Hello, September!

hello, september

If I had to pick one word to describe my approach to the summer months, it would be: survive. The heat and humidity of the summer make me feel sluggish and uninspired, but fall? Fall always feels like a fresh start, my reward for all my suffering. Yeah, yeah, it's not quite fall yet, but it's also not really summer anymore. So sorry to all you summer lovers mourning your loss. I'll be over here partying with these people:

Here's how I plan to make September the good, productive month it should be:

Schedule at least one post per week ahead of time.
I blogged fewer times in August than any month since I started blogging. When life gets busy, blogging is the first thing to go. I've even gotten behind on reading and commenting lately, which I hate because I love talking to and seeing what's going on with you guys! I have to figure out a way to stay active in blogging without it being a total time suck, and I think one way for me to do that is schedule my posts ahead of time. It's not realistic to write them all in advance, but I'm aiming to have at least one per week ready to go. If you have any tips on how you stay not totally overwhelmed by all the posts/comments/tweets/etc. please tell me your secrets! I honestly don't get how some people do it.

Spend the extra five (or fewer) minutes. 
I've always been really bad at this. I toss my clothes on the floor instead of throwing them in the laundry basket. I leave clean clothes in the laundry basket, folded but not put away. I leave my workout gear all spread out instead of putting it away. I leave dishes on the counter instead of rinsing them off and putting them in the dishwasher. You get the picture. I get so obsessed with saving an extra 30 seconds that I create a lot more work in the long run. This is a bad habit that I really want to break, and I'm choosing to work on it this month.

Avoid alcohol (for the most part).
The one time I did manage to pop my head in here last week, I mentioned that I was joining a few others ladies for a "Sober til October" challenge. While they've committed for a full 50 days, I'm giving myself a pass for 1, maybe 2 drinks at the following events (which were planned well before I started this, and I don't even know for sure if there will be alcohol offered at them):
  • Giant Acorn International Triathlon post-race party, September 28
  • a friend's wedding on October 4
  • Hokie Half Marathon post-race party, October 12
(P.S. I just realized I hadn't actually linked to the blogs that are hosting the challenge in my previous post - that's what I get for posting on my phone I guess. If you want to learn more about these ladies or the challenge or join in yourself, now you can click on the picture!)

No internet/computer/phone after 9pm.
I started doing this a little bit this past week, not really intentionally but because I was reading a book and preferred to do that before bed instead of the aforementioned activities. I really liked it and thought I'd challenge myself to see if I can keep it up for the whole month.

Complete Erin Motz's newest yoga challenge.
Just what I need to feel refreshed and ready for a great month! (Pssst....you can get in on the action here!)

How are YOU going to make your month awesome?!


  1. Ooo I think I'm going to try to limit my internet and phone usage at night, too. That's a great idea.

    I'm right there with you about fall. Bring. It. ON. So long, Summer!

  2. I like the no internet/phone after 9 idea! I don't know if I could ever pull it off though!

  3. The best time saver I've ever embraced is fully getting ready for the next day the night before. Getting my outfit together and hanging it one place, making lunch, even putting my coffee cup and k-cup out so it's ready to go. It might mean I stay up 10-15 minutes later in the night but it probably saves 20-30 minutes in the morning!

  4. I would like to schedule some reading time where I don't use internet or phone. Then maybe I could finish my book in decent time.

  5. I actually meant to include in my post today about goals for spring but with the internet giving me trouble I decided the shorter the better... I don't know if I could switch off electronics at 9pm, although when I get stuck into a new book I do tend to forget everything else :)

  6. I'm loving the no computer after 9 rule (which clearly I'm breaking right now). It's easy to get sucked in and stay up way later than you wanted, and putting it away early is a good idea! Good luck this month! You got this.

  7. I love these ideas although I know I cant not have my computer and phone after 9. I really need to get better at scheduling (or do it at all haha)

  8. good luck with your goals! i really want to try and do no computer or phone for like an hour before bed, i've talked about it so much but never done it. but it would help me read more, and wind down before bed. i have done Erin Motz's first challenge but I am not ready to advance, I don't think, I want to redo the first challenge lol.

  9. I completely love your goals!! I'm with you on scheduling goals, taking the extra 5 and no technology after 9. That last one is really great actually. I think I'd just have to move mine to "after 10". Good luck!!

  10. Love the no internet/phone/computer after 9pm. I'm definitely going to start implementing that. And I'm with you on how people find the time to blog!! I love it but it can really turn into a time suck... the commenting and responding to emails and writing posts... seriously, I have fun doing it but I'm starting to realize that I realistically can't do it all everyday. Something has to give and I think it might end up being the responding to the emails. Which makes me feel terrible but I'd rather have the time to leave comments! People appreciate those more than responding to comments, right? Haha I don't know, if you come up with any great advice or tips, let me know!!


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