Random Things I REALLY Love

1. Ladder Shelves. For our wedding Ben and I received this beauty and just like that, a love affair began. As I'm going through our beautiful furniture and trying to figure out how to bring as much as possible into our new (but tiny) apartment, I already know there's no way I'm parting with these babies.

Angels are singing right now
Sadly, that was in our old apartment, and they haven't been all together like that since we moved 3 years ago. I don't know when they'll ever be reunited. But we keep finding new uses and spaces for them, and in our new place, they're taking on another new role: nightstands. This was actually Ben's suggestion, and I was intrigued but apprehensive. But, Google never fails and hit me with this little slice of ladder shelf heaven. I scrolled down and bam!

Apparently we are not the first goofballs to think of using them for such purpose. Our style is very different from the one in the picture, but we dig the overall concept. And thanks to that link, I am now convinced I need a ladder shelf in every room in my house.

2. Amazon Prime. Seriously how amazing is this?!  I don't even know the last time I paid to get something shipped to me. Ten times out of ten I will Prime something in instead of driving 5 minutes to the store to go get it. Running out of toothpaste? Why spend the energy going to the drugstore, braving the weirdo customers, and dealing with the incompetent employees when I can sit on my couch and have it at my doorstep in under 48 hours?

3. Getting rid of stuff and making money at the same time. I LOVE to get rid of stuff and I'm pretty good at doing so on a regular basis. I've always lived in small-ish apartments, so not having lot of space helps! I'm amazed by the fact that, even though I purge my stuff several times a year, I still have a ton of crap I should get rid of. Moving is such a pain in the ass and our new apartment is half the size of our condo, so that has been a catalyst to go through our stuff and figure out what's really worth bringing with us. Aside from my little snafu with an ignorant eBayer (at this point I'm assuming she realized she is a dumbass and dropped it), I've been super successful at getting rid of a bunch of stuff. I now have way less clutter and a few hundred more dollars in my pocket Paypal account. That's what I call a win-win.

4. Newton running shoes. A couple months ago I ended my 2-year love affair with Nike. I got my first pair of Newtons last year and used them mainly as my triathlon shoes, but now I have a second pair and I run exclusively in Newtons. I feel like I am running on clouds. They are super expensive but I swear that the soles are infused with fairy dust because they make me fast! I'm willing to fork over the dough to feel like a speed demon. Plus they rival Nike in the color department, thus fulfilling my obnoxious color requirement for my running shoes.

5. A good run.
After two I'm-running-slow-but-feel-like-I'm-dying morning runs this week, I tried a late afternoon run yesterday, and WOW. I got lucky with the sun being blocked by several clouds, and a strong breeze coming off the water (I still had to run straight into it sometimes though...that wasn't as nice) I ran fast and it didn't even feel that hard. The Newton fairy must have come and sprinkled my shoes again. I live for a good run, I feel it deep down in my soul. There is no better feeling. Runners, you know what's up.

6. Baby animals.
Duh? I already told you how I feel about human babies. They just don't do anything for me. Baby animals though? I could die of cuteness overload. Last week I was at the beach with my parents and they were "oooh"ing and "awwww"ing at this baby next to us.

Meanwhile I was too busy not being able to take my eyes off this ADORABLE yellow lab puppy running around and playing in the water. He was beyond cute. And I showed you what Bane looked like as a baby, do you think it's an accident that we became foster failures? No. He knew what he was doing. And when baby animals make cute baby animal sounds? I can't even handle it.

Happy Friday!!! Hope you have a great weekend planned! I plan on kicking some triathlon ass and watching Orange is the New Black along with pretty much everyone else on the planet. Cheers!


  1. I have so much to comment on! YESSS for baby animals! Those ladder shelves? Omg! I'm. Obsessed. Where can I find some?!

    Caleb "accidentally' forgot to cancel our free trial of Amazon prime last year but omg that was the best accident ever. So so awesome, we seriously use it for a ton and I'll never pay for shipping again ;)

    Yay for amazing running shoes!!!

  2. I haven't heard of Newtons before?! I think I'm in need of a new pair of running shoes (kind of) so I'll have to ask about them!

    Ugh baby animals..SO MUCH CUTENESS! Our neighbor got a yellow lab puppy and I died watching them walk him haha. I didn't really know that well at the time but all I wanted to do was cuddle their puppy! Now he's like 100 pounds but still cute!

    I loved when I got Amazon Prime free since I was a student! Those were the good days!

  3. Best thing about living in Indianapolis? There are 2 big Amazon warehouses in town, so SAME-DAY shipping is an option. Once, C and I had a box delivered by a man from Amazon who (we think) was just on his way home from work. That's what I'm talking about.

  4. Amazon Prime is my homie. Best service ever.

  5. Ohhh yes I love ladder shelves too! They're high on my list for when I move to a new, smaller place in the fall. I accidentally bought a new pair of running shoes last night — I'm aggressively loyal to Saucony for some reason, have been since high school — because I'm trying to move into something lighter. Took a couple laps in Kinvaras and fell in looooooove. But maybe I'll take a look at these when it's time for me to get into something new!
    #5, yes. I've slogged through almost every mile this week, and I'm fully convinced it's plantar fasciitis. After tomorrow's color run I'm going to rest til Wednesday and hopefully it'll be a WOW run for me too :)
    Have a great weekend and good luck in your triathlon!! Can't wait to hear about it!!

  6. i order a lot of shizz from walmart online - free shipping AND i don't even have to deal with all the wackass people who go there. i love their prices for household cleaners etc but i can't stand the people who go there!

    Vodka and Soda

  7. Haha I think I need to start ordering my toothpaste online, too! And we've been purging crap left and right with our move coming up and it feels SO good. I don't even know why I own half the crap I do. Love the look of ladder shelves but I've always worried that they would slide down since we couldn't drill into our walls while renting to hold them up! Maybe in our future house though?!

  8. Tracy! I love the new look around here. Well done :)

    And we think alike on baby humans. I'll take baby animals over em anyday.


  9. I love the ladder shelves! I've only seen them with the TV console in the middle but I love it with the deck and think it will be awesome as nightstands as well! We have a weird space in our kitchen and I think one of those shelves might fit there perfectly-- thanks for the inspiration :) I hope the triathlon went well this weekend!

  10. I love the brain before/after a run picture. I never thought I would consider myself a runner (and honestly still don't !) but I just get that.

    And great dane puppy on repeat FOR THE WIN !

  11. i love ladder shelves! my husband does not. boo. one day i will sneak one in and he will see how awesome they are. also baby animals - love! i love human babies too (sorry) but i never look at a puppy and say aw how cute, good thing i can give it back when it poops and cries haha. baby animals for the win.


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