March Goals

I know that everyone and their mother is asking this same question, but seriously, WHERE IS THE TIME GOING?! I feel like I blinked and now it's March already.

I don't know if it was just writing them down and putting them out there, or if that was a coincidence, but I have to say, my February goals were a smashing success! I mostly checked everything off the list - I'm not sure I'd say I'm 100% injury-free but I'm still rockin' and rollin' toward my next marathon. My favorite things I accomplished were definitely how much more in control of my spending I was, and the fact that I read a book for the first time in months! Yep, only one book, and it took me the whole 3 weeks I had it on loan from the library to do it, but I made it through the whole thing. Go me.  

  • Read another book - I'm on a roll here, people!
  • Try a new restaurant - Ben and I tend to eat at the same places when we go out. We are fortunate that we have several good restaurants within a couple blocks of our house, but that also means we don't venture out very much. This month one of our dinner dates will be trying somewhere we haven't been before.
  • Finish the next section of my German lessons on Duolingo - So, I made the most amazing discovery a few weeks ago: an app called Duolingo. I have always wanted to learn German, but don't really have an opportunity to learn it in a classroom setting. For years I have thought about self-teaching with something like Rosetta Stone, and I've tried a few free podcasts here and there with no success. I've only used Duolingo for a few weeks so I'm nowhere close to proficient at this point, but so far I love it! The interface makes it almost like a game, and the activities are a great mix of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • Complete the Whale Challenge at Shamrock Marathon weekend, then take one full rest week - So this is kind of a two-fold goal, and I really think the second part is going to be harder than the first part. I'm cautiously optimistic about completing the challenge (8k Saturday, full marathon Sunday). I'm excited, and I hope my body can handle it. After Shamrock it will be time to start doing more biking and adding swimming back in to train for my first half Ironman in June. I've been training non-stop since last June and even though I don't want to take time off, I know I need to give my body a break in between the marathon and the HIM. 
  • Swim at the ODU gym - This is actually two-fold as well. I need to do this first and foremost to train for aforementioned half Ironman, since I haven't swam at all since my last tri last September. I've never been to the gym at my school and for some reason, I am SUPER anxious to do it. I am mostly afraid that there will be a bunch of fit collegiate athletes  - you know, real athletes - and 
What are you hoping to accomplish this month? Are you so excited that spring is getting closer and closer?!


  1. That app sounds awesome! Peter is fluent in German and graduated with a degree in it so I tried to take one class at tech of it but with my business classes I didn't focus on it that much. I can't wait to hear about your marathon! That sounds like such a fun weekend!!

  2. My husband and I always go to the same place when we go out to eat: Chuy's. We just cannot get enough haha. Good for y'all trying new places!

  3. All that and going to school full time and blogging. That's pretty awesome! Good luck!


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