Brain & Photo Dump: Boston Edition!

It's been quiet around here lately because I've been busy spending time in my two favorite cities and plotting how I can move to one of them immediately...

Our trip began last weekend....

  • I think I deserve a cookie or a medal or some sort of prize for making it through the whole 90-minute flight. Disclaimer: I had some help from my friend Xanax.
  • Four giant zits appeared on my face out of nowhere on the first day of the trip. Of course they did, right?
  • First order of business in Boston: find some grub. We actually ended up going over to Cambridge per a friend's suggestion for Chinese and then to grab a beer.

  • While in Cambridge we also went to the MIT Museum and Toscanini's for ice cream!
  • I had been eyeing these Tory Burch Reva's since what feels like the beginning of time. I wear (cheapo from Target, worn-out) tan flats nearly every day and knew this was a purchase I needed to make eventually. I brought my Target ones on the trip and instantly regretted the amount of walking I was going to have to do in them - should have just brought two pieces of cardboard tbh - so off we went to Copley Plaza where Ben treated me to these lovely new foot pillows. 
  • Ben's sister and her husband (to my left and right) met up with us in a little after we got there. Ben's cousin and his fiancee (far right) live in Boston where they are both doctors spending their days and nights saving lives, no big deal. We all had dinner together at a Thai place close to our hotel and their apartment. (We could have titled this trip "Asian Food Fest" due to the amount of it that we consumed)

  • Losing an hour for Daylight Savings was pretty poor timing for our trip, if I do say so myself...
  • Ben and I went to a diner for breakfast and then the four of use headed out to explore Boston
  • We walked from Chinatown to the Common, through Beacon Hill and Back Bay to Copley Square, where we ate lunch
  • While at Copley Square we went on an art and architecture tour of the Boston Public Library. Crazy beautiful! I put my Classics degree to good use by catching a tidbit that the docent told us which was actually incorrect, so +1 for me on that.
  • Copley Square is where the Boston Marathon finishes, so being there was pretty special for me. I bought this shirt at a store there for the Shamrock Marathon on Sunday!
  • Next we were off to Massachusetts General Hospital where Billy was working but was able to give us a quick look around! 
  • After the hospital we headed back over to Cambridge for dinner at Veggie Galaxy. It was another late night and by the time we got back to the hotel we were exhausted. We went right to sleep so we could get up for our morning train to New York!
This is longer than I expected so let's save Part 2: NYC for tomorrow, shall we? Check back then for the next round!


  1. What a fun trip!! I've only been to Boston once but I'd love to go back. I wish I could eat at all the restaurants - they all sound delicious! Love that Boston shirt!

  2. I rarely get zits but they always seem to pop up after flying! It's the worst because then you're on vacation and taking pictures and that is the last time you want to have zits. Love Boston! I've only been for a day trip a couple of years ago and we did the Freedom Trail, such a fun day!

  3. Looks like a great trip! Enjoy! I would like to get up to Boston to do the Freedom Trail one day.

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