8 Years of Us

I've never shared how Ben and I met, but today seems like a good day to do it, because today is our 8th dating anniversary :)

In 2004, Ben was a freshman at VT and I was a high school senior working at a veterinary clinic. I had just gotten accepted to VT for the following fall and one day at work, en route to throw a large pile of cat beds into the washing machine, one of the vets stopped me.

"This is my son, Ben. Ben, this is Tracy. She just got into Tech and will be going there in the fall!"

A quick exchange of "Hello"s and a couple of awkward seconds later, I was back on my way to the kennel. 

A few months later, I was on the phone with my boyfriend M, whom I'd been dating for almost 4 years and who was also a freshman at VT. He was telling me about a concert he was road tripping to in a couple weeks and how he had been working the late shift at his dining hall cashier job, playing a CD by the band he was getting ready to see. A guy came through his line and noticed his shirt and the music playing and asked him, "You going to the show?" When they realized they both had tickets, they decided to road trip together.

Another month went by, and one day at work that same vet stopped me again in the hallway.

"My son knows your boyfriend! They went to a concert together and now they're friends on Facebook. He saw that M had a girlfriend and clicked on your profile and saw that you worked at this vet clinic!"

This should have been a red flag - Ben's memory sucks! I can remember what dress I wore on the first day of 2nd grade, yet Ben had no recollection that we had met just a few months prior.

This was toward the end of the spring semester, so she gave me Ben's phone number and his AIM screen name (it was 2005, remember) so we could all hang out over the summer. 

We didn't hang out that summer. 

In August I started college. M still had his late shift cashier gig, so one night I was at his apartment waiting for him to get off work. I was browsing his Buddy List (real talk: I lol'ed remembering and then typing that just now) and recognized one of the screen names as Ben's. I'm pretty sure he had some obscure lyrics as an away message which made him think he was cool, and the fact that I knew them made me think I was cool, so I messages him: "Know of any cool shows coming up?"

I don't think he did, but we talked anyway. The next weekend I invited him to come out to a party with us. And he did. Ben became a part of our group, but he and I became especially good friends. He was a year ahead of me in engineering and we'd see each other going to or from class a lot. We constantly talked about this new album or hey have you heard this band? We hung out and watched The Colbert Report while we waited for M to get off work so we could all hang out. We road tripped to concerts together (sometimes with M, sometimes without). 

For a long time, we were really just friends. I had a boyfriend, and Ben had a girlfriend (they had been dating for a couple years, and she went to school a few hours away). I'm not sure when things started to change, but they did. The more I got to know Ben, the more I saw what a truly nice and awesome guy he was (and how much of a dick M was, if we're being totally honest).

In April of my freshman year, M and I decided to take a break (for the 4th time). We always ended up getting back together, but this time I realized that I didn't want to. Even more, I didn't need to. I realized that I deserved a guy who would respect me and treat me right - a guy like Ben!

So...I told Ben that. He told me he liked me too. He had been thinking about breaking up with his girlfriend, so he did. We started dating right after that and, as they say, the rest is history.

When we first met, we were both obsessed with a band called Saosin, and equally sad that their original singer, Anthony, had departed from the band before either of us ever got a chance to see him play with them. A couple months later, we road tripped (with M) to go see them with their new singer. It was the first concert Ben and I ever went to together. I had totally forgotten that until this past weekend, when we saw Saosin with the original singer (freakin' dream come true btw!). I SO wish I had a time machine so I could go tell the two of us that, all these years later, we'd be married and seeing Saosin together with Anthony singing. Not sure which would make our heads explode more to be honest ;)











  1. Aww I love it! Also, the Buddy List thing made me LOL as well. Oh I remember being an angsty teen, with song lyrics or cryptic quotes in my away message. :D

  2. Awww this is so cute! Love it! Congrats - cheers to many more happy years!! :)

  3. awww I love a good "how we met story" !!!

  4. That's a great story.

    Here's to many more good years!

  5. I was literally smiling so much reading the entire thing! SUCH a great story & you guys could not be any cuter together!

  6. This story is so fun! So glad you two ended up together!!!! :)

  7. Haha the buddy list part cracked me up! So funny to think you saw that first show together and now all these years later you're married and seeing it again!! :)

  8. hey my hubby's name is Ben too! Just thought I'd share that.. Isn't it crazy to look back through old pictures and see how much you've changed and grown together- I love looking at pictures of when my husband and I met!

  9. Such a sweet story! The best relationships are always the ones that start as friendships :) Did M make a big deal out of things when you guys started dating?

  10. This is the sweetest story. I love the mention of Buddy Lists. Talk about a FLASHBACK! =D Scott & I started dating in a very very similar way. We both had people we were dating... and then became friends... and then realized we needed to be with each other and kicked our gf/bf to the curb! We dealt with a lot of drama because of it... but obviously it was all worth it in the end. I love how both of our stories are so similar. Fate is a truly awesome thing, I tell ya!

  11. What a great story! Who would have known all of that? And I haven't thought about buddy lists in so many years but they were very telling of what kind of people you were friends with, ha!


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