Coming Clean

You may have heard that we are moving in less than a month into a tiny 1-bedroom apartment. The cleaning/packing party is in full swing and I LOVE it. I hate clutter and love getting rid of things. I'm pretty good at regularly culling our possessions and tossing things we obviously don't need anymore. Our current house is a 2-bedroom condo, not a McMansion, so it's not like we have a lot of stuff - or so I thought. As I've been going through everything, I've made a sad realization: I've been myself.

Some examples of the lies I've been telling myself over the last few years:

Those pillows left over from our old couch - I'm going to make new covers for them and use them for something else.

That cardigan that fits awkwardly, which I somehow failed to notice when I bought it - Can't get rid of that, I just bought it! Plus the print is super cute. 

That stack of sweaters I haven't touched in years - I'm just waiting for the right outfit and opportunity to bust them out. 

Those t-shirts I've been toting around and collecting since high school - I'm going to sleep in those.

These college textbooks and teaching materials - I might need those if I ever teach again. 

That Roomba and Scooba that haven't worked in over a year and have been living under our dresser since then - Trying to fix them will be a good weekend project

That candle I got on clearance at Kohl's after-Christmas sale 2 years ago, even though I'm not sure why because I really don't like how it looks - Well, you can never have too many candles.

These Blu-rays, 90% of which have never even been taken out of the box - We're definitely going to watch those. All of them.

That Sony point-and-shoot camera from freshman year of college - We'll totally use that when we go on a trip and don't want to lug a DSLR around. 

That collection of blankets that could fill a whole closet - We need them for when people stay the night, obviously. 

But I'm ready to come clean - literally and figuratively.

Our couch came with pillows to match it, we don't need any more; the fact that I just bought that cardigan doesn't make it fit any better; there is no right time to wear those sweaters, they're just not cute; those t-shirts are way too uncomfortable to sleep in; even if I were to go back to the classroom it would be a million years from now, and books are heavy to move; I'd rather buy a new Roomba (and I no longer need Scooba) than put in the time, effort, and money trying to fix them; you can have too many candles if they're ugly; we don't watch Blu-rays, that's what Netflix is for; it's 2014, my iPhone probably takes better pictures than that camera; we don't even have a place for guests to sleep over and, unless we're going to house a village on our couch and floor, we don't need 12 different blankets for that.

Goodwill Trip #1
Seven trash bags of clothes and housewares, 100+ books, 50+ movies, 18 eBay sales of some seriously random crap later, it's gone. As I keep finding new things, if I can't find a use for it or a real reason to keep it in the next few weeks, it's going too. Not only are we definitely moving to a small space for the next 2 years, but there's a good possibility we'll be city living after that, and we definitely won't have the space or need for anything extra. No more excess, no more duplicates, no more "Just in case"s or "That way, we have it"s. If we don't truly need it, we don't keep it. Bare bones, people. 


  1. This sounds like I wrote it. Which is scary and awesome all at the same time. The lies you tell yourself are the same that I tell myself. BUT- like you, I LOVE getting rid of things. Thank GOD. We'd be hoarders if we didn't. =D =D

  2. LOVE THIS! In addition to recently cleaning out the closet in the future nursery, I also cleaned out my closet/dresser and got rid of all those perfectly-nice-but-i-don't-wear-them clothes. Felt SO GOOD! Next up-- hall of closets! :)

  3. One of my best friends recently moved, and she was saying the same things-- she really didn't think she had that much stuff until she had to pack it all up! I definitely don't think we realize how much we accumulate over time! It feels so good to get rid of what you don't need, and it sounds like you guys did an awesome job cleaning out & hopefully making your move a little bit lighter :)

  4. When I moved out of my college apartment, I got rid of at least 50% of my clothes. I had so much stuff from high school that I kept around for the "right" occasion too even though I would forget about them, rediscover it 2 years later and say I'll wear it and the cycle continues. Hopefully we less stuff, moving into the new apartment will be easier?!

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  6. ugh my favorite sweater stays in my closet even though it has holes in the elbows... i need to give it up but it is so perfect. I am moving this weekend and I have been to goodwill three times! When I go it needs to be done as quickly as possible so I don't look in the bags too much and think WHY WOULD I GET RID OF THAT?

    I wish I could go cruise your goodwill after your donations- maybe that sweater would look less weird on me and replace my tattered favorite. ;) good luck starting the move!

  7. Moving is always a great time to get rid of things! My boyfriend is moving in with me and I told him to use this as an opportunity to get of all his crap. Although I have quite a bit I need to get rid of too to make room!

  8. You go!

    MFD actually wants to purge his closet, which never happens, so I'm getting on that.

    I need to get rid of my t-shirts. I sleep in a few. The others I don't wear. Time to let them go.

  9. I try to convince my boyfriend to get rid of the ginormous mess thats stocked in our closet but he thinks he will need it someday it drives me insane. He's a packrat and I throw EVERYTHING away LOL

  10. Haha yes this is so true. Only when moving do you realize just how much junk you have and how many excuses were made to save them.

  11. i purge on the regular but before i got my closet organized, i kept everything which is why i could never get into my closet. purging is liberating!

    Vodka and Soda

  12. I LOVE this post!!!! My god every single word you wrote it's like it came out of my mouth!!

  13. Good for you! I go through my crap pretty often to declutter. However, it's amazing how a move will show you how much you have!!

  14. Hahahahah... so with you on the movies! We have a ton that are still in their plastic wrapping!

  15. Ahhhh yes, nothing like packing for a move to show you how much crap you've managed to hold onto. I moved 3 times in a year and purged a whole lot each time, and since I've been in my current apt ~2 years I've cleaned and tossed at least 4 times, and I'm gearing up to do it again when I move in the fall. It's just such a freeing feeling, isn't it?!

  16. You are just speaking to my soul with this post haha I LOVE to get rid of things/throw stuff away, then when I look into our spare bedroom I'm like uhh-where'd all this stuff come from?! ;) and PS, you can ship every last Blu Ray you own to me! ;) Caleb and I LOVE movies and have quite the BR collection going.

  17. I love bare bones and am always getting rid of things. D on the other hand is a complete packrat and it drives me mad. Moving is the perfect time to pair down, and it feels great doesn't it???

  18. this is so awesome. i definitely do some of these things too, especially with clothes. its funny, i'll go through my closet every few months and it amazes me how i always have several bags to get rid of. i dont shop that much.. haha. my husband likes the minimalist style in our house, but he keeps the most random things (notebooks from college).


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