Long Weekend Recap

It's a good thing this weekend was a long one - I'm not sure all of its awesomeness would have fit into a normal one!

Saturday morning I was up early to run the Elizabeth River Run 10k with my dad, training friends, and (at the last minute) Ben and our friend Benson. Ben gets a wild hair once a year-ish and decides to run a race with me. Usually it's a 5k but he wanted to do this race and it happened to be a 10k. I think his "training" consisted of 5 miles over the last 2 weeks. 

This might possibly be my favorite race. I don't get to run a lot of 10ks - this was my 5th ever, and my first since October - and the course is definitely my favorite of all the races I've done in Hampton Roads. It runs through my neighborhood and it's beautiful! At least half it runs directly along the waterfront. The first half of the race is almost exactly my normal running route, and the second half goes through the naval base that's normally closed off to civilians.
Waterfront path on the course
I really wanted to PR this one but I wasn't sure if I could pull it off. I had a plan, then I ran the first mile about 30 seconds faster than I had planned, so from then on I just wanted to hang on for as long as possible. For anyone who has ever thought I look pretty while running, I offer you this series of photos:

Play-by-play: (Mile 1) I probably shouldn't be running this fast...; (Mile 4) Oh look, a camera, try to smile *special thanks to the photographer for making my sub-9 minute miles look like a leisurely walk; (Mile 4) I can't fake any more smiles, this is hard; (Mile 6) This is my jam and I'm trying to skip to the end of the song but Siri just keeps asking me what I want...I want you to STFU, Siri!; (Mile 6.1) Oh no, not another camera, please don't take my picture; (Mile 6.15) Is that the finish line? Please be the finish line!

After all that, I finished with a shiny new PR of 55:12 (8:54 pace)! My first race pace under 9 minutes. I finished 5th of out 39 people in my age group, which is definitely the highest I have ever seen my name in a list that long! I love running here so much - it's definitely the thing I'll miss most when I move. Running a great race on these familiar streets was a nice way to start to say goodbye. 

That was definitely the highlight of the weekend, but other fun activities included
  • hosting a post-race brunch for all my running peeps
  • getting in my first open water swim of the season
  • going on a walk for after-dinner treats with my favorite boys
  • spending Monday like this

Hope you all had a great weekend! Any plans now that summer is (unofficially) here?!


  1. Great job on the race!! I'm hoping to do a few 5ks this summer and get a 9 minute pace hopefully! Where did you get your running top? Now that it's 309323 degrees and I only have 1 tank top, I need more haha. Your monday looked pretty great :)

  2. haha at your photos + captions. i hate that no matter how fast i am running, the photos always look like i'm walking! wtf? but yay for your PR! thats awesome.

  3. Congrats on your PR! Your play by play was hilarious and I don't think the photos are bad at all- you look a little sad in the first one ;) but other than that you look awesome! Gorgeous beach pictures as well! So glad you had a good weekend!

  4. Brunch is my favorite ever! And you are a pretty runner, even with some of those faces haha!! You should see how ridiculous I look when running. Not.Pretty!

  5. Congrats on your PR! I wish I there were any races near me that included my normal training routes, I would love that so much. And don't even sweat about those pics girl, you look 10x better than I do while running, I can promise you that!

  6. CONGRATS!!!!!!! PRs feel amazing!!!! :)

  7. Congrats on the PR!! You rock!!


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