Sometimes you get lost and have to improvise on a long run because somehow when you mapped your route, it started from the other side of the highway instead of from your house.

Sometimes you have to take an honest look at what's in your heart...and sometimes that means changing your race registration from full marathon to half marathon.

Sometimes you plan to go an event 3 hours away and it turns out to be lamer than you thought it was going to be...but sometimes that's okay when you're with your favorite people (and dogs).

Sometimes you stay up later than your race eve bedtime playing Cards Against Humanity with your favorite sisters- and brothers-in-law (which also happens to be all of them).

Sometimes instead of getting enough sleep for your race, you have to rub your husband's temples and try to coax his pounding headache away.

Sometimes you do a triathlon and totally (accidentally) grab another girl's butt during the swim. Like, the whole thing. All of it.

Sometimes after spending half the weekend in the car, when you get home you have to eat Chipotle for dinner and watch New Girl instead of doing work.

And sometimes you forget to remind people about a certain link-up you're co-hosting, which happens to be tomorrow...


Whatever you're training for, working on, or thinking about going for, Alyssa and I wanna hear alllll the details. Link up with us tomorrow and tell us all about it!


  1. haha I think accidental butt grabs are just part of the game :) And who can say no to Cards Against Humanity?? Best game ever. A few weeks ago we drove three hours to a beach that turned out to be a bunch of rocks next to the dirtiest water. It was disappointing but ya sometimes it just happens

  2. Still sounds like a pretty solid weekend to me. Okay fine, any day with Chipotle and/or New Girl can't really be beat in my eyes. And you still totally kicked butt in that tri so I think you're golden ;) can't wait for tomorrow!

  3. hahaha butt grab, love it! that sucks about the vegetarian festival, but yay for cards against humanity!

  4. That's amazing that you grabbed her butt bahaha, maybe that put a little extra pep on her step (er, swim!)?!!! Too funny. Ah I will have to think of a post so I can linkup! So fun!

  5. Chipotle and New Girls sounds good to me! Sounds like a weekend of highs and lows- but more highs!

  6. It sounded like the Chipotle and New Girl were totally deserved!! Can't wait for the link up!!

  7. Sometimes life doesn't go as planned :-) But butt grabs made everyone laugh... which makes it all ok :-)


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