I Confess....

It's Hump Day and that's great and all, but I have 2 tests today so I am majorly stressed out and have a lot of hatin' to do. Lucky for me, it's time for another round of Humpday Confessions!

- People that think all running races are marathons annoy me. Look, I get it, you're not into running. That's cool. I've said a lot of dumb shit about things I have no clue about. I'm not taking about you. I'm talking about you, person I've explained to multiple times how long a marathon is. Don't ask me how my marathon went just because I told you I had a race (it was a duathlon, for the record...which I also told you multiple times).

- I blame TV for turning the definition of the word marathon into "something that lasts a (perceivably) long amount of time."

- I don't know what has happened to me but I am turning into a full-fledged girly girl. I'm the type of girl who would be totally happy wearing all black from head to toe 24/7, but lately my wardrobe has looked like a rainbow puked it out. Yesterday I got my nails done and I got purple on my toes and nails, what the what?!

- I'm sad that it's not really time to wear white pants yet. I don't really care about the whole Memorial Day "rule", it just still seems a bit early for all that. I'm ready though!

- The anniversaries of several sad, tragic things that have happened throughout my life time are coming up, all within a 5 day span of each other. I already have anxiety about it.

- Geology is boring. Just throwing that out there.

That's all I got today...


  1. lol my mum always tells people i run marathons. no mum, i have done 2 half marathons and a handful of smaller races. i'm not cool enough for a marathon.

  2. i'm the same with mud races. when i say i have a race, everyone automatically thinks it a running race so then i get all douchey and say, no, it's an obstacle race; harder than a regular running race. #sorrynotsorry.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. i really, really need to go get some white jeans. i've never owned any (insert shameful comment here)

  4. girl, I am totally ready to put my pasty butt into some white capris! I need it to be that time again!

  5. I'm totally a black on black on black on black girl!!!!!! LITERALLY 95% of my clothes/shoes/accessories are plain black! haha

  6. I failed geology one semester in college, so I feel you!

  7. Aww hope you have some silver linings to these difficult next few days!

  8. Sometimes I also spice up my nail color just because it makes me feel super girly, haha!

  9. Sorry about the sad date anniversaries. I have those too but luckily not all at the same time. I hope you get extra hugs those days.

    I really want to start wearing white too. I'm just so ready for warm weather and cute outfits!

  10. ugh I wanted to wear white jeans to a shower last weekend and I just couldn't do it! I thought long and hard about breaking the code or rule or whatever but I have no guts :)

    I hope you get some nice runs in during those hard days. That always helps :)

  11. memorial day? thought it was Dont wear white after labor day.

  12. Sorry for the bad anniversaries coming up!

    I don't ever wear white pants, but I say hey, wear them when you want.


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