Sunday Sweats [2/23 - 3/1]

It's the first day of March. Do you know what that means (besides Daylight Savings and the temperatures hopefully starting to warm up soon)?!

It's marathon month!!!

Monday: Total rest day | Had a bunch of work to do and some errands to run in the evening so I just didn't get to any physical activity today.

Tuesday: 5 mile run @ 8:13 + 20 minutes yoga | I don't know what happened here...maybe a combination of my hip feeling a little stronger (not necessarily better, but stronger...if that makes sense) and the sidewalks being legitimately clear, meaning I could actually put my feet to pavement and not worry about slipping and sliding? For some reason I just really felt like running.

Wednesday: 5 mile run @ 8:39 | Not as into this one as I was yesterday, as if that weren't obvious by the pace. My stomach wasn't feeling very well but it didn't even phase me because I had just gotten off the phone from a great interview!

Thursday: 17 mile bike ride @ 16.7 mph + 15 minutes arms and abs | I finally got the correct tubes for my tri bike so I changed it for real this time. I don't know if it's just because my tri bike is so much better than my road bike but I felt so much better riding today than I have the last couple of weeks. I wanted to get in some strength training, but it's been so long since I've done it regularly that I was scared it would give me major DOMS in my legs. I did the same workout I always do and just skipped the leg exercises. I wouldn't have had time for the full workout anyway as I had somewhere to get to!

Friday: 5 mile run @ 8:29 | Nothing special on this one. Left the headphones at home so it was just me alone with my thoughts which, honestly, is just what I needed to end the week.

Saturday: 45 minutes yoga | Yesterday I was looking for a file on my computer and happened to noticed that I hadn't even opened my favorite Yoga for Runners (with Gwen Lawrence) video in almost 4 months. There was about a year and a half period where I did it every single week without fail. It was frustrating not being able to fully do some of the poses that I had worked so hard on in the past, but it was a challenge I think I needed.

Sunday: 8.46 mile run @ 9:06 + 11.61 mile run @ 9:07 = 20.07 miles @ 9:07 | I wasn't feeling all that great when I left. It wasn't bad, per se, I just felt off, a little out of it and a little dizzy. I was also having a hard time with my body temperature regulating. One minute I'd be freezing then the next I'd be hot. At 6.5 miles in I ran in my apartment and took a break to change. I made it another mile after that but I just didn't feel well enough to keep going for another 12 miles so I turned around and ran back home. I didn't feel overwhelmingly bad, like I wasn't about to faint or anything, but I still felt off and like I was having trouble seeing straight? I guessed that meant that my blood sugar might be low, something that doesn't usually happen to me but does happen to Ben sometimes, and he verified that what I was describing is how he feels when it happens. I wasn't hungry but I was pretty sure that how I was feeling meant I wasn't fueled well, so I ate a sandwich and rested for a couple hours before heading back out again. The second part went much better than the first, still not great by any means but stopping to eat was obviously (unfortunately) the right choice.

Running: 35.09 miles
Cycling: 17 miles
Strength: 1 workout
Yoga: 65 minutes

- Do I even need to add the long run in here? I mean, obviously a pit. I was looking forward to it being a great, confidence-boosting run, but it wasn't at all. Instead, I'm less confident than ever and completely unsure about how I'm going to make it through 26.2 miles in 3 weeks. I'm definitely not feeling good about most of my goals.
- I didn't take care of my body this week, and it showed in my long run. I went to bed after midnight more nights than not, I ate takeout for dinner more nights than not, I lost my Camelbak so my water intake was much less regular than usual...I just really didn't prepare for this week or this run at all. Some of those things were out of my control, but some weren't, and I paid the price for not doing a better job.

+ I got some speed from somewhere on Tuesday. Not that it was as fast as what I was running a few months ago, or that speed is at all what I'm focusing on right now, but small victories, people.
+ I realized that you know, worst case scenario, I apparently have enough time to stop, eat a sandwich, and rest for 2 hours and still be under the pace requirement for Shamrock...there is hope for me yet.
+ I did run 20 wasn't all at one time, but it was the same day and within a few hours so that has to count for something.
+ I've officially punched my ticket to Taper Town. I have 3 weeks left until race day and while there's not a lot of running on the schedule, there's still plenty of work to be done. This week was a wake-up call and a learning experience for what I hope not to duplicate on race day. I'll be joining Erin for #4weeksfit and sharing my goals for the month tomorrow!

(As always, joining Holly for Sunday Sweats, which is now a linkup!)


  1. Sharing the pits and the peaks reminds me of Keeping Up with the Kardashians :)

  2. I'm gonna have to check out that yoga video. Always looking to add more to my arsenal.
    Nice runs early in the week! So sorry today was so frustrating. But yeah, you DID run 20 miles, so you have to give yourself credit for that. I wish my unrelenting confidence in you could magically translate to you feeling super prepared and strong for Shamrock, but I know it can't, so I'll just tell you I'm still proud of and awed by you anyway and hope that helps at all. <3

  3. Ok, so I try SO HARD not to let the comparison bug bite me because it can be an ugly, ugly thing. It's fairly obvious that you are faster than me, and you can run much farther than me. (And that's ok! I'm ok with that!) I just want to point this out to you: You may have had a bad run, but you ran more in a WEEK than I did in the MONTH of February (and only 4 less miles than my January total!) :P That's seriously awesome. Props to you!

    I know you are in training mode, and I know you're dying for a PR. Just remember.. you're killing it. Bad runs happen, but they almost always lead to good runs. You'll recover from it, and then you'll kick ass at the marathon. No question. :)

  4. I think this week was a great one for you to learn how you feel when you don't fuel properly. So now you know, and hopefully can do better in the coming weeks to show up with your A game on marathon day. After all, running a marathon isn't just all about the running. So take care of yourself! Also, good job for getting back out there and doing those 11+ miles. I probably would not have done the same.

  5. ugh, sorry about your long run - but it definitely didn't sound like you could or should have kept going without hurting yourself. sometimes you just have to listen to your body.. or your husband, lol.
    interview? how exciting!! and yay for running without headphones.
    i'm sorry you aren't feeling super awesome about Shamrock. It's funny, I have absolute faith and confidence in both you and Alyssa, that you'll both have great races and meet all your goals, but I'm not living it and feeling everything you are feeling, and I know how easy it is to feel unprepared and not confident, so I know there is not much I can say except.. I really hope this is a fabulous month of races for you! Maybe you'll feel more confident after RnR? or maybe not. maybe I have no idea what I am talking about ;)

  6. Wow you are on a roll, girl! Get it! :)

  7. Im glad you felt great on the Tuesday run and you actually felt like running. Sucks about the long run but I still think you did great this week!