Runners Tell All Linkup: Running Gear

It's time for another round of the Runners Tell All Linkup with Amanda @ The Lady Okie and Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch!
A lot of people are drawn to running because of its simplistic nature: all you need is a pair of shoes and and open road and you're ready to go!

Unless you're me, and a simple pair of shoes just isn't going to cut it. Here are some of my running faves and must-haves:

1. A good pair of shoes
Sensing a pattern? Nike running shoes seem to be pretty polarizing in the running community, but I've been on the Nike train for a couple years now. After trying a minimalist shoe and getting pretty bad shin splints, I went to my local running store for something with more support. I tried on a few and left with a new pair of hot pink and neon yellow Nike Zoom Elite 5's. I have now upgraded my short-mid distance shoes to the Elite 6's (the sherbert-looking ones, thanks Running Warehouse sale!) and for long distance I'm now on my 3rd pair of the Vomero+ 7's (which were discontinued during my marathon training, leaving me frantically scavenging the internet for days before finally finding a pair in my size).
And an honorable mention goes to my Newton Gravity's! As if these blinding colors weren't fun enough, these shoes are super speedy! Newtons are made with lugs on the bottom of the front part of the shoes to encourage proper running form. They kind of make you feel like you're running on the balls of your feet until you get used to them. They are great for short to mid-distances and are my go-to triathlon shoes. 

I am so intrigued by these and dying to try them out! My local running store is have a test run this Saturday, so I may go to that. If I can find $160 in my budget for them before then, that is...because I know if I go, I probably won't want to leave without them!

2. Garmin Forerunner 220

This thing is the bees-knees (and I would be a liar if I said the fact that it's beautiful purple had nothing to do with my purchase). I had a Nike+ Sportwatch that crapped out on me after 6 months, and when its replacement crapped out after another 6 months, I made the switch to Garmin and haven't looked back. I got the 220 a couple months after it came out and I've been so impressed with it. Not only does it sync up effortlessly and track distance accurately, it has so many features, half of which I'm sure I don't even know about. The screens are totally customizable - I set the one I leave it on to show me total distance, average pace, and total time. I can easily switch to the second screen which shows lap distance (which I set to be 1 mile), lap time, and lap pace. I thought that was SO convenient for intervals, until I learned that there is a whole setting FOR intervals. You can tell it exactly what you want your intervals to be, based on time or distance, and it will keep track of them and show you your pace and distance and all that good stuff during each one. Garmin also has an iPhone app that connects to my phone via Blutooth (since I always carry it with me, safety first people!). The app sends my husband (or whoever I want) a link so he can track me while I run, and when I'm finished, my stats from my run are already uploaded from my watch to the app and the GarminConnect website before I even finish walking upstairs to my apartment. Let me stop geeking out about a WATCH now...

3. Sweaty Bands
Who wants to be running along at a good clip and have hair flying in their face?! I don't. Enter Sweaty Bands. I know there are like a million versions of these things but this was the first brand I tried, and their headbands are cute, so I'm sold. I have about 5 I think (I got one randomly for free in one of my orders, not sure if that was supposed to happen or not but I'll take it!) and never run without one. I'll take one of each, please.

4. Cute but functional outfits. Now that we are officially in the spring season it's time to start swapping out the long sleeves and tights for shorts and tanks! Honestly, I have pretty much stopped buying shirts to run in because of the massive number I've collected from doing races. Sometimes I just can't resist, though, and when it's really hot, I prefer tanks to tees. As for bottoms, I like the swishy shorts (yes that's their technical name) over the skin-tight ones (I've never had a pair that didn't ride up and expose my bare ass, not a good look and not comfortable either). If I were about to make a Running Warehouse haul, this is what I would get (and since sharing is caring: you can get 10% off your order with the code "runblog10").

Spring running gear

1. This adidas Women's Run Tank is so cute! If you put anything running-related words or phrases on clothing, there is a good chance I will probably definitely buy it.
2. I have a few pair of bright colored shorts but I ripped my only black pair (i.e. the most versatile) last year and am in the market for a new pair. These are the Moving Comfort Women's Momentum Short and if they're anything like the pair I have, they're unbelievably comfortable!
3. adidas Women's Supernova Graphic Tank
4. Oiselle Women's Mac Roga Short Black & Indigo. Oiselle is a company I have been hearing a lot of buzz about lately. Their stuff is so cute and from what I can tell is really comfortable and made well.
5. Asics Women's Emma Racerback Bengal Print
6. Nike Womens Printed 2" SW Rival Short. I haven't tried this cut of Nike shorts but the pattern (it's hard to see but there are alternating black and dark gray triangles) is a fun way to spice up an otherwise boring pair of black shorts!

 Now to get these tired legs recovered from 2 marathons so I can put this stuff to good use!


  1. HI! Stopping by from The Lady Okie and I love the outfits you chose! I also think looking cute while running is a requirement considering the amount of time I'll be out in public, ya know? Good call on the sweaty bands and the Garmin too. I TOTALLY forgot to put them in my list. I'm so happy I found your blog!

  2. I'm in need of new running head bands because mine are not cutting it anymore! I'm going to look up the sweaty bands!

    Ugh why can't I have an unlimited budget for running clothes?! Those outfits are so cute!!

  3. I have the Transcends. LORDY they are expensive, but the arch is really awesome. They're definitely anti-minimalist shoes though. I went from a pair of Asics Gel-Lyte33s to those, and it took some getting used to for sure!

  4. Yay, another Polyvore outfit share! And, yep, more Garmin Envy for me. After a run at lunch today which left my head sweating inside a multi-folded Buff, I think I might have to look into those Sweaty Bands!

  5. The 220 is at the top of my I WANT IT list! I have the 110 and it's been great, but I'm at a point where I need a Garmin that does a bit more. I'm counting my pennies until I can get one :)

  6. I love Nike shoes. I wear the Structure and have for a few years now. I starting in the Nike Zoom though. Awesome info on the watch! I just got a beginner watch to start using, but the one you described seems phenomenal!! I'll have to put it on my wish list :)

  7. I've never had much luck with Nike... but they always are cute on everyone else.
    I need to try those headbands - the ones I get always pop off like a rocket shooting across the room.

  8. I love Nike and shoes with fun colors! They have a way of giving me happiness before my runs! Also, I need to buy some headbands because my hair has a life of its own! :)

  9. I think I'm finally coming round to the realisation that I need a Garmin watch if I'm going to keep on running. I also need some of those headbands as my hair is always flying all over the place. Cute t shirts too - the first one's my fave I think!

  10. I could literally go for EVERY one of these things!!! I love the shoes!!!

  11. I have that Adidas tank and LOVE it!! It's so comfy! But I do need to get some of those headbands :)

  12. I REALLY need new tennis shoes so I will keep these in mind! I love all of the bright colors! And I'm totally that person that needs some cute workout clothes to really be motivated to work out haha

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day ;) I am right there with you with the Nike's! I am in no way a runner but I hit the gym a lot and Nike's are by far the best workout shoes I have found!

  14. nike kill my feet but i swear by asics for road running and salomon speedcross for trails. and i love that addidas gear is sold at winners for half the price :)

    Vodka and Soda

  15. Oh man. I looove that purple Garmin! So cute. I have one, but it's the regular black model of the (outdated) 220. Still works, though! Just not as fashionably fabulous ;) Thanks so much for linking up!

  16. Weeee! Girl after my own heart! Whoever said all you need is a pair of running shoes must be a guy! Or someone very boring because one pair of running shoes and then wear any old thing!? I think not! I'm a one BRAND of running different models....and different colours. And then after that, my running outfits are chosen to match the colour of the shoes I feel like wearing that day. LOL, that's actually how my shoes changed me! I used to be an all-black wearing when exercising kind of girl, but then I fell in love with my shoes and they're all bright and colourful and then my outfits had to start matching and that's our love story

    I'm also a SportWatch girl and am so sad to hear yours crapped out! Mine has been doing pretty well and I use it as a regular watch so I have it on all the time. Then again, my mileage is peanuts so maybe that's why! As much as I love my SportWatch, I'm a gadget girl at heart and have always wanted a Garmin so your write-up on it and the breakdown of all the customizations has totally put a BIG dent on my need to have it. I NEEEEED it....soon!

  17. So ... I had no idea our Garmin's could do all that fun stuff you told us about. Mine is an older version but I need to see if I can download that app!

    My cousin is a runner and she said the Newton shoes helped her run properly and cure her of her back pain. She ran a marathon in them. I just couldn't buy them without trying them on though. I'm hoping I can find a running store and test them out.

    Thanks so much for linking up with us!

  18. Everyone keeps mentioning the Garmin!! I might have to seriously start looking into getting one of these things! :) And I'm a big proponent of functional outfits. That for me takes all precedence! I can't handle sleeves, or anything around my neck.