Sunday Sweats [1/12 - 1/18]

Monday: Alyssa and I waited all day for the rain to clear up and it finally did just before dark. Our run actually ended at 6.13 miles but I couldn't end on a random distance like that so we had to keep going to 10k since that's how I roll.

Tuesday: Spent the entire day (literally - I got to the train station at 8:30am and got to my apartment at 10:45pm…there was waiting and driving and eating in there too but still) traveling back from NJ so this was my rest day this week.

Wednesday: I was still tired from my travels and a little under the weather so I didn't know what to do about my workout, but I went out for a run later in the day anyway. As long as I'm not like dying on the couch with the flu or something, running tends to make me feel better when I'm feeling yucky. Especially in the winter - it wasn't ridiculously frigid so I think the cool air actually helped. Anyway, at the beginning of my run it almost felt like I had forgotten how to run, and I felt really aware of everything, like how my shoes were tied and how my pants fit and what the road felt like, but I got over it and by the end my 4 miles felt just right.

Thursday: Nothing special today…I be up in the gym just working on my fitness. Pull-ups are still hard and I can only do one at a time but one is more than zero.

Friday: I am seriously loving my runs this week. I don't even know why - there's nothing particularly special about them, just the same old route I always run, but it's just making me happy for some reason this week. I had to stop to take a picture while I was running on campus…

We have a building on campus called War Memorial Hall (where one of our gyms and some classrooms are - I went to class more often than I went to the gym there, which is saying a lot considering I only had one class in there haha) and it's common to refer to is just as "War". I saw this sign and didn't think anything of it at first, but then I realized how odd and kind of funny it would seem out of context. Or maybe that's just me.

Saturday: I rode the trainer for an hour, meh. It really wasn't awful (the standard by which I judge trainer rides), so at least there's that.

Sunday: I swapped my weekend days so I could do my long run today because ITS THE 1-YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF MY FIRST MARATHON!!!! So I couldn't just not run that day, I mean, hello. I may or may not spent my pre-run time browsing this year's Charlestob Marathon hashtag on Instagram and getting teary-eyed.
This run was weird. Great, but weird. My first few miles were slower than I was expecting (~9:10 average) so I adjusted my expectations a little bit and went about my way. Then my miles starting getting a little faster and a little faster until each one was sub-9 and I finished the last one the fastest at 8:33. It just doesn't make sense because not only did I tell myself to go slower when I needed to, I definitely felt much slower in the later miles. So to have actually gotten faster throughout the run just does not compute for me. I'd be suspicious that something funky happened with my watch if a) I hadn't run a known route and b) I hadn't run 14 miles at the same pace last week. I guess my watch still could be wrong, who knows. How I felt didn't quite match how fast I was running but I guess I'd rather have that problem than the opposite.
I felt good until about mile 10, then I was tired for a couple miles, then the end was in sight so I was ok, then I got to mile 14 and was just ready to be done. So, mostly good with a little bit of ughhh in the middle. Just a little though. 
I also broke my previous no-headphone record of 8.3 miles by running 10.2 miles without them today. And then the podcast I turned on wasn't even interesting so I probably should have just done without the whole time.

- I only got in one strength workout because of my travels.

+ I got in 2 bike rides (ok so one was only 30 minutes, but still)
+ My 15-miler was not at all as bad as I want anticipating.
+ I think that after 5 months I have finally gotten to a point where I like my routes. Before I moved, my short and mid-distance runs were always the same route, and my long runs were really just extensions of that route. When I moved I suddenly had a lot more trails that connect to various trails and roads and therefore a lot more options for where I could run, so I thought I would like it if I constantly changed up my route, especially for long runs. Well, I don't. I like having a 4-5 mile base route that I can add on to or do loops or whatever and not have to constantly run up and down hills.

Goals for the week:

  • Keep up with my training while also surviving the first week of classes

…that's probably a big enough goal on it's own for the week ;)

How were your workouts this week? How's your training going?

The first Training for Tuesday of 2015 with me and Alyssa is next Tuesday, what! January 27 - mark your calendar and get ready to link up! No matter what stage of training you're in, from "OMG it's almost race day" to "Oops, haven't made it off the couch yet," we're here for you. Your progress, your goals, your motivation, your hopes and dreams…we want to hear it all.



  1. Congratulations on your one year anniversary of being a BADASS. (Although I have no doubt you were seriously badass before you crossed that finish line too.) I'm so happy to hear you've been having good runs this week. You deserve all the best runs, all the time ;) And I'm glad your routes out there are finally looking better to you. Good luck heading back to classes next week!

  2. Wow congrats on the anniversary of your first marathon and yay you for even getting in a run on Wednesday. Im usually so beat after travelling I cant do anything but plop down on a bed! Great runs this week :)

  3. yay congrats on your marathonaversary :)
    i can't believe your travels lasted all day, that sucks. i totally got what you mean about forgetting how to run and just feeling and noticing every little thing - sometimes I get like that and I'm like I don't understand! lol. But then there are days when it feels right from the second I step outside, which is great. Also I am totally the same with the odd numbers or at least distances.. I very rarely even do a half a mile if i'm running (may as well keep going) but I will stop on a 5k or 10k distance. weird.
    my 2012 half marathon - the one with the best time, sigh - was no headphones. maybe i should try that again....

  4. I admire your ability to do long runs and even 3 or 4 mile runs every day!! I know I will be back there soon with training, but you are a great inspiration :)