Sunday Sweats [2/16-2/22]

The weather this week made it pretty impossible to do anything other than just get through the miles. Fortunately the weather didn't derail any of my runs; it just forced me to get a little creative and power through. I keep feeling like I'm training my mind more than my body. Getting outside in sub-zero temperatures and inches upon inches of snow isn't easy, but it makes me a stronger runner. 

Monday: 30 minutes yoga/hip stretching | Still working out this hip injury.

Tuesday: 5 mile run @ 9:15 + Core workout + 30 minutes yoga/hip stretching | This was one of the runs where I knew things were not going to be like normal, and that was okay. We got 9 inches of snow last night. Luckily by the time I got out to run everything had been plowed pretty well, but there were still a lot of areas that were slippery or just looked slippery because they were wet, so I ran very cautiously. Also I spent a lot of the time I was on campus behind people walking, because tons of people were out for the snowball fight on the Drillfield (we have a giant field in the center of campus and there's a big Cadets vs. Civilians  snowball fight every year after the first big snowfall).

Between the snow and the hurting hip, my pace was slower than normal but like I said, I expected that and I was okay with it. Later I did a core workout and it felt so good to lift some weights (even if they were light). Some of the twisty exercises bothered my hip a little but I'm glad I did it. Before bed was another 30 minutes of restorative yoga and hip exercises.

Wednesday: 5 mile run @ 9:02 + 30 minutes yoga/hip stretching | The roads were actually worse than yesterday since it snowed some more this afternoon and it was so windy that a lot of snow got blown back onto the paths that were plowed yesterday. It was snowing when I went out and it was just crazy. I don't know if a snow tornado is a real thing, but I'm pretty sure it is and that I almost got swept away in one.

Thursday: 16 mile bike ride at 16mph (?) | I've done my best at braving the elements, but when the temperatures are record-breaking low, that's where I draw the line. I don't think the wind chill got above -10* today. I did a boring ride on the trainer instead of running.

Friday: 9 mile run @ 8:42 | This was such a good run! Not amazing but just really...good. Compared to the rest of the week, 16* didn't feel all that cold, especially with no wind and the sun out. I was quite toasty and running felt effortless.

Saturday: 30 minutes yoga/hip exercises | The 20-miler I was supposed to do today got moved to next weekend due to snow. We got another 6 inches today so all day was spent cozy and warm inside! I neglected my yoga the last couple days and definitely noticed the difference in how my hip felt, so I made sure to do it today.

Sunday 16 mile run @ 8:53 + 30 minutes yoga/hip exercises: My 20-miler getting moved is mostly a good thing, since it means that it will now be 3 weeks out from Shamrock (the traditional length of time between the 20-miler and the marathon) instead of 4 weeks (I was never crazy about it being that far out). The bad news is that I was supposed to be done with doing super long runs by myself, but I had to add one to fill the space in my schedule this weekend. I did 16 miles total broken up into 11 miles + 5 miles since I had to go pick up Ben in the middle. It was only about a 30-minute break but it still kind of makes me feel like it doesn't "count," but oh well. This week was about getting the miles in and that's what I did. On another note, it felt SO WEIRD going outside in thin pants and only one layer on top. I actually checked to make sure I was really wearing pants, that's how weird it was.

Running: 35.13 miles
Cycling: 16 miles
Strength: 1 workout
Yoga: 150 minutes
- Having to do another long run by myself
- Not getting in any significant strength training. At this point it's been a few weeks since I last lifted and I'm getting too close to the race to feel comfortable starting up again. On the other hand, I think I need to work on my core the most so maybe sticking to core workouts isn't the worst thing for me.
- I know this goes without saying, but...the weather.

+ All the yoga! I was hoping I'd get some in all 7 days (and truthfully, I probably should have), but 5 is more than I've done in a while.
+ At this point I'm pretty confident that this hip injury isn't going to significantly derail my training or racing plans. It's been 2 weeks since it popped up (seemingly out of nowhere), but I've seen some improvement. More than that, I've been able to manage it, and I think that's key. The good news is that it hasn't affected how much I've been able to run. I've had to decrease the intensity a little bit, but I feel a tiny bit stronger every run. I don't think it's going to go away completely any time soon, but I think it's manageable.
+ I don't have to run more than 10 miles in Blacksburg by myself from now until race day! And that only has to happen once. All my other runs here will be 5 miles or under. And my other long runs left are the 20-miler this weekend and the Rock n Roll USA half marathon, both with friends. YAY! I can't believe it's almost taper time. I can already feel the freakout coming on...


  1. Yay for all the yoga! And I'm so glad the hip injury isn't keeping you out of the game. I'm glad you got the runs in despite the rough weather — although I gotta say, you're making me feel inadequate here ;) (do I get some points back for the fact that I can't run during daylight hours during the week though, and by dusk everything is iced over? Please say yes! ;)) Here's hoping for an easier week next week. PS, are you icing/heating the pain at all? (heat pre-workout, ice afterward!) Might help keep you more comfortable for longer while running/recovering!

  2. good to hear that you are managing the hip pain, i hope it gets gone soon! and way to go on the yoga. i did a leg workout the other day and couldn't walk for a couple days (I did it with KC so he made me lift way heavier than I would have on my own) and I think I might take the rest of the time off - I don't want to start doing crazy strength workouts this close to a race, I'd rather focus on my running. But I might do ab workouts like you, definitely can't be the worst thing. and seriously way to go on running in this weather - you are so hardcore and awesome and i definitely feel like a baby ;) i just want spring to hurry up!

  3. You're so brave to run in all that snow! That's what the roads/sidewalks look like here all through Winter and I'm definitely not graceful enough to run through it without breaking a bone (or ten!).

  4. You did great on the yoga and even better on the runs. I give you props for getting the miles in, in spite of the weather! I probably would wuss out to do a long run alone but Im so glad you pushed through it. Hope your hip is all better now!

  5. I know you guys don't have as much snow as we do, but I wish I could run in the snow. I can deal with the cold (for the most part), but I can't run on snowy sidewalks or trails...I'm just too nervous that I will fall on my face!!! But YAY for all the yoga!! Hopefully your next long run will be with a partner :)