Sunday Sweats [12/1 - 12/7]

I don't normally post on Sundays, but this week I'm starting something new and joining Holly for Sunday Sweats!

This was a busy school week for me so my mood was pretty crappy, which didn't really help me in the workout department. Overall I just didn't feel that great.

Monday: Not-so-easy 5k. Didn't push the pace but it was still hard to keep a comfortable 8:20 pace. On the bright side, my mile splits were near perfect: 8:21, 8:22, 8:20. 

Tuesday: Started New Rules of Lifting for Women for the 3rd time. It's been a year and a half, I think, since the last time I did it (not even sure if I finished the 2nd time around tbh). I've hardly been doing strength training at all the last 6 months. Confirmed what I already knew: I've lost basically all my core strength. My core needs major work!

Wednesday: 4 miles at a comfortable(ish) pace. I actually hated this run until the last .8 because that's when I picked up Bane for his first day of training! He did so great!

Thursday: 2.4 miles alone before picking up Bane for a total of 3.2. He did the same as yesterday until we got about a quarter mile from the house and he saw another dog. He went berserk and I didn't know what to do except stop and walk him past the other dog.

Friday: Rest day!

Saturday: I really want to get back to Saturday long runs but it just wasn't happening this week. The weather was nasty all day Saturday so I traded my run for a ride on the trainer. It was a boring hour but on the bright side, by the time I got off all my Christmas gifts had been ordered!

Sunday: I couldn't decide what I wanted to do for a long run this week (5 miles? 10? 7?) so I decided I'd run for about an hour then pick up Bane for my last mile. For some stupid reason I started out with a 7:52 first mile, and that pace felt okay until I hit my first big hill at mile 2 and then it was definitely not okay. I walked a little up that hill...and some other hills...but on the plus side I ran hard the rest of the time, if that makes sense. I don't know what it is, I'm perfectly capable of running up the hills but I just don't want to anymore. It makes my chest feel yucky more than it hurts my legs. I ended up with 6.65 miles at 8:30 and then Bane and I did 1.35 at around 10:00 (his having to pee on everything and chase other dogs don't really help in the speed department). All around not as fast as I would have liked, but I'll admit it's kind of nice having no pressure and not feeling guilty if I can't quite keep the pace I want.

After dinner I did the NROLFW B workout for this week.

Lots of yoga this week! A lot for me anyway. I've been trying to make sure I do something at least every other day. I think this week I only missed Wednesday, and even though I didn't do much on Friday, I did practice crow for a few minutes.

It's been hard getting used to mountain running again after a week at the beach. My pace has slowed a little bit but I hope with some work I can get where I want to be (about 10 to 20 seconds faster than I'm averaging now).

Goals for this week:
Practice crow!
Average sub-8 on a run
Bike for an hour without stopping every 5 minutes to complain about how bored I am
Register for Princeton 70.3 (if it finally opens and/or if I can get over my self-doubt on the bike)?


  1. Good for you!! It's been a busy week at school for me too and with the weather cooling off, I barely kept up with my regular dog walks. I'm feeling like a huge slob! I did manage to keep up with my yoga though so there's that!! My dog used to scream every time we saw another dog (and I do mean scream!), but after almost 2 years of consistent walks/runs and socializing she's getting much better. She doesn't scream anymore, but can still be a bit reactive especially when she's more excited like on runs. She gets into chase mode and when we're following another dog, she looks like she's stalking her prey. Fortunately she's all show and no action!!

  2. Totally commiserating with you on the sucky Saturday weather and struggle-bus Sunday run. Glad to hear about the yoga wins though! Also re: Princeton, confirmed with my brother today (who lives 10 minutes away)... flat flat flat :)
    Hills though... The nice part about where I live is that I can run a very flat course if I want to (as flat as a road can really be when it's in the side of a mountain; you'll see) but sometimes I get over-confident or greedy for the really beautiful views (texting you a pic) and throw myself up the hill... which I did today. Hence the bad run and walking. Sometimes the hills really don't bother me at all and I feel like a total boss just beasting it up the whole way, and then other times they make me want to cry. Not sure there's any real happy medium since it varies so much depending on the day.
    Anyway. Register. Keep at that crow and keep being awesome, Speedy!

  3. Good for you! You rock my friend :)

  4. NRW is no joke. I did it a few times in 2012... until I dropped a plate on my foot and broke it. Yikes.
    I've been thinking about getting back into weight lifting. I know I have ZERO core strength. But I need to see the doctor about my knee first.

    You are awesome, girl friend.

  5. You're such a beast! As excited as I am to train in the running department for my half in May, I'm really excited for the cross training and want to try biking more, etc. We'll see!!

  6. ooh what a fun link up. and yay for yoga, that's great! i am restarting the 30 day challenge today so i'm excited.
    i have done ab workouts in so long i dont even wanna know about my core strength right now lol.
    good to hear about Bane, hopefully he gets better and less curious.... lol.
    I haven't run in over a week because I've been sick, so today I thought tough luck sickness (it's pretty much almost all gone) so I am going for an easy 3 miler this afternoon. Should be a piece of cake, ha.

  7. Look at you getting in some work outs! It was dreary here Saturday too and I sat on the couch all day yesterday. Oops! I started doing the 30 Day Shred again this morning. I always like to reset myself with it when I get discouraged.

  8. Way to go! I know it was difficult for me to get my workouts in when I was in grad school. I like the graphic you have of all your workouts.

    1. Thanks, Jenny! I actually miss all the free time I had for workout out when I was working and not in school! :(