Races I'm Looking Forward To

I don't know about you guys, but there were a couple days this week in between snow storms when I could actually see green grass, and one day I could even go outside without a jacket on, and it definitely got me itching for my spring races. I know I'll be singing a different tune in about, oh, two or three months when I can't walk outside without being immediately drenched in sweat, but for now, the warmer weather can bring it on. I have some good ones coming up and I can't wait to get the ball rolling.

Rock n Roll USA Half Marathon

You know, it's like one minute you're tweeting with blog friends about potentially running a race together and the next minute that race is 8 days away. This will be a lot of firsts for me: first time running a Rock n Roll race, first time running in DC, and first time meeting Kristen, Becky, Erin, Carly, et al.(?!) I'm so excited to have all these experiences at one great race. Having fun is the A goal for this one - pretty sure I've got that one in the bag.

Shamrock Marathon
If you're a Virginia Beach runner, there's a good chance that your fall to spring running calendar, maybe even your yearly running calendar, revolves around Shamrock weekend. It draws nearly 30,000 runners over 2 days and 3 races and is every bit the party you'd expect from a huge St. Patty's-themed race. Training hasn't gone like I wanted and I'm really unsure about my ability to meet any or all of my goals, but I hope that if nothing else, I can enjoy the race and be happy and thankful that I get to run it at all. This has always been an unpredictable race for me, but I can't wait to run it for the fourth consecutive year because it's the one closest to my heart.

Also because I finally picked out my race day outfit, and wearing lots of green makes my heart happy. Especially glittery green. And this shirt (which I bookmarked a few weeks after I saw it on someone's Twitter - Kate? Amanda? - and was super happy to see was offered in green after searches for other green running shirts got me nowhere, so please tell me if it I got it from one or both of you?!).

3.2 Run in Remembrance

On this day, the Virginia Tech community reflects on the vibrant lives of the 32 students and faculty who were tragically taken from us on April 16, 2007. This community run/walk throughout the campus of VT strives to bring fellow Hokies together, to feel the support of the community, and to celebrate the lives of our friends and family members. (via)

If this doesn't end up being the most profoundly emotional running experience I've had, I'll be pretty surprised. I've never been able to find the exact words to express what it felt like to be in Blacksburg on April 16, 2007 or the days following. This year will be the first year I've been on campus since that gray Monday 8 years ago. I've been waiting to participate in this run since 2011: back then I was living away from Blacksburg and wanted to participate from afar, but I knew I couldn't run even a fraction of the full distance so I walked 3.2 miles instead; a week later, I put on running shoes for the first time and started my first day of Couch to 5k. Every single one of my runs takes me through campus - I make sure of that, it's too beautiful not to - but I can't imagine what it will feel like to be part of a sea of maroon and orange making our way through past all that Hokie stone. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to feel and express those feelings that come up every year, the ones I just can't seem to articulate, in the best, most therapeutic way I know how. I'm honored to be able to remember those 32 brave Hokies by doing something I truly view as a celebration of life.

A TBD Triathlon

Oh right, remember that part about how I'm a triathlete? I know it's been so long that I've talked about it that you probably forgot (in my defense, tri season ended like 6 months ago). The fact that triathlon season happens mainly during the summer months and that I have no idea where I'm going to be living this summer (since finding an internship is my top priority) means that I also have no idea what my tri season is going to look like. I have some in mind that I hope to get to - Jamestown International and Tidewater Sprint are at-home favorites, Bath County Sprint or Culpepper International would be new-to-me races, and of course I hope to make it to Princeton 70.3 in September - but I'm just not in a position yet to make any concrete plans (soon...hopefully soon). Still, now that we've seen a couple hints of spring, the triathlon bug is starting to take hold again. I don't particularly enjoy swimming laps in the pool or biking my heart out in preparation, but as soon as I step into the water and dog my toes in the sand on race day, I feel like I'm home.

Tell me about your spring and summer race plans!


  1. i'm doing the spartan race and tough mudder again this year! trying to recruit friends for the team and even though right now it's just me on the mudder team, i have our team name all set up: we're called "bad mudderfuckers"; a throwback to Pulp Fiction :D

    so awesome that you do triathalons! i could do the biking and run part but the swimming is where i'd sink...unless they allow doggy paddling LOL

  2. Haha that twitter conversation was one of my favorites! I'm bummed I won't be running it with you all but it'll be fun to cheer!! I realized I've never actually been to a race to cheer people on before (high school cross country doesn't really count so we had to be there :P). I will indulge in post race breakfast like I ran it anyways too!
    I think I need to put the shamrock races on my calendar. They sound like a lot of fun!
    I wish I could come run the 3.2 race! The part where they release the 32 white balloons always got me. It was one of those moments where I felt extremely sad for what they represented but then extremely proud for being there with everyone and doing it for them. On a cheery note, it's so fun to run through Lane! Julie kissed the turf once haha.
    Peter's mom was telling me about a local run-bike-run race and I may give that a try. I don't have a bike though so will need to work on that…it still makes me tired just thinking about swimming, biking and running all at once so I think you're awesome being a triathlete :)
    I'm going to focus on some smaller distance races in the next couple of months and then hopefully be able to do a half marathon in the fall!
    Happy Friday friend! And SEE YOU NEXT WEEKEND! :D

  3. You're such a badass. I love people who are passionate about things and the fact that it's punishing yourself through races is outstanding to me! You're one of those happy-crazy ones! Keep that spirit!

  4. YOU GOT THE SHIRT!! Sabrina (from bybreenah) linked it to a few of us on Twitter. I seriously considered buying it but didn't.. because, I don't know why. But now I'm really seriously thinking about it. Hahaha.

  5. I absolutely love your Shamrock outfit!! So freaking cute!

    Also... you are so badass. Seriously. Can I just rub up against you and gain some of your "badassary"?

  6. Love that t-shirt! Where did you get it? Sounds like you have some great races ahead of you!

    I've got a local 5k on tap for April, then "Grandma's" half-marathon (actually called the Garry Bjorklund Half), which is huge in June. August 1st I'm running in the Minnesota Half (ugh, this will be a sweaty, muggy mess) as prep for the Detroit Full in October! I thought about doing a duathalon, but I'm not so hot on the bike. I'll stick to running!

  7. I loved reading that twitter conversation about how the RnR weekend was founded :) who knows, if I was on Twitter more I would have seen it straight away! lol. I am SO excited, it is going to be so fun!
    So, I am pretty blonde sometimes and I only just clicked that the whole shamrock race is around St Paddys and I LOVE St Paddy's so I might have to come one year because it looks way too fun to miss out on. Seriously.
    LOVE your tee. Super dooper love.
    So you guys might be moving soon???? I am so clueless sometimes.
    The paragraph about the 3.2 for 32 run made me a little teary - I can't imagine living through something like that, and being so close to it. That sounds like an amazing run and a great way to remember those people.

  8. Looove that green shirt! And I'm so glad that little Twitter convo led to you guys coming to DC for the race! So excited to meet you guys! I love when you do these kinds of posts because it always makes me want to go and research races. I can't wait to hear if you decide to do another tri (or two!), I still think those are so cool!

  9. That shamrock shirt about cardio is amazing and I think I need one haha! Good luck next weekend!!!! I'll be cheering you all on while I shoot a wedding!

  10. Don't you love how I just horned in on that Twitter conversation like a maniac? Yeah, I'm good like that. Thanks for forgiving me for that one. EIGHT DAY! Okay, important things: What should I wear for RnR? Yeah, I'm panicking about this.

  11. THAT SHIRT. I think someone linked it to me, and I shared it? I don't remember, honestly. In any case. LOVE. Can't wait to hear about your races! I'm running the RnR Dallas on March 22 and am so excited! A RR race has been on my bucket list!

  12. It is SO fun to get to meet bloggers in real life, I hope everyone gets on board and runs with you! I have all kinds of friends running the shamrock race... Is it super fun?

  13. Wow go you! A triathlon sounds like the most incredible race to accomplish. Happy weekend!

  14. I CANNOT BELIEVE THE RACE IS NEXT WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone hold me, lol.

  15. I LOVE that shirt!! I'll be running the 5K next weekend and maybe I'll see you at Shamrock! I'll be working at the J&A booth on Saturday following the 8K

  16. That twitter convo is great! you rock seriously and these races sound so good. Im actually fit enough to run a half and so wish I could have joined you guys!! lol I can't wait to read about it though. :D

  17. I''m so jealous that all my favourite bloggers are meeting up without me :( Why do I have to live on the other side of the planet (it seems like it anyways! haha). I can't wait to see all the pictures and read everyone's recaps! I also NEED that shirt - 99 Problems is one of my go to running songs!