Weekend Recap

What a great weekend! This was a big weekend for both Ben and me. It was unseasonably warm and we definitely took advantage!

This weekend Ben had a two-day event that he helped organize and participated in. For a few years now, he has been involved with an organization called Code For America. They have brigades in cities all over the US made up of volunteers who develop apps that benefit their communities. For example, are you in Norfolk and want to know when your bus is coming? Now (thanks to Ben and Code for Hampton Roads) there's an app for that! 

This weekend Code for America hosted a weekend-long event called CodeAcross, in cities all across the country.  It started Friday night and I planned to meet Ben there to help out. Then a freak storm happened in the exact time that I got out of class. By the time I made it to my car I was drenched. Yikes.

(I texted this to my husband to let him know I wasn't coming...seems self-explanatory)

I don't think I've ever been rained on that hard in my life! I was in a pretty bad mood after that, sooo it was PJ's and couch time for the rest of the night.

Saturday morning I dropped Ben off at the second day of CodeAcross and headed to the Great Dismal Swamp Canal Trail for a 20-mile run/race? (It was put on by a local running club and we had bibs and timing chips and everything, but I don't know that it was a race, per se). It's a paved trail that extends 8 miles south. I bike it a lot and run it sometimes when I do brick workouts out there, but I'd never run more than 5 miles on it. The out and back is pretty boring, I even kind of hate biking it! I knew the biggest challenge would be mental. Running with a bunch of other people there really helped, and my dad and our friend were there too so we talked to pass the time. It wasn't as insanely boring as I thought it would be to cover 20 miles out there. Somewhere along the way I started to wonder when exactly I became a person who just...runs 20 miles...for fun...but I guess that's another story for another day. 

After the run I rushed home to shower so I could help Ben at CodeAcross. I have no programming skills so I wasn't sure how I could help, but I knew he wanted me there to support him. He gave me something non-programming to work on while he worked on his own project. I'm always impressed by his programming skills, but when he demo'ed it at the end of the day and all the techy people there were super impressed, I knew he had done something really cool! So proud of him and the cool work he has done.

When CodeAcross wrapped up, a bunch of us headed over to an Irish bar across the street for beers, and after that, Ben and I went to a different restaurant for dinner. It was a big day for both of us, but a fun one!

Sunday the weather was just too gorgeous, so after some TV and homework time in the morning, we decided to go out and enjoy it! We got Five Guys for lunch and went to our city park for a picnic. I hadn't been there in years - I know Ben and I went once when we first started dating, in the summer of 2006, and I'm pretty sure that' was the last time. After we are we took Bane to  Ben's mom's boyfriend's house  to have dinner with them. Bane loves the big backyard (which we don't have at home). That boy LOVES to run! Ben and I went on a little bike ride before dinner as well. I had a lot of studying to do but it was just too nice out to not do something active!

Of course, today the temps have dropped back down. It's not super freezing and the sun is shining, so there's that, but I think I'm just about ready for spring now!

How was your weekend? Did you have any nice weather? How did you take advantage?

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  1. We've been having such weird weather lately. It will be nice today and tomorrow, and then it's going to drop like 20 degrees! Silly Oklahoma. I hate getting rained on, but I have to say that picture is kind of hilarious. You do NOT look happy. :)


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