Sunday Sweats [2/9-2/15]

As if last week punching me in the face wasn't enough, this week decided to go for the TKO. Between being insanely, abnormally busy with school and the advent of a new injury, this week didn't go as planned. Luckily it was a setback week in my training plan, with a slight decrease in mileage from the last couple weeks. I realized that my mileage has actually been increasing every week for the last 6 weeks!

Monday: Absolutely nothing | Bed at 1am + waking up at 5:30am + 2 hour road trip home + finishing homework in the car before getting to class at 9am + class all day + groceries to be bought + dinner to be made + laundry to be done = no more physical activity than what is absolutely necessary. I wanted to get in some yoga but it just didn't happen.

Tuesday: 5.5 miles @ 8:30 | I deviated from my speedwork routine (ok, I just started it back up again like last week) for a hill workout. Other than running on hills by virtue of the fact that I live in the mountains, I've never actually done a hill workout. Plus, lately I've been sticking to the flattest route I can find so I've really lost my confidence when it comes to hills. I warmed up with a half a mile down the path from my apartment to a .75 mile long road that goes uphill. Three rounds up and down plus the half mile back to my apartment made it by far the hilliest 5-miler I've ever done. I was so proud to have gotten through it!

Also, related: the sheep at the farm I run by had little baby sheep! They are adorable so here is a video of them running, because sharing is caring (apologies in advance for my heavy run breathing):

Wednesday: Stretching and foam rolling | I don't even want to talk about today. An assignment that should have taken an hour or two took from 1:00pm to 1:00am, thanks to technical difficulties. I literally worked on it all day. I did not pass "Go", I did not collect $200. I don't accept my having time as an excuse for not working out (if it's important, you'll make time) but y'all, the struggle was REAL. I was really frustrated about not having time to get a run in, but it may have been for the best, as I'm nursing an injury on the top/outside of my hip bone. I did do some stretching and foam rolling for it in the intervals where I had to wait for my computer to get its shit together.

Thursday: 8.2 mile run @ 8:41 | One thing I can definitely say about this training cycle is that I'm getting a lot of practice running in various weather conditions. Today was bitterly cold, windy, and it even snowed - honestly it was what I imagine running inside a snow globe would feel like haha! I had a much better time mentally on this one than last week. I shed exactly 0 tears, excluding the ones cause by snowflakes blowing into my eyes, of course. My hip wasn't totally healed but I wanted to at least try for a run. It really wasn't painful, just a little annoying and uncomfortable. I made sure not to push the pace at all and to take short strides so that I wouldn't aggravate it any further.

Friday: 17 mile bike ride @ 17mph (?) + hip stretches and exercises | So, about this bike ride. After hemming and hawing for a while I finally went to pump my tires in my tri bike so I could get on the trainer. My bike pump doesn't work right so after fighting with it for a while, I ended up breaking the valve stem on my front tire. Then I had to change the tires, which I've never done before, but after about 5 views of a Youtube video, I figured it out...only to realize that the valve stems on my backup tires are for my road bike, which has smaller rims than my tri bike, so they ended up being too short. This was about 45 minutes into this ordeal, at which point I finally remembered that I have another bike, my road bike, which had been sitting literally 2 feet away from me the entire time. I resigned to just ride my road bike, so I went to pump those tires, but my crappy pump ended up deflating them instead of inflating them. I almost gave up but I kept fighting with the pump, and eventually was able to get it to work. So I spent longer preparing multiple bikes for this ride than I actually spent on the ride itself.
As for the workout, I did a spin workout I found online that lasted about 45 minutes, then I coasted at an easy pace for the remainder. My road bike doesn't have a cyclocomputer so I have no idea how far or fast I rode, but I usually average around 17mph so we'll go with that. It could have been way higher or way lower, I honestly have no clue.
Afterward I had planned to do a core workout but the first exercise bothered my hip a little bit, so I decided to do some hip stretches and exercises for hip bursitis instead.

Saturday: 15 minutes gentle yoga flow for hip bursitis + 14.14 mile run @ 9:04 | (copied from my Dailmile since I have the lazy) Ran 4 miles to the start of the Blacksburg Classic 10-Miler. 
I wanted to time the run to the start correctly, but I was so nervous about making it there on time that I started out too fast. I made it there with exactly 3 minutes to spare! 
This run was much hillier than what I've been running, especially for long runs (557 ft elevation gain). I felt good for the most part but I hit the wall hard at 11.5 miles. The last couple miles weren't easy or pretty but I never felt defeated or like I wanted to give up. Just needed to give my mind and body little breaks, no big deal. My splits were decent: 9 of my miles were sub-9, fastest was 8:33 (umm too fast), and of the 5 that were over 9, one happened at the beginning of the race when it was crowded and two more were when I walked water stops. Oh and since I can't not talk about the weather: winds were 15-20mph again today. At least the temperature was higher than that today. Maybe from now on just assume that every time I run is windy and/or extremely cold unless I say otherwise? All things considered, I feel pretty decent about this one.

Sunday: 5 mile run @ 8:41 + 20 minutes yoga + 15 minutes hip strengthening & stretching | So, so, so cold, all I wanted to do was get it done and get back inside. That made me push a little too hard in the first couple miles because after that my hip started bothering me more than usual. Also, my first frozen tear, brought you to by a real feel of -2*:

And ummm...that's not blush on my cheeks:/

Later I did a running recovery yoga video and some hip exercises and stretches.

This week is the big one - my 20-miler is on Saturday - so I really need to be more diligent about working out my hip issues before and after running!

Running: 32.83 miles
Cycling: 17 miles
Strength: 0 workouts
Yoga: 30 minutes

- constantly sucky running weather. I know I don't have it nearly as bad as you Northerners do, but it's all relative people. I don't mind the cold so much as the knock-you-over wind. That can gtfo any time now...
- this stupid hip injury 
- really should have made more time for yoga
- disappointed that I couldn't make time for all my workouts and that I dropped strength workouts this week

+ Learning how to change a flat. Something I should have learned a long time ago!
+ Long run success. I've been listening to a lot of Eminem lately so, to quote, "Success is my only motherfuckin' option, failure's not."
+ It's official - I switched my Shamrock registration from the half to full (I guess that's a peak? We'll see on March 22nd...)


  1. BABY SHEEEEEEEPPPPPP!!! That would have made my day.
    It looks like this week is going to be crappy for running outside too. Is it spring yet?

    1. It totally made mine! They were SO CUTE! And so tiny!

  2. You did all THAT with an injury?! I don't do all that without one. Get it! I'm also super impressed you did all that in the weather, because let me tell you I'm peacing out of all outdoor runs if it's below 50 degrees. You, my dear, are awesome.

    1. Haha, thanks girl! 50 degrees sounds downright tropical right about now!

  3. jeepers. i do not envy your injury or the weather. and the day with the bikes - i would have been so mad and frustrated and thrown my bike (or both) at a wall, so go you.
    i agree about the weather being relative - pretty sure even you have it worse than me but i'm a big ol baby, can't stand the wind or snow or cold, and that would have been my only frozen tear because i would never go back out again, lol.
    congrats and yay for switching to the full, officially!

  4. Good job! I would not have been running outside in "real feel" negative temps!

  5. What a week! I detest cold weather, I just can't take it. I run inside on those days. Guess that's why I've never had a frozen tear! I think that's awesome that you switched your race to a full!! You got this.

  6. You're insane(ly awesome)! I can't even think about leaving my house in cold weather. Frozen tears?! No way. Good luck with those 20 miles!! xx

  7. I hate hearing that life hasn't been too kind to you lately. Re: Wednesday, I agree — time doesn't just appear for you to fill it with whatever you damn please, *you* have to be in the driver's seat when it comes to your life and priorities. BUT. Extenuating circumstances do exist. If they happen every day (I didn't have time to work out because ugh traffic, or because ugh the laundry had to be done! or ugh I just left the office 10 minutes later than usual, I just didn't have the time!) they're not extenuating — they're your excuses for not working out. But that's not you at all. With an injury — as you so encouraged me last week — if rest is an option and you're leaning toward it, take it and don't feel guilty about it.
    I'm sorry that hip is bothering you though. Great call on the Friday post-ride stretches. And ugh, wind. WHYYYY is it such a drag? It seriously is the WORST element to run in. We had 50 MPH gusts yesterday — the kind that can actually knock me over, speaking from experience — so, nah.
    Also, your Eminem peak made me laugh :)

  8. Oh girl. The injury and the weather. Kudus to you for powering through. Yikes about the bike day as well. Im wishing for some better weather and no more injuries for you ... and rest if you need it. :)