Hit the reset button.

Hi, I'm alive! I've just been riding a roller coaster of insanity the last few days!

Friday night was of course Valentine's Day and I have been in go, go, go mode since then! On Friday I rushed to Sephora after class to get my makeup done for my hot Valentine's Day date! My 45-minute appointment turned into almost an hour and a half, and I got a bunch of free sample goodies. Seriously love that place! After I got home and got dressed, we exchanged gifts and were off to dinner! Ben picked the place and didn't tell me where we were going until we got there I guessed right in the car on the way. He chose the restaurant where we had our wedding reception, which I thought was so sweet. It's right on the beach and has an amazing atmosphere and view (and food and drinks, to boot!). We ordered way too much food and had a lively discussion about women in STEM, and it was basically awesome. When we got home it was time for champagne and House of Cards, of course! If you haven't seen this show, get yourself to the nearest computer, TV, or other Netflix-enabled device of your choice immediately!

The only downside to our Friday night is that we discovered a rather sizable tumor on our ferret's tail. It didn't appear to hurt or bother her in any way, but we still wanted to get it checked out and made an appointment to see our vet the next morning. We had to make an emergency appointment, and there were several other emergencies that morning as well, which meant we ended up spending 3 1/2 hours there. Thankfully I had brought some homework to do, so that kept me busy for a while. The vet confirmed that it probably isn't serious but that she should have it removed, so she is scheduled for surgery next week. When we finally made it home around 3pm, I still had a bunch of homework to do and an early bedtime for my run/race the next morning. It was about as awesome of a day as it sounds.

Sunday morning I ran the Virginia is for Lovers 14k with my dad and a couple of our running buddies. My dad, one of the guys (also named Tracy, confusing I know) and I are running the Shamrock Marathon on March 16 (oh, I finally signed up on Friday!) so we needed to do a total of 15 miles. We got to the race site early and completed almost 6.5 miles before the 14k (~8.7 mile race), so we ended up with 15.25 miles total for the day. I did this race for the first time last year and pretty much hated it - I wasn't even going to sign up this year, but my dad convinced me - but this year I had a polar opposite experience. The weather was fairly nice, our pace was easy (my Garmin wasn't working, maybe a blessing in disguise?), and the miles just flew by.

My friend on the left, half of me on the right...found this on IG after the race, some random girl behind us liked his shirt so she Instagrammed it, haha

We enjoyed our celebratory beers afterward, so much that we closed down the after-party, oops. I didn't get home from the race until almost 3 (after being up since 5:30am), and had enough time to watch an ep of House of Cards before shuttling off again to Ben's mom's for dinner.

I was not fortunate enough to have off school Monday for President's Day, so it was up at 5:30 again for me and go, go, go until 9pm that night. I was exhausted. There was not enough coffee in the world to have perked me up that day!

Tuesday I took an unplanned rest day from my workouts due to some weirdness in my leg. I have had some issue slowly creeping up since last week, but I've been ignoring it. It hasn't been bothering me when I run, but after a couple speed workouts last week and 15 miles this weekend, it caught up to me. I tried to run 5 miles on it Monday before calling it quits at 2.5 when my shin in my other leg also started randomly hurting (better safe than sorry). At least my rest day gave me chance to catch up on the housework I missed last weekend, and my never-ending homework. Who says "rest" has to mean "unproductive"?

I was on the fence about running today or resting another day, but I decided to give an easy 5 miles a shot. I did a factory reset on my Garmin and it started working again, hooray! Neither of my legs felt 100% right, but my hurt leg actually felt a little better the longer I ran on it.  It was like someone pressed my reset button too. And really, I can't remember the last run I had that wasn't some combination of freezing cold, misty, rainy, snowy, icy, or cloudy. So when it looked like this today and I was able to go outside in running capris and a short-sleeve shirt? No-brainer.

And then, naturally, I came home and officially registered for the Shamrock Whale Challenge (8k Saturday/full marathon Sunday). I mean because obviously I NEED all three of these medals. Legs, don't fail me now!


  1. I got my makeup done at Sephora once and I had a really bad allergic reaction so I'm scared to try it again! Such a good idea to do for Valentine's or a big night out, though! And so sweet that you guys went to your wedding venue for dinner. We also had our reception at a restaurant on the water and I can't wait to head back there this summer!

  2. Those medals are awesome! I definitely think you need all those medals :) Good luck!


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