Looking Forward

Road-tripping home with Ben today and listening to a new episode of SerialIf you haven't listened to this yet, you need to. If you like This American Life and/or true crime, it will be right up your alley. It's about a kid who was convicted of killing his high school ex-girlfriend 15 years ago despite there being no physical evidence linking him to her death. The podcast is a reinvestigation of the crime, with a new episode (and new details) being released each week.

Having a coffee date later with my teacher BFF. We went out for coffee after school on my first day of teaching and ended up talking for over 2 hours. And even though I quit teaching (and seeing her every day) a year and a half ago, we still regularly meet up for 2-hour coffee chats <3.

Racing tomorrow! This is my 10k goal race for the fall and I'm hoping to break 52 minutes. But really, my goal is to have fun and appreciate running a route that's flat as a pancake for the first time in almost 4 months. It's a Halloween race and I'll be running with Ben, my dad, and other running friends so the having fun part will at least be taken care of.

(Not only is it race weekend for me, but for some special friends as well! Happy 4th (I think?) half marathon to Kristen and a very happy FIRST half marathon to Alyssa! I know you girls are going to kill it this weekend and I can't wait to hear all about it!)

Running my old route on Sunday. If I had to name one inanimate object I'm oddly in love with, this route would probably be it. I totally cried the last time I ran there before I moved. I've been missing it something fierce lately and I am seriously counting down the hours until I'm reunited with my favorite streets.

Linking up for the next round of Training for Tuesday on the 28th! I'll be sharing my progress and some things that have helped me on my running journey. I can't wait to hear how everyone else is doing!

Happy weekend, friends! What are you looking forward to? Any exciting plans?


  1. Sounds like a lot of goodness coming your way this weekend! Good luck with your race and enjoy your time back home!

  2. Have fun this weekend! Good luck on your 10K goal. I'm sure with all your hill training, you'll kill it!

    I'm going to a baby shower for a work BFF, and then shopping for dresses with my friend who just asked me to be her bridesmaid. I'm so excited for both!

  3. Aww you are the sweetest, thanks a million!! :)
    Hope you have a GREAT race this weekend and just an awesome time being back home. Enjoy!

  4. Good luck with your 10k!!! Will you listen to the podcast while running?

  5. awww you are so sweet! i am always drawn to my name (that sounds creepy) and i'm like THAT'S MY NAME.
    buggery, i'm running my 4th half marathon tomorrow. sheeeeet. that podcast thing sounds terrifying by the way. lol. have a good 10 k and enjoy your old route, i cried when i ran my old route before i moved (australia) no shame. looked a little odd, but no shame. i cried because it was an easy 3 mile / 5 k route that was literally up one street, down another, down another and i was home. i never had to think and gosh i loved not thinking. no turning, no side streets, no nothing. sigh.

  6. Aww sounds like you have a great weekend ahead!! I really wanted to do a halloween race but then it came up quick! I bet you're gunna fly on your old route with all your hill workouts!

  7. Hope your 10K is going well. I went to my old roommate's wedding.


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