Sunday STRESSday

I really wish I could get on board with the idea of a carefree, "Sunday Funday," but the fact is that I find myself in the same routine every Sunday, and it's not exactly a good time.

I sleep in a little, have breakfast in bed and TV time with Ben and Bane, and I have the whole day ahead of me! Then around 10 or 11am the reality of the 30 million things I need to do that day starts to set in an I panic and spend the rest of the day waffling between procrastinating and trying to do ALL THE THINGS. And over the course of the day, more and more things pop up, and there are more and more people to see, and I end up spending the majority of the day running around doing things I didn't plan to do, while stressing about the things I had planned to do but am not doing.

So what's stressing me this week? Let me tell you about all the things that are not going perfectly for me right now (and show you how I chose to deal with it...)
  • I have 4 midterms this week and have lots of studying to do for all of them. I may or may not be currently sneaking away from a Facebook chat study session with a friend from class...
  • Speaking of midterms and school, I don't like my school and want to move to Raleigh and transfer to NC State but I can't because I own a house in Virginia. Life is so hard, I am telling you!
  • Something weird is going in my thigh/above my knee which puts me in a bad mood because a) it doesn't feel good and b) I don't know if I can run on it tomorrow. Seriously, I just need to make it through 2 more weeks, how hard can that be?!
  • Even though it's 70* and beautiful today, another winter storm of ice and snow is supposed to blow through tonight. We're supposed to have ice on the ground tomorrow, followed by snow. So even if my leg is better, I still might not be able to run. 
  • Basically, moral of that story is that possibly not being able to run makes me sad, angry, and stressed!!!
  • We are going out of town on Saturday to 2 of our favorite places with 2 of our favorite people, and while that is oh-SO-exciting it is also oh-so-stressful. I spent the morning trying to make sure all of our travel arrangements are in order before I finally gave up because I was overwhelmed and couldn't decide which hotel we should book for part of our stay.

Just keepin' it real here. But I'm still not going to admit how many Thin Mints I ate today. 

Tonight I thinking some yoga and a hot bath are definitely necessary! I will be watching the red carpet coverage at the Oscars but we are still undecided if we will watch the main event. Ben doesn't really want to watch for some reason, so we may end up watching The Wolf of Wall Street instead since we never got a chance to see it!

How do you spend your Sundays? Are you watching the Oscars tonight?

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