Sunday Sweats [12/8 - 12/14]

Monday: Ran 5k by myself and hit that sub-8 @ 7:56 average…and then I didn't think I had any energy left to take Bane, but after I got home and regrouped for a minute I decided it wouldn't kill me to take him out for less than a mile. We did our .8ish mile loop @ 9:30 average.

Tuesday: NROLFW Stage 1 Workout A-2 (seriously that is so much to type). I could tell a huge difference already, this felt so much easier than last week!

Wednesday: Ah, one of those good-for-the-soul runs! I made a conscious effort to run at a comfortable pace - amazing what a difference just 10 or 15 seconds per miles makes. I ran 4+ alone before getting Bane for our loop. He did really well today! I mean, he did try to jump on 3 people but there was that one time we passed a couple walking the trail and he didn't even lunge at them. Go, B!

Thursday: Ran the same pace as Wednesday and felt pretty good. Picked up Bane after my 3.28 @ 8:07 and then ran .85 with him at 8:59. He ran so well today!

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: I was excited to get back to my Saturday long run routine for the first time in…a couple months, I think…until my alarm went off Saturday morning. I focused on running slower than last week so I wouldn't crash and burn at the first hill (and I didn't, so yay), but I do wish I had been able to run faster and feel better about it (so boo). I also felt like toast when I got back to the house to pick up Bane after 6.8 miles, so that's no good either. I have 14 weeks until my goal half so plenty of time to get my pace down, I'm just frustrated running fast, far, and on hills don't seem to mix very well!

Sunday: An hour on the trainer (slower than last week) and then NROLFW Stage 1 Workout 2-B.

+I started feeling like I was getting my legs back this week. I really didn't expect that week at home to make the hills feel so much harder when I got back. I did have to slow my pace a little to get comfortable, but I hope once I get used to them again I'll start speeding up more.
+I held crow for like 2.5 seconds!

-I did not do as much yoga as I would have liked. I think I did some Monday and Tuesday, and that was it until Sunday.
-I HATE being on the trainer. Absolutely loathe it. I don't know what it is but I can't stand to sit there and pedal for more than 10 minutes, if I'm lucky, before I have to stop just to…I don't even know what. Wallow in self-pity and boredom? I just hate it and find it so boring and uncomfortable and when I struggle to make it through 5 minutes nonstop I start to seriously question and doubt my ability to ever be able to ride 56 miles.
-I didn't get to sign up for Princeton 70.3 because registration still hasn't opened (I think they are still working on getting permits, from what I heard)…but maybe that's a good thing? Haha!

Goals for this week:
Run a little longer/farther with Bane
Get on my bike 2x

This is my last week before my official Rock n Roll/Shamrock training starts next week! It's going to be a little crazy as I have an exam tomorrow morning, then we're going home (5 hour drive) immediately after for Ben's company's holiday party, then coming back on Tuesday and I have more exams on Wednesday. But I'm hoping that the semester ending at the end of the week will give me a nice (albeit) short break and leave me ready to start a new training plan and my winter class!


  1. Yay for doing these posts!! Even if you didn't go faster for your long run, that's still great you got out and did it!

  2. I have an exam on Tuesday as well. I feel you! You did well on your runs and go Bane for cooperating!! I know I am miles (literally) behind you but isnt it crazy how stopping for one week throws you so far back? hate it!

  3. Your paces lately are putting me to serious shame. One of two things is going to happen when we run together: Either I'm going to be running at a snail's pace compared to you and you're going to get bored and have the worst time, or I'm going to hyperventilate and pass out trying to keep up with you. You rock! Sorry about the setbacks with the bike. Hope you find the groove again soon <3

  4. I totally understand the hill thing! Asheville has crazy hills too. They can really change your running game plan. Sounds like a great week of running. Go Bane!

  5. are you going to share your training plan for the half? :) so is it 14 weeks away or 13 weeks away, i'm confused. I guess I counted so that the week of the half was 'week 0' which is pretty silly. I like 14 weeks better, lol.
    I really need to get my new rules book out and read the workout because i really want to do it.. do you just take the book to the gym with you?
    sorry to hear about the trainer - what do you do when you're on it? watch tv, listen to music? nothing?