Are You In or Are You Out?

This is something I've been wondering about for a while, and I wonder about it more as this little blog grows (baby steps, people!). It's a simple question that I'm really curious about:

Are you in? Or are you out?

...of the "blog closet", if you will.

Do your friends/and or family know about your blog? Do they read it? Do you care if they do? Is your blog connected to your social media in any way? Do you use your personal social media to promote your blog? If they're connected, do you ever worry that your real-life peeps will be annoyed by your blog stuff? If they're separate, do you find it hard to keep up with both? Have you always been one way or the other, or did you change your mind over time? How separate (or not) are your blog life and your real life?!

I have kept some sort of an online journal/blog/whatever you want to call it for many years now, but before opening this one up a few months ago, they've all been private or only open to a small number of people. Thinking about just anybody reading my business - or worse, someone I knew reading it -without me knowing about it scared the bajeezus out of me! Does that sound like the craziest thing in the world? People reading who didn't know I existed 5 seconds ago? Great! People reading who I've know for years? Not so much. I mean I know I'm not that exciting, but still. I've gotten over that somewhat (I think I've made it about 3 months now and this is the longest I've ever gone just laying it all out there for the whole world to potentially read), but a big part of me is still pretty freaked out by that thought.

I had my blog address on my IG profile for a hot second before I took it down, and that's the extent that I've gone "public" so far. I want to interact with you guys outside of blogland, and I do to some extent with my personal accounts. I also know that I've found a lot of great bloggers just by clicking the link in their profile, but I'm too scared to leave mine in my personal profile. I just wonder if it would be easier and maybe more freeing to keep blog life more or less separate from real life.

What's your take? Spill it!!! I really want to know!



  1. i dont promote my blog or posts on twitter but if other people do, then i just retweet it. i dont have a facebook page for it nor do i mention it at all to friends/family. for me, i feel weird talking about my blog to people i know. when they try to talk to me about it, i avoid the topic; it feels like they're reading my diary!! weird, right?

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I struggle with IRL people reading my business. Especially when I'm having a cranky day :) And I think I might die if someone like my mom knew I had a blog. I agree-- it's so weird that I'm fine with essentially complete strangers knowing all of these intimate details of my life but not people that I know IRL.

  3. My mom, my two best friends Kelly and Julie and Peter only know I blog. I know my best friends read it, my mom if she remembers haha and I highly doubt Peter does! I don't link it to any of my social media accounts - I don't know why I don't want my real life people reading my blog but I'm okay with strangers doing so :) When I went to visit Kayla and Erin in Cincinnati, I left out the part to Peter that I hadn't officially "met" them yet! My mom knew and asked for a picture of them once I landed haha.

  4. Only a handful of people from my "real" life know about my blog. That being said, one of my closest girlfriends said that reading my blog makes me feel like she's talking to me in person... so, it's not like I'm acting any different or trying to hide anything - I just like keeping it separate for some reason. I'm usually pretty lighthearted on my blog but every once and again I talk about deep feelings and I guess for ME that's what I'd like to stay private - because I have a VERY hard time opening up emotionally.

  5. I'm "in the closet" for sure. There are very few people in my real life that know about my blog outside of immediate family and BFFs. I promote my posts on twitter, but I have a separate blog account that none of my IRL friends know about.

  6. I am pretty deep in the blog closet. I have a separate twitter account, but my instagram is open to bloggers and my "real life friends" but my blog url isn't on my insta. I've casually mentioned in passing conversation that I have a blog to a few friends but nobody has ever pressed for details and I've never made an effort to share it. I don't have any plans to change that!

  7. I hadn't told my real life people except my best friends/Caleb/close family, because I never posted it on my facebook/etc...but I would add my pics to Pinterest, and slowly people at church would say "OMG Kayla your blog post yesterday was awesome -- its adorable!" and I was like UHHHH, thanks?!?! Since then, I am like "whatever" and don't care who knows. Ha! Honestly, its more intimidating when old friends from high school tell me they read my blog than it is for a total stranger...but I feel you! Its nerve wracking! I just think...its my life :) who cares who reads it!?!? ;)

  8. Ha ha I never thought of it like this, but I like the metaphor. I was in the blog closet until I started putting up my bumpdates. I thought my blog was a good place to update family and friends without bombarding other friends on facebook who didn't want to read about my latest pregnancy symptoms. So every time I put up a bumpdate I put up a link on facebook and will probably continue to do so even after the baby is born for those that wish to read day by day updates.

  9. I'm pretty open about my blog with the people I know IRL. I'd rather the people I work with be oblivious because work and personal shouldn't mix. With that said, I do think people IRL like/would like me more after reading my blog. I open up a lot, I share myself and I think it's a fairly accurate picture of the real me. Not the me I try to be IRL :)


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