I've never really done 8 or 9 minute pace and keep finding myself falling into it, even though I feel like I'm going slow! Now that I'm getting into my long runs, I'm going to make myself go sloooow! We can do this :)