Vacation for Two (No Airplanes or Xanax Required)!

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that Ben and I had a little vacation coming up, but I didn't say where. We ended up going alllllllll the way toooooo.....Virginia Beach*!
*actually only 20 minutes away

We were planning on a more exotic, all-inclusive Caribbean vacation, but we had to wait a while to nail down our travel window. By the time we figured out when we could go, it was only a few weeks away and we didn't have enough time to renew Ben's passport (which we just found out expired last year). We thought about going to Florida, but we've lived there and weren't that excited about spending almost as much to go there as we would to go to the Bahamas. 

Then we remembered that we could take a vacation to a beach resort without ever leaving our area code! Here's the thing about living at the beach: it's not the same as vacationing at the beach. While being able to go to the beach whenever we want is awesome, it's not like being on vacation. You have to put all your stuff into your car and try to find a parking space on the residential roads (because going to the touristy part and paying $20 to park is for the birds). Then you have to schlep your stuff onto the beach,  and the walk from where you parked feels like an eternity (even if it's only across the street). There is no pool, and no one to bring you a ridiculously fruity frozen adult beverage at said pool. Instead, you sit on the beach and surreptitiously drink your beer out of a Solo cup and hope the cops don't bust you. And then at the end of the day, when all you want to do is pass out from heat exhaustion, you have to schlep all our stuff back to the car and do your best to not make it look like you are attempting to build a sand castle inside the car.  Don't get me wrong, it's great...but it's not vacation.

For half of what we were going to spend to leave the country, we splurged on a resort hotel and all the food and drinks we wanted. We got massages. We even did it up tourist style by paying an exorbitant amount of money to rent an umbrella and chairs on the beach.

It wasn't the Caribbean, but there were a few times we forgot that we were basically in our backyard and not out of the country, so mission: accomplished! It was exactly what I needed to unwind and relax after a hard semester and a particularly rough few weeks. I came home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to take on my next venture - check back for an announcement tomorrow! 


  1. This sounds like a great vacation! A little relaxation goes a long way :) I can't wait to have my feet in some sand this weekend!!

    Can't wait to hear the announcement!!

  2. I love Virginia Beach! =D I want to go back now looking at all these pictures! Glad you had a great time!!! So excited for this announcement tomorrow! =D

  3. That looks fantastic!!! Man I wish vacationing didn't require so much money ;)

  4. I love that idea and I've always wished I was able to do things like this from where I live. Looks like a great time! :)

  5. I'm so jealous you guys are that close to the beach! It sounds like the perfect stay-cation- you two are so cute! I love your striped and floral shorts in the last picture!

  6. So freaking jealous you live THAT close to a beach! I'm coming to visit ;) I'm happy you guys had fun, especially for HALF the price!

  7. Ahhh, this looks like a perfect little vacation! And gotta love saving money at the same time! :) Congrats on finishing up the semester and can't wait to hear what your announcement is!!

  8. what an awesome idea! if we had a kickass beach, i'd never leave because that's all i need!

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