10 Things That Made Me Happy This Weekend

What could be better on this Monday morning than 10 extremely awesome things about my weekend?!

1. Impromptu beach weekend in the Outer Banks!

2. These dudes <3 No one is happier than Bane on the beach, NO ONE!

3. J. Crew Factory sale. "Oh, there's a store in the Outer Banks, that means I can return all this stuff there instead of paying to ship it back!" turned into "Ooooh, what's that? 30-50% off the whole store?!" I'm way prouder than I should be about the fact that I bought less than the amount I returned!

4. Powering through a long run. I had 8 miles on tap this weekend, my longest since Shamrock, but my body seems to have long run amnesia. By 3 miles in I had already taken 3 walk breaks and was wondering how I'd ever make it through. Suddenly around the 5k mark I remembered that I am not a quitter and powered through the rest the best I could. Even with the walking (but not including 2 potty breaks *note to self: Five Guys is not proper running fuel), my average pace was right where it needs to be for the half marathon PR I so desperately want, and my last mile was my fastest of all 8 at 9:11. BAM!

5. Yoga on the beach. I have done this Yoga for Runners by Gwen Lawrence (superstar yoga teacher to pro athletes) so many times I have it memorized. Side note: if you run, you NEED to try this out immediately! I searched high and low for a great yoga routine for runners before finding this one and it is hands down the best ever. It's especially great for helping and preventing injuries and strengthening running-specific muscles! 

6. Getting a like/comment from Gwen Lawrence after posting the above photo on IG #dork

7. Breakfast. I wish I were joking when I say that I go to bed every night excited to eat breakfast in the morning. Weekends are like the Holy Grail of breakfast. This weekend we made cinnamon rolls on Saturday, mmm! And Sunday we went out to breakfast like we do every time we are in the Outer Banks. I am not ashamed to admit that I ordered an egg sandwich, grits, and pancake, all of which turned out to be enormous. It was glorious. 

8. A new distance PR on the bike: 34 miles! Still so far from where I need to be by June (56 miles...oh and then I have to run a half marathon right after nbd), but I'll get there.

9. Swimming a mile for the first time since September - and doing it a minute faster than my mile swim PR from last summer. Bonus points for the fact that it was at the pace I want to swim my half Ironman in June. 

10. Registering for my next races: my 7th half marathon and 5th sprint triathlon! Race days are the best days!

Here's to a new week! :)


  1. I'll be in the Outer Banks next month for my brother's wedding - I've never been and am really excited to go! That's dangerous information to know about the JCrew factory store there :) I had to power through my 8 miles last night too. It was hot and I had every intention of stopping at 6 when I turned around at 3 miles haha. Breakfast on the weekend is the best - Peter and I got crepes on Saturday morning and I was SO excited about it!

  2. i wish i could do yoga on the beach! but we'd have to get a decent beach first :(

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Weekend breakfasts definitely are something to look forward to! So fun to go to the beach + do the beach yoga! I can only imagine how peaceful it would be to do yoga there! J Crew sales always make for a good weekend-- hope you scored some great deals!

  4. Ah, I need to try that yoga for runners stat!!

  5. Ahh everyone has been going to the beach lately and I'm so jealous!! Looks like fun!

  6. I just registered for my first tri :-) It's in Sept. you inspired me!

    Also, I looove yoga but have never tried the Yoga for Runners. I'll have to give it a shot!

  7. Oh you did yoga on the beach! Can I say just how insanely jealous I am of you! I should have done it when we were in Florida when I had the chance.


  8. Wow!! So many awesome things!! Beach weekends are the best! Especially when it's spontaneous! =D You are gorgeous! Seriously! That first picture is so beautiful! =)

  9. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! And I am jealous of your breakfasts!

  10. I swear J Crew Factory has more sales than any other store. And I get sucked in every time!

  11. Ummm, I am so freaking happy that I found someone who goes to bed at night looking forward to breakfast the next morning!!! I'm not sure if that makes us awesome or sad, though! haha!


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