Friday Favorites

This week I have felt like every time I blink, another hour passes. I can't believe how fast time is flying and how soon I move (yay! and yikes! at the same time). I still have a ton to do before Wednesday, but for now I'm taking a break to join in a new link-up (well not new but new to me) to share some of my favorite things from this week.

Favorite Purchase: Z-Palettes. I might be (probably am) really late to this party, but I just discovered these last week. I have not really kept it secret that I have become a maniac intent on downsizing and consolidating my entire life. Including my makeup stash. I used to be an eyeshadow junkie (thanks to a few binges, I haven't bought a single eyeshadow in over 2 years). I had 5 or 6 eyeshadow palettes I hardly use and was annoyed by how much space they were taking up on my shelf. I thought the Z-Palette was a great solution, until I saw that they were $15-$20 a pop. I thought about DIYing one but I really have neither the patience nor the time for any DIY projects. I found some on eBay that were slightly discounted due to "factory blemishes" and figured I didn't care if they weren't 100% perfect, so I ordered 2. I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived and actually were 100% perfect! If there is anything wrong with them, it's nothing I've been able to figure out. All of my eyeshadows are in one palette, which I really like since now I can see them all and therefore might actually use more of them. My most-used bronzers, blushes, and highlighters are in the the second one. The bottoms are magnetic which means I can easily swap out items. I'm obsessed.

I also bought that acrylic makeup storage container, so what you see here is literally my entire makeup stash (sans brushes). All in one little photo. I can't get over how much I love this new setup.

Favorite Face/Makeup Product: Coola Rose Essense Tinted Sunscreen. I have long been a fan of using tinted moisturizer, BB creams, etc. either under regular foundation or, more often, in place of foundation. Especially in the summer. One of my goals this month is to get my skin in check, especially my hyperpigmentation, and one of the best things I can do is wear sunscreen daily (I know, shame on me for not caring about this before). I've also been trying to use more natural products lately and this tinted sunscreen hits it out of the park! I actually had a sample of it leftover from an Ipsy bag last summer and I was hooked instantly! I immediately ordered the full size. 

Favorite Customer Service: Amazon. When I ordered the tinted sunscreen, I actually got it from Amazon since I could Prime it in cheaper and faster than from Ulta. Except, after it was on its way, I realized I had gotten the matte formula on accident. I kind of wanted to try the matte anyway, to see if I liked it, but I wasn't sure if Amazon would let me return an opened makeup package (this is the reason I normally shop at Sephora/Ulta). I contacted customer service via chat and spoke with a rep who told me they don't normally let you return opened packages, but that she could make an exception. She did say I'd have to pay for return shipping (fair enough, I figured that would teach me a lesson about buying makeup on Amazon). I got it, tried it, and didn't like it, so back it went on Monday. I had a full refund, with no shipping fees taken out, back on my credit card on Wednesday.

Favorite Workout Gear: My new SOAS triathlon kit (which will be here tomorrow)! SOAS is a womens' specific running/cycling/triathlon apparel company with the CUTEST designs. I found out about them about a year ago and have wanted to order a tri kit from them since then, but I was put off by the price and by the fact that they never seemed to have my size in stock in any of the designs I liked. They just put out new designs and I have a few races coming up (hopefully), so I finally bit the bullet and ordered one!

Favorite Website/App: Trello. I love anything that helps me stay organized, and Trello is a site that does just that. Ben actually uses it for work to keep track of who is working on what projects. We started using it to organize all of our moving tasks and I'm obsessed with it! It allows us to keep track of all of our to-dos, things we need to pack, etc. We can assign tasks, attach pictures, label them, add checklists to tasks, make comments, and more. It's amazing!

Favorite Thing That Happened: Virginia Tech finally processed all my transfer credits from the last year. I have credit from 2 different schools and getting my transcripts sorted out has been a headache. They received one of my transcripts 2 weeks ago but told me it could take until August (!!!!) to process the credit. Super pumped to check this morning and see that it has already gone through! 

Favorite Weekend Plans: Road-tripping to North Carolina to see Circa Survive tonight! I'm not sure that going out of town is the best way to spend my last weekend before I move but I'm also not sure that I care.

Have a great weekend, friends! I might be buried under a pile of boxes come Monday, but if not, I'll catch you all then ;)


  1. It's always a good time to hang out in North Carolina ! Wake Med Soccer Park in Cary on Saturday morning sounds like a good idea too ;) Haha...have a safe trip and have fun at Circa Survive :)

  2. Okay so I've never heard of those Z-Palettes before, but that looks really cool. Totally going to look into it now. :)

    Found you through Amanda's link up! I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Yeah so excited to have you!!! Never heard of that palette before but I'm intrigued....ohhh girl Amazon is my jam. They have the best customer service!

  4. I've had a couple of z-palettes in my amazon cart for weeks now, but am not sure I really NEED them. Though I want them for the same reason as you! I have a few palettes I rarely use but love one or two of the shadows in them! Maybe I should try my luck at ebay! That looks like an awesome app! I've tried a few, but none of them have ever worked well enough for me to use them over regular pen and paper!

  5. never heard of z palettes but they look super cool! have a great weekend, north carolina - jealous!

  6. Amazon is the best service that is the truth!!

  7. Love your makeup setup! I need to do something like that myself. I have makeup all over the place in like 4 different drawers and I waste so much time every morning looking for certain items I want to use haha. I'm trying to hold off on buying anything house related until we move though -- hopefully soon!

  8. I LOVE your new makeup set up! I keep saying that I'm going to redo mine and I really need to hop on it!


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