Sunday Sweats [12/22-12/28]

Monday: I was all jazzed about officially beginning training for my spring races, only to have a completely unspectacular run. Later that night I hopped on the trainer for an episode of RHOBH (this is how I bribe myself to ride my bike now).

Tuesday: Woke up early to get my workout in before we left town, since I knew that would be my only opportunity. About halfway through the workout I realized I had forgotten to move up in weight for one of the exercises, and by the end I realized that I was actually supposed to move up for all of the exercises. Can you tell I don't normally work out at 6am?

Wednesday: Another run I was super pumped for, since we were at home and I got to run in Portsmouth! Except it was WAY warm (70*, and the only bottoms I brought were long pants), WAY windy, misty, and overall just disgusting. I felt soggy the gross the whole time - definitely not the welcome home run I was looking forward to. I felt good for the first minute and then horrible pretty much every second after. First 3 miles were 8:01, 7:54, 8:22, so not bad...but then I was tired and my stomach hurt and I wanted to just quit and sit on the sea wall and look at the water and think about how I didn't want to push myself anymore and I wanted to throw in the towel on a 1:45 half and be happy with my 1:49 and not even do Shamrock at all. Six walk breaks and 2 miles at 9:58 and 9:35 later, I finally finished the 5 miles I had scheduled.

Thursday: I was determined to have the run I wanted so I gave myself permission for my run to be whatever it was going to be that day. I told myself to think less and do more. I ran where my parents live, down a wooded road to the main boulevard home to chain restaurants and a shopping mall. The scenery was entirely unremarkable, but it didn't matter. Changing my attitude made all the difference.

Friday: Rest day. Ben and I went to breakfast, shopping, lunch, the movies, and had Christmas with his family so there wouldn't have been time to work out even if I had wanted to.

Saturday: Up early again to get in my long run before we left to go back to Blacksburg. I ran some of my old marathon training route and it was nearly perfect. The map looks crazy because of all of my back-and-forth and zig-zagging - I love and miss that. I think I hit just about every street in Olde Towne. The first 10 miles felt pretty great, but by that point I was really regretting not bringing any fluids or food with me to refuel. My legs were starting to feel tired and heavy and it was a bit of a mental struggle to get through the last 2 miles, probably due to lack of energy more than anything.

Sunday: I figured out the BEST way to pass time on the trainer: playing Threes on my phone. That hour flew by! Pumped my tires beforehand, and I don't know how this makes any sense, but I really do seem to ride better on full tires, even on the trainer. Did NROLFW afterward in between prepping dinner and cooking dinner.

- Running fast was hard.
- Zero yoga was done.

+ I think I may have had a breakthrough this week about my race plans for the spring…although I can't be sure and am afraid to share lest I get burned. I need to give it some time before I know if it's real or not.
+ My long run was so great!

Goals for the Week:
  • Cross my fingers that Princeton doesn't open before I head to NJ in 12 days (!!!), but register if it does ;)
  • Figure out a time of day that works for me for running. I think that may be contributing to some of the luckiness I've been feeling.
  • Decide whether I want to run a 5k on New Years…and, if I do end up doing it, PR the shit out of it.


  1. The weather has been all over the place here too! I went for a walk in shorts!
    I love a New Year's 5K! I ran one last year and it was such a joyful way to start the New Year.

  2. I don't know if I said this last week or not, but I think I want to start doing these in the New Year. Maybe just leading up to RnR. Anyway. I'm glad you're resolved to sign up for Princeton either way! But I definitely can't wait to check out the course with you either. 12 days you say?? Ahh! We've already talked about this week's crappy run(s), and I don't have much better insight to offer now, but I'm glad you had this breakthrough. Hope you feel confident enough to tell me about it soon so I can properly cheer you on!

  3. yay for the great long run!! If you do the New Years run Im sure you'll rock it!

  4. ooooh I'm intrigued about your breakthrough. Sorry about your sucky runs, but that is awesome about your run on Thursday and changing your attitude. Before we went to NYC I was really pushing myself and being disappointed in myself, so I decided to just relax in NYC and just enjoy running. I was super pumped to come home and run on the 26th but I dislocated my knee (ouch) on the last day in NYC so I haven't run since. So mad. It'll be fine in a couple of days though, so I'm hoping to run this Wednesday or Thursday.. we'll see.