Sunday Sweats [1/5-1/11]

Monday: Another yucky run. It wasn't that bad except for horrible stomach cramps - seems like it always something…

Tuesday: A much better run! I ran without music and really focused on staying in control and comfortable - steady pace, steady breathing, low heart rate. Since I had no music I tried to just appreciate what was around me. I also did a lot of visualizing: what it WILL feel like at the starting line of Shamrock in March, what it WILL feel like to run a half marathon after swimming and biking in September, and, one day, what it WILL feel like to have traveled 114.4 miles and have only 26.2 left before hearing those 4 words. My average pace ended up being just about the same as Monday's but it felt so much better. I lifted (NROLFW) after my run. And I did another pull-up just to make sure I can.

Wednesday: I didn't want to take a full rest day so I rode easy on the trainer for 45 minutes.

Thursday: I nailed my 14-miler! It was so cold this week that I had to wait until Thursday afternoon for it to warm up to 15*. Random time for a long run, but with travel plans startin early Friday morning I had to just get it done. And get it done, I did!
I think this run was kind of a turning point for me. So, I have a flat(ish) ~4 mile route but any other route or beyond that is rolling hills. Which I have really come to hate on long runs and has caused me to bonk on more long runs that I care to admit. So for this one, instead of killing myself on hills for a pancake flat marathon, I decided I'd do loops of my relatively flat route. I was able to extend it to 7 miles for the first loop, then I did the 4 mile loop again before coming back to my neighborhood and running a couple of mostly flat trails around there to finish up the full 14. I don't normally like running loops but I found it to be a better alternative, mentally, to running all those hills. I tried to keep my pace slow and manageable and even though I felt tired and started to slow a bit in the later miles, I never felt utterly fatigued, which is a huge improvement from my 9 miles of failure last week.

Friday: Skipped NROLFW. I had a long day of travel and wanted to get in my workout before I left, but when my alarm went off at 5:45am, it just wasn't happening.

Saturday: Rest day because Alyssa and New Jersey. Duh.

Sunday: Alyssa took me through 4 miles of her cute, snow-covered neighborhood. She was enough nice enough to keep it relatively flat for me since that's my new jam.

- I skipped a strength workout 
- My stomach hurt on a couple runs
- I only rode my bike once and it wasn't even for that long
- I'm kind of reaching for pits because I have no legitimate ones

+ My gym got a new addition this week:
I've racked up quite a few medals and bibs in the last few years, but I've never really known what to do with them. I had never seen a medal/bib holder I really liked until I saw this one on Etsy, but for $50 I was like, no thanks. So I asked my super awesome and crafty mom to make me one for Christmas and It might be my favorite gift ever. As soon as I opened it, I wrote down all my times from memory (no one was surprised). Can you guess which one I'm looking to update?!

+ This showed up in my inbox:

I actually expected this about 2 months ago when everyone else I know got their emails, and since then I kind of forgot about it, so it was a fun surprise! If I do it I'm going to come in last, no doubt, but I'm considering it because we'd be able to knock out 3 more baseball games/stadia (Milkwaukee and both Chicagos) in our quest to see a game in every MLB park. And it just so happens that all 3 teams' schedules line up perfectly with the race. And I was already looking for an August Olympic distance race in prep for Princeton but kept coming up short. So….I guess we're going to Milwaukee in August?

+ More yoga fun…I learned to do lifted lotus and practiced crow.

+ Running with Alyssa is no longer something that we talk about or plan to happen but something that has happened (and will definitely happen again). Yay!

+ Not a workout peak, per se, but I got to see what the Princeton 70.3 course looks like - it's so not hilly, and the area is super cute and nice and I think it will be super pretty in September. I have zero fears about the course now and think it's for sure my best bet for my first HIM.

Goals for the week:
- Get back into a routine after spending half the week traveling 
- Celebrate my one-year anniversary of becoming a marathoner with a 15-miler
- Cross fingers that Princeton does finally open so that I can finally sign up (now that I've seen the course) and stop talking about it.


  1. woohoo for Thursdays run and for nailing your lotus and crow!!! Girl you are working it! I just cant get into yoga but I know it would do so much for my mind and body so i may attempt it again!

  2. Love that medal hanger!
    I also have a couple parks with FLAT paths I can run 5 ish.. up to 7 miles in a loop. Even my neighborhood is has nightmare hills (mountains really....) so it is nice to run flat sometimes.

  3. Congrats on nailing your 14 miler - that's awesome!! And congratulations on qualifying for the triathlon - that's incredible! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. I love a lot of this post.
    First off - I kinda got teary at the hearing the 4 words and all that. I'm like super proud and happy for you. Can't wait to hear you talk about hearing those words ;)
    I think that you reaching for pits should be a peak! Lol.
    So happy you all got to run together -and of course have an awesome time together, but yay for running together! and i just love your new medal thingy! I kept a lot of my bibs but recently got rid of them all (silly me) and I think a few of my medals are at home in Sydney lol. They are all over the house, I need one of those things!

  5. Great job on that 14 mile run, and qualifying for the triathlon! Also, totes love your medal holder. I've thought about getting one, but I don't really have anywhere in my house that I really one to hang one. Never thought about hanging one in my make-shift gym (aka unfinished room in my basement).

  6. You're such a beast! I feel like I tell you that every week, but it's so true! You're so accomplished and motivated!

  7. That is a lot of metals my friend!!! Great job on the runs!

  8. I love your bib holder! I met up with a blog friend while in the Twin Cities last Summer and got a house tour - her husband had made her the cutest bib holder (since the ones on Etsy are ridiculously overpriced!) and I've been meaning to try and craft myself one ever since

    Also, you are so inspiring! When I 'grow up' I want to be you! (Or else just have your motivation! haha)

  9. Congrats on qualifying for the triathlon! And I love that you considered the feasibility of seeing baseball games when deciding whether or not to race :)

    1. We want to see a game in every park and always thought Milwaukee would have to end up being a random trip, so it was kind of funny to have somewhat of a reason to go to Milwaukee. And the fact that we could hit 3 different games just in the few days we'll be in that area seemed like a sign haha!

  10. I love the bib holder. I just have mine bluetacked to the wall, but I only have three from the past year haha.

    I'd love to do crow, it's my new years resolution!

    Corinne x

  11. I have a medal and bib holder that I love, but I think yours with the chalkboard and ability to write your PR's is AWESOME!! I might have to make something similar to add on to my wall :)

    Also, I think it's so great that you are able to run outside this time of year!! I miss that. And when I start training for my half later in February I'll have to stick to the treadmill most days, which really sucks. But oh well, that's life!