Sunday Sweats 1/26 - 2/1

Monday: I stayed true to my word and took a rest day today, just because I figured I probably should. It was weird and it felt all kinds of wrong, but I didn't hate it.

Tuesday: It was so windy today! I looked it up afterward and found out it was 15mph, which definitely explains why I felt like I was about to fall over on those segments where I had to run straight into it (like for the first half mile, the first quarter mile of which was uphill…I'm really actually very smart you guys, I promise). I took a hillier route today than usual but after running 3 laps of my flat route on Sunday, I needed a change of scenery. It wasn't a great run, but it wasn't a bad run either. I probably pushed the pace a little more than I should have, but I'm having a really hard time pacing myself correctly lately.
I didn't go to my complex's weekly yoga class as planned. I had several excuses, some legit (I could better spend that hour getting some work finished up), some not so much (I just wanted to watch the sun set and the cows playing in the field behind my apartment). But, per Kristen's suggestion, I did do Yoga for Runners after I got home for my run! I have no idea why I've never thought to do that before. Kristen is a damn genius, y'all.

Wednesday: I felt a real sense of accomplishment getting this run done! I always dread midweek runs, for a variety of reasons, but I actually had a good one today. Maybe that extra rest day paid off after all.

Thursday: A morning workout sounded like such a good idea when I planned it last week! It even still sounded like a good idea when I turned on Friends at 11:30pm last night…not so much when my alarm went off at 6:30am (which is actually later t. It took me until 7 to actually lift a weight and about 20 minutes to get with the program, but it wasn't awful.

Friday: Went to class then road tripped home. It was almost 8 when we finally got there and I was beat!

Saturday: This run. This. Run. So, our local running club hosts a series of "competitive training runs" leading up to Shamrock. They're like races in that they're organized and timed like a race, but they're not really standalone races since the whole point of them is to get ready for Shamrock. The second one was this weekend and I thought it would be great to do it, because a)running with other people, b) running at the beach (no hills), and c) running through Fort Story (which is miles 6-9.5 of the shamrock half/miles 18-21.5 and basically the worst part of either race).
The morning of the race, the temperature was in the 20s with a real feel of 13* and winds were over 20mph with up to 35mph gusts. Oof. My eyes were completely welled up and my fingers were frozen just from the walk from the parking lot to the start line. There was one 3-mile loop followed by two 6-mile loops. It was surprisingly not flat! Most of the roads we ran on had a slight incline or decline and there were 2 big hills at the end of the 6-mile loop. I felt really great for the first half but the second half got pretty ugly. I was averaging sub-9 for the first 7 miles but later I had to stop to walk several times and I added about 15 seconds per mile to my final average pace.

Sunday: I ran errands in the morning before heading back to town and didn't get home until nearly 4. I didn't really want to work out but I did anyway. Lifted weights and eventually talked myself into getting on the trainer for 30 (slow) minutes and having my own triathlete Super Bowl party. Not the 60 I had planned, but better than 0?

- I keep feeling like my endurance just isn't where it should be, and I'm not sure why that is.
- Taking 2 rest days made me feel like I definitely had to work out on Sunday, even when I didn't want to after traveling and being out of town all weekend.

+ I did a much better job of eating this week. I've never really been a snacker but I am starting to feel like I might need to be in order to not feel famished basically 24/7.


  1. I think taking the rest days was smart, although I know how frustrating it can be. I was talking to my chiro the other day and told him about City of Oaks and he was already admonishing me for overtraining, because... well, he knows me.(PS, I have him checking his database for colleagues by you, should have some info soon.) I got into a habit last year of thinking four runs/week wasn't enough and started pushing for five... and hating it. Now that I'm consistently on 4x/week it's so much better physically and mentally. Granted, I rarely take a full rest day, but I'm a big fan of "active rest" with yoga, but even trying to tone down to a gentler practice helps. Which Yoga for Runners did you do? I love the one on Runners World but Erin's are awesome too (the one I linked today is amaaaaze.). I'm sorry the wind and the hills gave you a hard time, but you know I think you're a rockstar anyway. Hope this week feels good start to finish!

  2. Yay for a good mid week run but yikes that Saturday run sounds brutal. Go you though for stopping several times and sitll only adding 15 seconds to your time! I think thats great! I think its ok to snack once its good stuff and in your case because of how much you burn I think you NEED to snack. Your resting metabolism is probably higher than mine on my best days run! I continue to be impressed!

  3. Holy moly girl, you're killing it! I read one box as running a 4 min mile and was like DANG! Then I realized it was a 4 mile run and was still impressed.

  4. :( I just wrote the longest comment (who, me?) and blogger ate it :( I'm so sad.
    thanks for calling me a genius though to be fair, I'm only a genius by association because Alyssa is the one who told me to do that video in the first place lol.
    Saturday's run sounds horrible - boo. Good for you for doing it though. I hope you feel better about your endurance soon and this week goes a little smoother. You're so dedicated, getting up in the AM after a late night and working out after travelling. I seem to take rest days a little too easily, I need to feel more guilty about them so I take less, lol. I'm sick right now (yay!) and had a semi busy weekend and it just wore me out - i was in bed before the super bowl started, lol.

  5. Sounds like you are getting back in the swing of things!
    Your running group sounds really fun and a great way to push yourself.

  6. Your 15 mile run does sound brutal - major props for getting it done! I really dislike running in very cold temps, and the wind just seems to add insult to injury. But hey, it's under your belt and you're one step closer to race day!

    Also, love Yoga for Runners! Is that the Christine Felstad one? I do her basic DVD 2x a week. I'm working up to the intermediate one - which I actually tried first and it nearly killed me!

  7. You are a dang beast. I feel like I say that all the time but it's SO TRUE! You're so motivated! I love that you can ride the bike inside. So neat!

  8. Your Saturday run sounds just miserable! Days like that I'm thankful for a treadmill. At least you had other people to run with. Awesome job getting it done!

  9. I'm impressed by the mid-week 8 mile run!! And I eat every 3 hours--yogurt, cottage cheese, hummus, veggies, whatever healthy snacks I can bring with me to work--and that really helps keep me going!