How I Know I'm Old

Today is my 27th birthday! I've never dreaded my birthday, even as I keep getting older. I've always been the youngest of my friends so I've always looked at my birthday as an opportunity to catch up to everyone else.

I've spent the last 8 years of my professional life, first teaching and now being back in school, with 15-22 year olds. It's sometimes easy to forget that the age gap between them and me grows every year. Then sometimes, things happen that make that gap look like the Grand Canyon. In honor of my birthday, I've compiled a list of the things that let me know that yep...I'm old:

1. I wear a helmet when I ride my bike.

2. I don't care if I look like a dork wearing my helmet.  

3. The phrase "YOLO" makes me cringe. 

4. I have never seriously said the word "hashtag" out loud.

5. I remember when the pound symbol on the phone was used for something other than Twitter and Instagram.

6. I get cranky if I'm up past 10pm. 

7. I would rather hang out with my dog and husband on the couch than go to a bar.

8. I won't go to a VT game unless I can sit in a non-student section.

9. I drink beer because I actually like how it tastes.

10. I don't believe anyone under the age of 16 needs a cell phone.

11. I don't get on Facebook or text during class.

12. I don't get on Facebook pretty much ever. 

13. I have never snap chatted.

14. A non-weekend night concert road trip is out of the question, no matter how good the band is.

15. It's been almost a decade since I got out of high school. 

16. I remember life when there was no dining hall on the academic side of the VT campus.

17. I have money in the stock market. 

18. I know that leggings/yoga pants are not proper attire for giving a presentation.

19. Having to be somewhere by 8am is normal and not a big deal.

20. People find it totally normal to ask me when I'm going to have a baby (and/or suggest that I do it like yesterday).

21. My idea of a great weekend is one where I can do absolutely nothing - and by that I mean catch up on housework.

22. I don't skip class.

23. I wait to pack up my things until my professor has finished speaking (not sure if this is because I'm old or just because I have manners).

24. I don't cause near-accidents on the sidewalk because I'm too busy on my phone to look where I'm going.

25. I look both ways before I cross the street.

26. I got a blow dryer for my birthday this year. I've been lusting over it for the better part of a year. Yes, a blow dryer.

27. My birthday plans include a 10pm showing of Gone Girl. I'm going to need a nap first.

What's made you feel old lately?


  1. Happy birthday, Birthday Buddy! :) Just turned 29 myself... I embrace being old. #27 makes me laugh especially because I just got invited to an attorney networking event that's next Friday-- it starts at 7:30 and dinner's not until 8:15. Don't they know I eat dinner at 5 and go to bed by 9?!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday! Loved this list... we're definitely getting up there! Hope you have the best day :)

  3. Pretty much ALL of these. Bedtime before 10pm is the best! haha. Because I get so tired. No more late nights. Happy birthday to you, you old lady ;)

  4. wow a 10pm showing? makes me tired just thinking about it. lol. and yolo seriously makes me cringe that your sentence made me cringe. what a stupid word / acronym. like, before it existed did you think you could live more than once?
    anywho, catching up on housework is the shiznit. and we call this # the hash sign in australia, i never understood the pound sign. wouldnt it be funny if it was poundtag? haha.
    happy birthday gorgeous!

  5. Oh Tracy. You make me laugh laugh laugh. I can agree with so many of these.
    It's good to be "old", isn't it?

  6. First of all- HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS!!!! Second, this list cracked me up. I'm only 23 and can say the same as a lot of things on your list!!! ;) although, I will admit I HAVE said the word hashtag out loud (jokingly) and do snapchat almost daily. ;) enjoy your birthday girl!!!

  7. Happy birthday! I'm only 24, but am having some of these "getting older" moments too. Like being in bed before 10pm haha!

  8. Happy Birthday! I'm right there with you on so many of these things. I turn 30 in 2 weeks...yikes! Also, I'm going to see a matinee showing of Gone Girl because I don't want to be out late. Call me old and lame, but I value my sleep!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY MONTH TWIN!! :) My birthday is on the 20th so we have the two in common too haha. This list made me laugh! I definitely do a few these things as well but I have to admit I say hashtag out loud..I just did this morning to my boss haha. I've been climbing into bed at 8pm the past few weeks and it has been glorious! I hope you have a great birthday!! :)

  10. Happy Birthday! It always makes me feel old seeing that movies I loved as a kid are now 20 years old... eeek. Hope you have a wonderful relaxed birthday!

  11. 5, 10, 12, 13, most of the time 14, 18 even though it makes me sad, 24, 25 even on one-ways. Being old is awesome though. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you're having an amazing day :)

  12. Happy birthday!

    Hashtag YOLO is one of my favorite things to say in jest. It makes me laugh and I will never let it die.

  13. Woohoo! Happy Birthday! And totally with you on not understanding why kids under 16 need cell phones...

  14. I love your list!! I laughed a lot and agree with most of them! Happy Birthday, friend! :)

  15. Happy birthday!! I love your list and can definitely relate to a few myself!

  16. HAHA This is a great list. Sadly (?) I agree with so many. As for the high school one, it's been OVER a decade since I left. Okay, only 2 years over, but still! It seems like ages ago.

  17. Happy belated birthday! I know exactly what you mean, I turned 27 in January :(

  18. OH SHOOT. HAPPY BELATED!!!!!! i was at a conference for work and missed this. loved this list- i smiled and nodded along with many of them. and most importantly... HOW WAS GONE GIRL? i am going to see it tomorrow and I can't wait. It was one of my favorite books for a loooong time. hope you have had a swell first few days of being 27!

  19. Happy (belated) birthday girl!! I laughed at your list, and related to so much of it! However, I'll be 37 in a few days and would give ANYTHING to be 27 again!

  20. Happy belated birthday! In reference to your # 8, I won't go to a VT game unless I can stand in the student section. We've had season tickets for the last five or so years and always get them in the east stands. Prior to that, if we had tickets on the west side, I would feel guilty standing in front of people sitting during the game, and I'd have to keep reminding myself to sit down. There's just no way I can watch the Hokies play while sitting! ;-)


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