Weekend Things

Some things that were super about this weekend:

+ Date night on Friday night! On a whim we decided to go to our fave Mexican restaurant (complete with jumbo margaritas for both of us) for dinner and dessert/drinks at another one of our favorite places. Conveniently they are both located within 2 blocks of each other and our house!

+ Movie watching! Her Friday night/Saturday morning and Kill Your Darlings. Both were quite good. Her was especially excellent.

+ Amazing spring weather! At one point when I got in my car on Saturday it told me it was 82* outside. I don't know if I believe that, but I do know it felt sooo nice outside.

+ Tri season kicking off! Saturday my dad and I went on our first outdoor ride in 4+ months. We did 16.5 miles at 18mph. Bonus: I had forgotten about the new top I got for Christmas, score! On Sunday I swam for first time since the OBX Olympic tri in September! I swam at my university's pool for the first time after putting it off (because I'm a socially awkward penguin) for months. And I found out that, if my Garmin weren't already cool enough, it also works in the pool.

+ Unexpected money! Enough to cover my race fees for the next few months and some gear I'm currently coveting.

+ Spring cleaning! Ben even joined in on the action. Actually, I think he did more cleaning than I did this weekend. So that makes another super thing :)

+ My sister-in-law gave us this adorable framed photo of the 4 of us in Central Park from our recent NYC trip. Isn't she the sweetest?!

Annnd now after all that awesome we're back to rainy, 30* weather yet AGAIN, but I think this will be our last cold snap. Let's hope so!


  1. spring showed her face here for two days and then the whore that is Winter came back and booted her out. boo.

    show before/after pics of the spring cleaning!! organizing bitches who blog love that (read: me).

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Saturday was SO nice - it needs to be like that every day now!

    I getting unexpected money to put towards races/running :)

  3. 84 degrees sounds like a dream! Another above 50 actually sounds nice :) It sounds like you had a productive weekend-- so glad you were able to enjoy some warm weather! I'm also hoping this is the end of the cold weather! Happy Monday :)

  4. Sounds like it was quite the fabulous weekend! I wish I was in 80+ degree weather!!!

  5. Love the Central Park picture and woohoo for finding some unexpected money! That is the best feeling! Here's hoping the warmer weather comes back soon.. we woke up to snow this morning!


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