Sunday Sweats [2/2 - 2/8]

This was a really hard week on me mentally and emotionally, and it showed in my workouts. As of today I am 6 weeks out from Shamrock and just over halfway through the training plan I started right after Christmas. This week was a peak week in terms of total mileage, and there were times I wasn't sure if I could make it through.

(No fancy graphic today because I'm on the road!)

Monday: 25 minutes yoga | I was on the fence about running today, but with sore legs, 20+mph winds with gusts up to 50mph, that sort of thing, I decided against it (which unfortunately meant shifting my schedule back a day for the whole week - not ideal but oh well). I was going to take a full rest day but I was feeling restless/lazy so I did Erin Motz Yoga for Runners and Abs. Take that, rest day!

Tuesday: 5 mile run @ 8:31 + 15 minutes yoga | Speed work fail…sort of. Pushed too hard on some of them and paid for it by the end. I should have done quarter-mile intervals instead of half-mile. I did at least get 2 half-mile intervals @ 7:35 and 7:16 pace out of it! And a last mile @ 9:50 pace (I had a really bad cramp, okay?!)...but we don't really need to talk about that do we? I also did Yoga for Runners again after my run.

Wednesday: Weights + 30 minutes yoga | Probably should have run today - wasn't scheduled to, but it was so nice outside! But I really didn't feel like it, so that was the end of that. I slept in and cuddled with Bane instead of getting up to work out early. No regrets. I had a lot of work to do and didn't get to my workout until late. I was supposed to lift then ride my bike, but the latter was so not happening so I opted for a 30-minute yoga flow instead. 

Thursday: 8 mile run @ 8:42 | By today I was really feeling the weight of this shitty week and just wasn't in the mood for this run. I had to stop to pull myself together several times and I also cried a lot and I had to listen to "Till I Collapse" 4 times but eventually I made it through.

Friday: 5 mile run @ 8:34 | I had a long day full of school of travel so my only opportunity to run was at 6:45am, so that's what I did. It might have been the coldest run I've ever done - the real feel was 5* and my face actually stung, it was so number and frozen! 

Saturday: Rest | Busy family day, so I did no working out at all.

Sunday: 15 minutes yoga + 18 mile run @ 9:38 |  I really was not expecting my long run to be my best run of the week! I felt great for about 12-13 miles, like I could have run forever. My dad dropped off at 14 so I was by myself for the last 4. Those weren't quite as good, mentally, I think mainly because that was the first time I had to use my brain to think about where I had to go (I had just been blindly following my dad before). But I never really struggled and never felt bad. I was happy and had fun for most of it. Our pace was slower than what I've been trying to maintain but if that's what it takes to be in a good place mentally, I'm okay with that. 

Running: 36.11 miles
Cycling: 0 miles
Strength: 1 workout
Yoga: 85 minutes 
- Everything up until Saturday

+ I felt like I did a good job listening to my body and mind this week. I hate wimping out on workouts but I just did not have the mental stamina to get on my bike Wednesday night. I didn't do the yoga session instead so that I wouldn't feel guilty, I did it because I was really craving it and felt like I needed it. I'm bummed I didn't get on the bike at all this week, but proud of myself for choosing what I needed to do instead of what I needed to do.
+ I'm so glad to have made it over the 18-mile hump. The 18-miler was the one when I stopped training for richmond a I got up the morning of the run, couldn't fathom running that far anymore, tried to push through anyway and made it 3 miles (plus another ten later that day, but I was pretty sure I was done with marathon training at that point).

How were your workouts this week? How do you handle it when life gives you lemons?!


  1. I'm so sorry you had such a tough and straining week. I hope everything's okay, and you know where to find me if you want to talk about anything <3
    Moving on. So happy you made those 18 miles your best run and got over that hump that stung you last year! And also? I'm really proud of you for doing what you *needed* to do this week. Sometimes, as I think both of us really showed this week, you just need some real rest, physical and mental. Even if the body can do it, the mind sometimes deserves a break from having to convince your body to keep going. Does that even make sense? I hope you know what I'm trying to say. Anyway, glad you had some good practices this week too and finished up on a strong run. Way to go!

  2. Some weeks are just "off" weeks and I think that's okay. Next week is a new week :)

  3. Im so sorry your week was rough. Really. I know it happens but it does suck when it does. BUT Sunday you rocked it out!

    Lets hope this week is a better one for you. I just know you will rock it!

  4. I had an off week last week too. I'm feeling sluggish. I blame WINTER :)
    I hope this week goes better for you.

  5. i am so sorry to hear you had such a sucky week. your thursday run sounds like something i have done before.. crying runners, not weird at all, right? i think its important to listen to your mind as well as your body (that sounds like really spiritual like but i hope it makes sense). a week and a half ago something pretty lame and seriously annoying and stupid happened - didnt affect my ability to run, i was just so upset and stressed that i just couldn't fathom doing anything but laying in bed and crying. then i got sick, and saturday was the first time i could run properly and it was such a great run, really helped me let go of the crappy feelings from the week before, but i feel like if i tried to run immediately after all that happened.. it wouldn't have been the same, you know? like i just needed to be alone and do nothing for a bit. of course, i am much lazier than you in general, and now i am just rambling BUT i hope you have a really awesome week.

  6. So great that you listened to your body! I have ignored that for wayyy to long and paid for it. Congrats to reach that 18 miler milestone after such a tough week. Get it done girl!