Goal-Crazy and #21/30!

As I was writing my June goals, the other day, I got a little...inspired. I (and every other 20-something on the planet) have had a 30 Before 30 list for several years, but I've been feeling uninspired by mine as of late. The 23-year-old who wrote that list and 26-year-old present me are pretty different. I shudder to think that I might be totally different in another 3 years, but let's just roll with present me for now. My life has gone in a direction that I never would have imagined even 3 short years ago, and my goals didn't really reflect this new path. I also found several of them too similar, redundant, or not necessarily time-sensitive.

I've revised them here and there but I went ahead and did a pretty big overhaul of them this weekend. I really took time to think them out, I creeped on browsed other lists for inspiration, I fleshed out some of my ideas with my husband. I actually ended up with more than 30 things! I cut down a few and ended up with a list of things that I'm really excited to work toward and accomplish. I didn't make this list because I foresee my life being over the day I turn the big 3-0; if anything, I'm excited for a new chapter! But my 20's have been a lot about learning, and about trial and error, and I'm looking forward to more learning and living in the last 3 years of this decade.

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There were several things on my old list that I've already accomplished, and I kept most of them. Even though some of them might seem redundant or like they piggyback off each other (all the running distances, for example), they really were separate goals when I made them, so I kept them that way. I've only completed 7 out of my 30 items, most of them pre-blog, so I plan to talk about those things on Tuesdays from now on...until I run out of things, or I forget, whichever comes first ;)

#21: Adopt a Puppy

I've had a dog literally since the day I was born. My parents already had a dog before I came into the picture, and when she died when I was 4, we quickly adopted another one. That dog was tragically hit by a car after only a couple years, and again, it wasn't long before we had a new puppy. My mom picked me up from elementary school one day, per usual, but on this particular day, our new puppy Pixie was in the back seat. I was 7, and it was love at first sight. I have very few memories growing up that don't involve her in some way. Losing her when I was 20 was one of the hardest, most devastating experiences I've ever endured. There was such a hole in my heart that I wasn't sure I would ever be able to accept another dog into my life. I knew there was no way I'd ever find a dog as special as her.

In the years after Pixie died, Ben and I moved in together, got married, bought our house, and really started our lives together. We had our two-cat, three-ferret zoo already, but we had always talked about getting a dog. It took me almost five years, but one day in August, I felt in my heart that I was ready.

Like most things in my life, it took me a long time to figure out what I wanted, but once I knew, I was ready to do it right then. We were so overwhelmed with the whole idea that we thought we'd try our hand at fostering. It would give us a sense of whether this really was the right time, what breed would be best for us, etc. The whole situation moved very quickly - within 24 hours of us deciding to try it, we were on our way to pick up our foster puppy.

The pick-up was a little chaotic. It was raining, and we had to wait for almost an hour for the owners of the rescue to arrive with the litters of puppies they had picked up. When they got there, they opened the car doors to reveal several carriers of a few different litters of puppies. No one else seemed phased by this, so I can only assume we were the only newbies. As other people started to grab a puppy or two, Ben walked around to the side of the car. He reached into a carrier and pulled out a tiny black and tan puppy. He held it for a second and then gave it to me. After holding it for a few minutes we checked the gender - I'd only ever had girl dogs, and that's all I ever planned to have - a boy. That was okay, though, we didn't plan to keep him anyway. We headed back home, tiny puppy in tow.

That was a Monday. On Friday (after very little sleep during the nights in between), we signed the paperwork to adopt him.

We named him Bane, after the Batman movie (it had come out a few weeks earlier). We found out that the name Bane is Slavic and means "Glorious Defender", which is exactly what we hoped our fluffy little mutt would be (after he gained a few pounds, of course).

Yesterday he turned 2 years old, and we've had him for almost that long. We don't know his birthday for sure, but when we first took him to the vet, they estimated his age and when we counted back the weeks...he had the same birthday as my Pixie girl. If ever I needed a sign that adopting him was the right thing to do, I definitely got one! Since we don't know that that's his true birthday, we celebrate his 2 days earlier so they each get their own days (I'm weird about things like that).  While they're definitely not the same dog, he has so many of her good qualities - he's friendly, he's sweet, he loves to ride in the car, he's loyal and protective...I know in my heart that she sent him to me.

After Pixie died, I thought adopting a new dog was going to be such a hard decision, but Bane fit into our family pretty seamlessly from Day 1. Ben and I were instantly amazed at how good of a dog he was, even as a little puppy. Every time we take him out we get comments about what a good boy he is, how well-behaved he is, and how lucky we are to have him. We know.


  1. Bane was such a cute little puppy!! And now a handsome dog :) I love reading dog adoption stories and it makes me think of my own! My childhood pup is going to be 12 this year and I do not want the day to come where I go to my mom's house and only one dog greets me but at least I know we are giving him a great life. He is as spoiled as they come :)

  2. awwww what a lovely story :) Bane is so cute!

  3. Oh what a sweet pup! You saw yesterday that I'm similar, I've never not had a dog. T-minus 3 months until I can finally change that I haven't had one living with me for 2 years. Thanks for sharing this sweet story!

  4. I've been working the past few days to keep bloggers informed about their posts being stolen. This post was reblogged at http://benaffleckbatman.net/goal-crazy-and-2130/, I would imagine without your permission. He stole one of my posts too. I'm not familiar with the procedure for getting a blog removed, so I'm reaching out to his other victims. So sorry this has happened to you!

  5. Oh my goodness... what a handsome boy you have! :D

  6. Aw! See? It was fate! It was totally meant to be that you adopted him! He is beautiful. Such nice coloring. Love long haired dogs!

  7. I did a 15 in 2014 list and like two months later I was over half of the goals I had put on it, so don't feel bad about adjusting your list three years later ;) haha. Bane is so cute and sounds like he was the perfect dog for you guys :)


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