#1/30: My 100th Concert

(Or Why I'm Glad I'm a List Person)

I've always loved music and tagged along to a handful of concerts with my parents as a kid (I don't remember them though so they get no love on my list). My love of music really developed when I was a teenager, especially after I met Ben when I was 18. In the early days of our friendship we quickly bonded over mutual love for our favorite bands and traveled to see them as often as we could. I never intended to end up going to 100 concerts, but it just sort of happened over time.

I started keeping a list of them all about 5 years ago, and thank goodness I did! I don't think I could go back now and remember every single one of them. About a year ago I knew I was getting close to #100, but I wasn't quite there yet so I just kept going to concerts and didn't really think about which number they were on the list.  In December I went to New York to see Brand New (who are now dead to me), which ultimately resulted in Daisygate. When I got home I realized I hadn't updated my concert spreadsheet in a while and had a moment of panic when I miscounted and thought that that debacle had been my 100th. It turned out to only be #98 - close call.

I had hoped #100 would be something really epic, like Neutral Milk Hotel (#99) or Saosin w/ Anthony Green (#101). I even skipped a show I wasn't really into going to because it would have made for a lame #100. We had already bought tickets for several shows in May, one of which was Portugal. The Man, and so it happened that 1-0-0 wasn't super epic and it wasn't super lame. But it was super fun!

Now some numbers for you data dorks (like me):

  • The bands I have seen the most are:
    • Brand New (10)
    • The Fall of Troy (8)
    • Dave Matthews Band (8). 
  • 90 of my (now 102) concerts were with Ben.
  • I've seen 4 10-Year-Anniversary Tours (in other news, I'm old):
    • New Found Glory - Self-titled
    • Thursday - Full Collapse
    • Coheed and Cambria - Second Stage Turbine Blade
    • Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends
  • I've seen shows at 36 different venues. My most-frequented venue, by far, is The NorVa in Norfolk, VA at 34 times.
  • I've seen shows in 8 different states (and whatever D.C. is?):
    • Virginia (77)
    • Florida (10) 
    • North Carolina (8)
    • Pennsylvania (2)
    • New York (1)
    • Maryland (1)
    • Connecticut (1) 
    • D.C. (2)
  • Yearly Breakdown: 
    • 2002 - 1
    • 2003 - 3
    • 2004 - 1
    • 2005 - 6
    • 2006 - 19
    • 2007 - 22
    • 2008 - 5
    • 2009 - 10
    • 2010 - 9
    • 2011 - 11
    • 2012 - 6
    • 2013 - 5
    • 2014 (so far) - 4
  • I've averaged .7 shows/month, or 2 shows/3 months for the last 12 years
  • My best streak is 3 shows in a row (in 3 different cities 3-5 hours away from each other).
  • I once saw 4 shows in 9 days (2 back-to-back one weekend, 2 back-to-back the next weekend) in 3 different cities all 3-4 hours away from each other. 

What crazy hobbies do you have?!


  1. This is really cool! And impressive! I think I can count on both of my hands how many concerts I've been to - that needs to change! DMB is on my bucket list, they come to Chicago every 4th of July but I'm always stuck working, boo.

  2. Um, this is an epic list! You are inspiring me to get to more shows. I used to love brand new when I was younger, though I admit I have no idea what the whole daisygate thing is! You would probably be ashamed but I think the last concert I went to was in 2010!

  3. This is everything. When you find yourself in NC, if you want a show buddy COUNT ME IN ! Please tell me you saw TBS play Tell All Your Friends in its entirety - with original lineup. That show pretty much changed my life.

  4. That is crazy! I avoid concerts like the plague at this age, I'm not good in crowds. BUT I will be seeing Bruno Mars in July and Fleetwood Mac in October.

    I wish I kept a spreadsheet of all the people I've seen because I forget a lot of them in my early 20s/late teens until someone reminds me.

  5. Damn, girl!!!!!!! I'm blown away! I don't think I've ever done/gone to that much of anything! haha

  6. So. I want to go to a show with you. Because you go to ALL THE BEST ONES apparently!

  7. Holy shit! You're a concert going machine. Good for you :). Best and worst concert?

  8. I totally LOVE going to concerts, and I wish I kept track of mine like you do! (I just have one masterlist of all the bands I've ever seen and how many times.) Congrats on hitting#100!


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