The Good, The Bad, and The Ouch

- I had a beer on Friday even though it wasn't one of my cheat days

+ It gave me a little headache (to be fair, it wasn't exactly a light beer), and I didn't really like how it made me feel in general (although it did taste good!). Counting that as a plus because the whole reason I wanted to do this challenge was so I could get out of the habit of having a beer with dinner more often than not...definitely on the right track! 

+ My triathlon Saturday morning was...eventful. Good in some ways, not so good in others, but a plus overall. Check back for a full report tomorrow!

- I think my beloved Newtons are toast after the tri. It rained all morning and since my shoes sat out in transition while I was out on the swim and bike, they were completely soaked by the time I put them on for the run. So now I have these beauties on the their way to me! It was a long time coming, but it was still hard to pony up the cash for a new pair. Not to mention the anxiety of not knowing whether I'll like the new version. Fellow runners, please tell me that the struggle to replace your shoes is real?!

+ I went to Target and only bought what I went in to get. I talked myself out of a $35 impulse buy and I remembered to use the coupon I had for what I did buy!

+/- I came THISCLOSE to deleting my Facebook account. I've deleted it once before but you know they never really delete it so after a few months I reactivated it. I've been slowly caring less and less about most of the stuff I see when I check it, and this weekend I realized there is actually nothing on there that I care about. I didn't delete it but I did log out so even if I do go to check it out of habit, I'll probably end up closing that tab before I sign in.

+/- I wasn't entirely sure that I was actually going to (the reason for the minus), but I did in fact run 17 miles Sunday morning. The first half was good, then the negative self-talk and the doubt started about halfway in, but I snapped out of it after a couple miles and finished the last 5 or so I had left. The pace I ran would put me great position to finish Richmond in a time I'd be really happy with.

- After my run I was basically a good-for-nothing sloth and spent the rest of the day on the couch like this:

+ Alyssa and I hammered out some details for the training linkup we're hosting! Check it out:

1. Write a blog post about whatever fitness-related goal you're working toward. It can be ANYTHING. No goal is too big or too small. You might write about...
- A race or triathlon you're currently in training for, like Tracy and I
- Your weightlifting goal of any kind
- Your goal to establish a workout or fitness routine, like hit the gym 3 times a week or start going to weekly yoga classes
- A goal to touch your toes by X date
- Your goal to be able to run a mile without stopping (Tracy and I both started out with this as a goal!)
- A time or distance personal record (PR) with running, swimming, biking, anything!
- Your goal to tone those calves and quads
- Headstand, handstand, crow pose, or whatever pose or asana currently alludes you
- Anything else you can think of!
2. Link up your post with Alyssa and I on the last Tuesday of the month (we're kicking things off on September 30th!)
3. Add the button to your post or your sidebar and/or link back to either Alyssa or I in your linked post so your readers can find similar posts and we can all connect!
4. We'd love to create a community of ass-kickers here, so hop around to other linked blogs and read about the goals others in our little family are working toward. A few words of support, advice, encouragement, or even commiseration can go a very long way. Spread the love and build your community of cheerleaders and motivators!
5. Go out there and keep being awesome!

We'll be back every month with another link-up post where you can either tell us about how you did on this last goal, ask for help on how to make your dreams a reality, or share a new goal! We'll keep you posted on the dates, but mark down the last Tuesday of the month as the Training for Tuesday so we can all stay up-to-speed on each other's progress.

Are you in?


  1. Ohh no, wet shoes are one of the worst things ever! I can't wait to hear more about the triathlon, and you already know I'm excited to link-up with you guys! Also, congrats on making it out of Target with nothing extra :)

  2. ohh boo to your shoes! that reminds me, i left a pair of shoes outside on the weekend, hope it doesn't rain! replacing your shoes really does suck, i always wait until the last possible minute (i've only had like 4 pairs of running shoes since i started) and feel really sad when i have to say goodbye to a pair. yours are pretty though! can't wait to hear more about your triathlon, and yay again for your run - so awesome! now i have to think of something to write on the 30th!

  3. You're a rock star.
    I don't blame you for having a beer.
    Replacing beloved running shoes is NEVER easy. EVER. And even the same brand in the same style (and possibly color) never seem to fit the same way your old broken in ones did.
    Facebook is lame. I deleted the app on my phone, so I don't get on it nearly as often. I don't ever post and I've deleted all buy very close friends and family. One day I'll probably delete it altogether.

  4. Replacing your old shoes is SO hard! I get worried that the new pair will just be plain terrible and I'll get some kind of injury because of them and yet it's never happened before...runners struggle.
    I can't wait to hear about the tri!
    I deleted Facebook once and then came back to it too. I like having it to keep up with family/some friends so I should just go through and unfriend people that I haven't talked to in 6 years...
    Definitely joining the link-up!!! :)

  5. I'm dreading the day I have to replace these shoes. One, they'll be the ones I wear for my first half, so you know I'll have some sick emotional attachment to them. Two, they're the third *new* pair I bought for running (I started out on just an old pair of gym shoes I'd had), and it took that long for me to find a shoe I liked and wanted to stick with and that fit right and all that. Kind of terrified that a new version would throw me off. I guess I've got a few more months to go though!
    And Facebook... sigh. I hate it. I almost never use it. It gives me agida. But for a handful of reasons I do "need" to hang onto it. I just try to never check it unless I have a notification because scrolling through my feed otherwise just makes me cranky. I never post anything of my own on it; my wall is pretty much just my friends posting animal pictures and weird links haha!

  6. Oh my gosh I'M IN LOVE WITH THOSE SHOES! Orange is my fave color and I'm always on the lookout for awesome shoes in that color! How often do you replace your shoes, as a superstar runner?!

  7. Can't wait to hear about the triathlon! I don't know what I'm more proud over- that, or the fact that you made it out of target without buying anything extra! haha! Obviously, I'm kidding (although the target thing is still pretty impressive)!
    Oh, and I've had facebook gone for over a year and I can honestly say there's never been a time when I've missed it! Maybe because blog reading keeps me plenty entertained and the best part--- I get to choose which ones I wanna read! :) :)

  8. You left Target with only what you went in for?! WITCHCRAFT!

  9. Great link up idea, will you send a reminder? Or maybe a reminder on your blog? I tend to forget these things otherwise :) Can't wait to hear about that race and ya I deleted my Facebook account for like 5 years and it was glorious. None of that BS about not being able to be in touch with friends that you haven't seen in years, was true. I just got an account again, only so I could have a page for my blog, but I rarely use it and I like to keep it that way. I don't know what it is about FB but it seems to invite picture stalking like nothing else!

  10. Cant wait for the recap but you rock either way! I cant wait for the link up either!!


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