Sunday Sweats [1/19 - 1/25]

Monday: This run didn't feel that great physically (could be the fact that I ran 15 miles the day before?), but it was such a great day for it! It was unusually warm, so warm that I was able to wear short sleeves and Ben came along completely of his own volition. We probably ran a little harder than we should have, but at the same time it felt like our effort level was a lot higher than the pace reflected.

Tuesday: I did weights before a great ride on the trainer! Not even being sarcastic. I used to go to spin class every week and I really liked it, but I haven't gone in the last couple years. I found a spin workout online so I decided to give it a shot...on my trainer, in my living room, by myself. I put the songs into a Spotify playlist and followed along with the directions for each song and I totally loved it. I was absolutely pouring sweat at the end - I forgot how intense spin is!

Wednesday: I thought 7 was a lucky number….? These 7 miles miles were nothing but terrible awfulness. It was the worst. I hadn't really run hills in a while and I tried to run up them, I really did, but I did have to walk up to the top of 2 of them. It was so bad. Like came-straight-home-and-poured-myself-a-big-ass-glass-of-wine bad.

Thursday: A tiny bit better than Wednesday, so there's that. This was my 9th day straight of working out (won't do that again) and after I finished my run and Bane's little run my legs were toast and I went and got a massage. Bye Felicia.

Friday: Took full advantage of my desperately-needed rest day, thankyouverymuch. Ben and I made Mexican for dinner and watched Citizenfour and stayed up past midnight and slept in until 10:00am on Saturday #noregrets.

Saturday: I hopped on the trainer for an hour since (I thought) doing so had been helping my long runs the next day.

Sunday: There is really no other way to say this: this run kicked my ass. I dragged my feet for 2 hours before I finally got out the door. I ended up doing 3 loops and each one was harder than the last. My legs felt tired and heavy. I walked more times than I want to count. My stomach hurt a lot (now I remember why I stopped using Shor Bloks) and getting through it was rough. Moving time was 2:40:07 (9:25 pace), total time from walking out of my apartment and walking back in was 2:57:38 (10:27 pace). Those numbers do not accurately reflect how hard it was getting through those miles! So as much as I want to say this was a disappointing failure, I can't because...17 miles is 17 miles, y'all.

- Other than making it through my workouts, I really didn't do anything else right this week. I didn't eat right. I didn't sleep right. I had a hard time getting back into the swing of things.

+ As tough as it was to get through that 17-miler, having done so means I only have ONE crazy long run (18 miles) left to do in Blacksburg by myself! I have 2 "competitive training runs" ie "races that aren't really races" with my dad and friends (15 and 20 miles), a10-mile race that I'll be running 4 miles to the start line, a half marathon (RnR DC) with lots of friends, and other than that just an 8 and 10 that I have to do alone.

Goals for the week:
  • Finally try out the yoga class offered at my apartment complex. Maybe. Possibly.
  • Get in one morning workout during the week. I don't know what it will be, but I was inspired by Holly (who is incredible, btw!) to try to free up some time in the evening by working out in the morning. Ideally I'd like it to be a swim, since I imagine the pool won't be as busy first thing in the morning, but since I don't really need to start swimming again quite yet, I don't know that that's going to happen this week. I don't think I'll ever be a morning workout person like Holly is now, but I definitely think there are benefits and would like to at least start working out in the mornings sometimes.
  • Take an extra rest day. Like I've already said, I was extremely fatigued this week. A big part of that is due to getting a new schedule and not eating and sleeping properly, but part of it was also due to not resting enough. I know how important rest is but I rarely take it seriously. I'll probably cut out one of my bike rides and maybe one of my lifting workouts this week.

The first Training for Tuesday of 2015 with me and Alyssa THIS Tuesday, January 27! No matter what stage of training you're in, from "OMG it's almost race day" to "Oops, haven't made it off the couch yet," we're here for you. Your progress, your goals, your motivation, your hopes and dreams…we want to hear it all.



  1. Nice job on 17 miles! That's a pretty good pace either way. And 17 is still 17! :)

  2. 17 miles is 17 miles. Your long run was more than double my long run this week. I'm sorry it wasn't easy on you, but don't think for one second it wasn't amazing regardless. I think being back at school and just on a whole different schedule this week probably messed with you more than you realized at the time you set out for each run. Hopefully you'll give yourself a good rest day and be able to regroup, come back this week and feel better about each run. And you know what I'm going to say about that yoga class, but I'll say it anyway.. do it! :)

  3. I think you're definitely just pushing yourself a bit. Take some time to rest!! Your training will still happen as it's supposed to and you'll feel so much more refreshed :)

  4. Dude. I'm pretty sure I'd be crawling at the end of a 17 mile run, and you did it after a full week of working out AND at a good pace. Pat yourself on the back for that one! Your mileage is putting mine to shame. ;)

  5. wow - 17 miles IS 17 miles and that is amazing. But, I am sorry it was so sucky and horrible, and I really hope all future runs are better. I can't believe you worked out 9 days in a row - you definitely deserved that rest day! and I am ALLLLLLL about the morning workouts for a bazillion reasons. So yes you should definitely do that :) Also, so glad you had such a good spin workout on the trainer - maybe you'll hate it a little less now?

  6. 17 miles is great no matter how you swing it! Sorry about the rough 7 miler with the hills but at least you got a glass of wine right?