Sunday Sweats [12/29 - 1/4]

Monday: Got in a decent run even though the weather was yucky. There were a couple of times I thought might face might actually be frozen.

Tuesday: I usually lift on Tuesdays and run Wednesdays, but since I had a race on Thursday I wanted to have Wednesday to rest up. This was a nice mid-distance run, even though in all my genius I thought that taking the hilly route to campus instead of the flat route would be a good choice. The sky was so weird tonight - the sun was setting when I was heading back from our complex and looked like the sky was on fire. Then when I got to the complex to run Bane, the other side of the sky was perfectly blue with white fluffy clouds. And the moon was out, all at the same time. It was so bizarre I had to take a picture.
Wednesday: Resting up for the race so I did Erin Motz Yoga for Hamstrings. WHY DON'T I DO YOGA ALL THE TIME?!

Thursday: Started the day with EM Yoga for Hips & Lower Back then ran the Resolution Run 5k in Roanoke. It had been 2 years to the day since I last ran a standalone 5k, so my PR was in serious need of an update! Mini race report from my Dailymile:

The first half was mostly flat, and more downhill than uphill, with a tailwind. It felt fast and not too hard and I got to the turnaround before I knew it. It was and back course so the second half was exactly the opposite. It felt harder and I did slow down a little bit at times to avoid burnout. 

Mile 1: 7:41
Mile 2: 7:37 (I think this is my fastest race mile split?)
Mile 3: 7:46 

 My watch only measured 3.01 miles, so the fact that it never measures short and that my time would have been too crazy for it to have been a full 5k tells me that it wasn't. I heard at least one other person after the race say they got 3.01 also. It also wasn't chip timed, just based on finish order and bib number (don't think I have ever run a non-chip race actually), so I can't be totally sure how accurate my time was either. That was kind of disappointing, but a month or two ago I ran a 5k in training at the same pace I ran today, so between the two I think I can count 23:59 as my new PR. I know I'll need to run another, actual 5k race at that pace or better to feel like it's official, but I think it counts for now.

The race was larger than I thought it would be but still fairly small (~300 people). I knew from being able to see the leaders after the turnaround that I would probably podium, and I ended up taking 2nd place in my age group! I was the 6th female finisher and 25th overall finisher. 

I'm glad I got up and did this even after too many drinks and staying up too late ringing in the new year. I'm happy I got a fast race in so I can take some pressure off myself and have a happy and productive year of running!

Later that evening I got in my NROLFW workout that I postponed for the race. I could probably lift heavier weights if I'm being totally honest.

Friday: Post-race, pre-long run rest day. I did do Erin's newest hips and hamstrings video though!

Saturday: My long run did not go at all as planned. My legs were still sore from Thursday's race and lifting, not that that's an excuse, but it was reality. I took a new route through some neighborhoods near my apartment that I've never run through (since I remembered last weekend how much I really like sticking close to home and zig-zagging), which was nice mentally but not at all physically. It was constant up and down and after 8 miles of it my legs had had enough. My miles just kept getting slower and slower so instead of continuing on like I planned, I turned around and ran one last mile (downhill!) back to my apartment. Not what I wanted, but it's what my body gave me. Rest is important too, right? Those 9 miles felt so much harder than the 12 I ran last weekend at home, which I can't decide is a good or bad thing since I have to train here for the most part, but race at home. The plus side of this not going like I planned was getting to practice my goals of being nicer to myself (and not beating myself up for the myriad things I could have) and not letting my accomplishments (or lack thereof, in this case) define me.

Sunday: I feel like I'm getting the hang of lifting again. I still feel like I should be able to lift more weight than I do but I tried to challenge myself a little bit more on this one. I do prefer heavy weights, lower reps so I'm glad I'm getting to that part of this stage.
It was so nice out today so Ben and I took Bane for a nice walk around our complex. I thought maybe I'd get in a ride outside but by the time I got to it, it would have been dark before I could make it back home. So, instead, I made my indoor trainer an outdoor trainer. Still not as fun as actually going somewhere but at least I got to be outside!

- My crappy "long" run.
- Only got on the bike once this week due to the race

+ Pulling off a 5k PR that I was really unsure about
+ Getting a spot on the podium at said 5k
+ Not feeling like a total failure after bonking on my run
+ I DID A PULL-UP! I started with my arms slightly bent and kind of on my tippy toes (I have a pull-up bar in my door frame) but I pulled myself up from the ground!
+ Starting a yoga challenge. So much fun sharing and seeing all the poses, plus it's definitely motivating me!
Goals for the week:
  • Hit that 14-miler, damnit!
  • Cross fingers that Princeton 70.3 registration doesn't open (because at this point I'm so close to being able to see the course first that I might as well)
  • Yoga
  • Take more risks. I feel like I've gotten into a little bit of a rut and want to push myself a little harder.


  1. We all hit the wall — and yes, rest IS important too! (Why does it feel like you and I are constantly reminding each other of this?) Congrats again on the PR and the podium finish, I'm so proud and happy for you! And you're also doing great with the yoga challenge, I'm loving seeing your posts everyday. PS, I've been wanting to put a pull-up bar in here for ages, since before I moved. Do you have a link for the one you have?
    Oh and.. I love that you wrote yoga every damn day! #YOGAEVERYDAMNDAY

  2. Congrats on the PR! That is awesome!!! I hope you have a great week!

  3. You totally inspire me girl!! So excited to get back into my routine this week!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. I've heard Erin Motz is the go to gal for yoga!! My official half training begins today and day 1 is stretch & strengthen so I'm thinking I need to do some weights and do one of her yoga videos for the stretch portion!! Go you!!!

  5. Every time I do yoga I have the same thought. I still haven't figured out why I don't do it more often it feels amazing. Also you get some serious points for doing all of that on a holiday week. I worked out all of once haha

  6. 9 miles is a long run! Be nice to yourself - lots of people would think "Wow, 9 miles!? You ran that!?!" Good job this week and keep it up!

  7. I seriously cannot wait until I'm cleared by the doc to start yoga again. I was really REALLY loving it before my surgery. It's like a whole new world opened up!
    Good luck with that 14-miler!!

  8. yay yoga every day! totally agree. i need to check out erin's new video, clearly i am behind the times. sorry about your sucky run but i just love your attitude: not letting my accomplishments (or lack thereof, in this case) define me - something i definitely need to work on. congrats again on being an awesome winner!!

  9. This is such a great calendar! I may have to steel this!!!
    Melanie @

  10. You go girl! I personally think you did great. Congrats on the PR!!!