I live in a world where...

I'm a textbook introvert, and with that comes a lot of introspection as well as observing those around me. In other words, I'm a master people-watcher. I love to see what little habits and quirks people have (probably why I love reading blogs and connecting with new people). It's just fascinating to me how different even people who live in a similar area can be, and what different people consider "normal."

So I started thinking about what my normal is, and I realized that a lot of things I do on a regular basis might drastically differ from someone else's idea of normal life. Things like:

  • Seeing a body of water every single day, whether I'm driving over it, driving under it, or running alongside it. I'm honestly unsure if I could live somewhere that this doesn't happen every day, I love it!
That's my running route along the water, and that's the river I cross every day to go to school

  • (oh yeah, seeing aircraft carriers is totally normal too.)
  • Five furry and totally adorable little creatures constantly roam around my house
  • I order groceries online and pick them up on my way home, because I think spending an hour at the grocery store is a monumental waste of my time.
  • My idea of "sleeping in" is sleeping past 7:30am. Even on weekends. I'm so used to getting up early that I can't sleep in even if I want to!
  • The concept of cable TV overwhelms me. We haven't had it in over 3 years but if I go somewhere that does, I don't even know what to do with all the channel options.
  • All of my meals are meat-free
Maybe a touchy subject, but just my personal belief...we can still be friends even if you don't agree :) 

Tell me some things that are second-nature to you but might be totally out of the ordinary to someone else!

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  1. Wow! We have so much in common! We haven't had cable in years either. And I hate grocery shopping. Oh.. and I'm also a complete textbook introvert. 110% Introverts unite!! Haha. Have a great weekend !


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