Friday Favorites

Kind Bars

I'm not really a snacker but when marathon training causes me to constantly feel like I've been stranded in the woods with no food source for 3 days, I have to start eating more throughout the day. I'm now ridiculously obsessed with Kind bars - specifically, the dark chocolate and sea salt ones. The grocery store sells them individually, but they were running a sale the other day and I debated just shoveling whole boxes of them into my cart went back and bought a whole box (sadly for me,there was only one left).

Yes To…Products

I've used a few different products from this brand in the past, but none that ever really wowed me. I've been making a somewhat conscious effort to use more natural skin and beauty products, but the ones I've found and liked so far have all come with a pretty hefty price tag. I ran out of facial serum a few weeks ago when I was visiting Alyssa, and since it was hard not to notice that her bathroom was essentially a Yes To… ad, I looked into giving the brand another shot. I got the Yes to Bluberries serum, LOVED it, so I ordered a couple of cleansers, towelettes (for post-workout and taking off makeup at the end of the night), and some body wash. It was all extremely affordable, especially compared to what I've been using, and the results have been amazing so far.


So I just got Spotify...welcome to 2015, much? To be fair, Ben has an account so I've been piggybacking off his since last year, but I only ever used it for running (after I found out about the Offline Mode feature - genius). He listens to it all day at work and since 2 people can't listen at once, I just stuck to Pandora or iTunes throughout the day. I've been listening to the Indie Pop! playlist nonstop this week.

Sons of Anarchy

Another party I'm a million years late to, I know. This has been on Netflix for at least a year, maybe more, and Ben has been wanting to watch it, but for some reason I just didn't think it would do anything for me. We're running seriously dry on must-watch dramas these days while we wait for House of Cards and Mad Men to come back, so I was feeling desperate and finally conceded to giving Sons of Anarchy a try. One episode and I was hooked. I think we've watched at least one episode every day this week. No shame.

Gardein Chick'n Sliders

The way I finally tricked myself into going vegetarian 3 years ago was by using meat substitutes to make the transition. I don't like eating a lot of them and really don't eat that many these days, but I have a few staples that I like even more than I ever liked the real thing. I found these in the grocery store about a month ago and thought they were so delicious. Then last week I was talking to my vegan sister-in-law and she brought them up to tell me I had to try them (already ahead of you, Vic). Despite our similar dietary preferences and that fact that our conversations are usually at least an hour long, we actually don't talk about food very often, so that's how you know these things are the real deal. The only way they could be better is if they were a full-size patty, which apparently exists but so far neither of us has been able to locate this elusive treasure. You know where to find me if you happen to find them!

Bonus Fave: This Clip

This video has been on the internet for years, but it still Every time. I was in need of a good laugh earlier this week so I looked it up, and it totally did the trick. Poor Dana.

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Happy Friday! Any favorites from the week to share? Plans for the weekend?!


  1. I will occasionally get the morning star fake chicken nuggets. They are pretty good too. For some reason I like the nuggets but not the whole patty. Like you I ate them a lot more when I first became a vegetarian.
    Thanks for the tip on the face products!

    1. I like those too! I really like the buffalo wings (they're called wings, but they're really just spicy nuggets). Whenever I've had a whole patty it's been a little much, so I know what you mean…I really think these Gardein ones could be awesome though!

  2. What is that video?! LOL. Is it a joke or was Dana really murdered? haha I love the kind bars with coconut- I can't think of what else they have in them, but the dark chocolate and sea salt sound good too.

  3. We JUST started watching Sons of Anarchy this week, too! Glad we aren't the only ones late to the party - I don't know what took us so long to watch it!

  4. Sons rocks. The end.

    I love Yes to Cucumbers moisturizer. I have a life of awful moisturizer breakouts and that is over.

  5. I've recently started loving La Croix sparkling water. I just tried my first one within the last month or so. I found a 24pk in Costco last weekend and that has started an obsession I believe.

    Have a nice weekend!

  6. Lol @ that clip - what the heck!?

  7. I totally just got Spotify too! HA!

    OMG---that clip! HAAA!

  8. It is so hard for me to find fake meat that is also gluten free.. and if I do, they are like $10 for one nugget that tastes like cardboard. Womp womp.
    I love the yes please (cucumber?) wipes but haven't tried any of their other products, I will have to check them out.
    I have never watched sons of anarchy because I also thought it wouldn't be my jam.. maybe I was wrong?
    And yay kind bars!!! I love their dark chocolate and peanut butter.. I think it's PB. Or maybe it was dark chocolate and nuts / fruit. It's been awhile. I don't really snack either but I love these kinds of bars for travel and to nibble on before a morning run because my stomach can't handle more than that, but I'll puke if I don't eat anything. Too much info? Happy Friday!

  9. Hahaha one time my brother had to take a shower at my apartment and he was like, "I've never smelled so much like vegetables after a shower in my life!" Of course they don't actually make you smell like vegetables, but yeah, lots of Yes To in my bathroom. I'm glad you're liking the products you picked! I really can't say enough good things about the brand. I love it all.
    And sea salt Kind bars, you say? I've had a couple of kind bars and I do like them very much but I tend to opt for Clif when I see them. But sea salt changes everything...

  10. I went and checked out the Yes to stuff, and I just bought some face wash! I've been wanting something that didn't have SLS in it. Yay! Also, sorry but I don't like the Kind bars. They're too nutty for me.

  11. What the heck is that clip?!?!? Is that for real? I need to know more :)
    I am always interested in trying vegetarian meat products... some are good hits, a lot of big misses!!!

  12. I LOVE Kind bars! The dark choc/sea salt and there is a maple one I'm a big fan of too! Also, I still don't have Spotify, do you aren't the LAST person to join in ;)

  13. I tried the yes cucumber wipes and wasn't a fan at all. What is the blueberry one good for? I would be willing to give it another go.

    I love Spotify!! I have my own playlists and never listen to the premade ones but I so need to give them a try. Have a great weekend!

  14. The KIND bars get addicting as you eat more. I would have to agree the chocolate ones are my favorite.

  15. The Kind bars look yummy!! I am dying laughing at that clip! Is that for real????

  16. I am a snacker and I love those Kind bars!! I've never tried those chicken sliders, but being a vegetarian myself, I'll have to check them out. I don't tend to eat a lot of meat substitute foods, but they come at a good recommendation. Looks like they're available in Canada too! I'm so behind on Sons of Anarchy too. Our friends have been recommending it for years and for whatever reason we always start a different show instead. Maybe 2015 will be the year that we join the rest of society!

  17. I have never seen that clip but I just literally laughed out loud, so thanks!! I may have to check out the Yes To... products--I need to save some money and am always looking for new stuff to try that is cheaper!


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